Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Chuan Chuan Le 川串乐 - A taste of Szechuan

It was a Saturday night and we were looking out for a place to have our family dinner together. By chance, we stepped into Chuan Chuan Le 川串乐 at Jalan Besar and was delighted to see a good variety of food on its menu comprising of BBQ skewers, traditional sze chuan mala dishes, stir fry, soup, staple food, cold dishes, Chef's Special etc. 

We ordered some BBQ skewers and other dishes to try and was pleasantly surprised by the flavour and taste of the food that were served. 

Chuan Chuan Le has assorted BBQ Skewers with price from $1 onwards. We ordered pork belly, beef, sausage and mantou. Thankfully they served sausages and not hotdogs which we had at another restaurant. The meat are nicely marinated that is not over empowering or spicy. It was just nice for our palates. 

All meat on the skewers were already cooked and only placed on the plate with a small candle fire beneath to keep them warm.