Friday, November 11, 2011

~ Picking seashells along Changi Beach ~

After taking on the Changi Coastal Walk a week ago, we promised Gladys to bring her back to the beach again to pick seashells. So here we are!

Our girl didn't waste any time and started hunting for pretty seashells. Mommy told her not to pick those broken ones as she happily picks up her little collections.

We walked along the seashore and all of us kept our heads down, helping Gladys to look for seashells that were being carried by the waves.

Apart from picking the shells, Denver & Gladys played with the sand and the waters. Its nice to see them having some sibling fun and time together.

A quiet evening as Hubby and I enjoyed the seabreeze, watching the aeroplanes flying pass above us and the boats passing by.

Finally, we collected a bag full of seashells and Gladys is happy. ^_^ She had a great time at the beach and hopes to come back again and build a sandcastle (decorated with seashells) next time! 

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