Friday, June 29, 2012

~ Chek Jawa Wetlands (Low Tide) Guided Tour - Part 2 ~

Our walking trail continues.... Thanks to the guides, they really made our tour enjoyable and educational! Not only did they uncover the marine creatures, they also help to gathered them and place nice, little signages around the wetland.

Another finding - Biscuit Starfish and Sand Dollar

The children are having so much fun and the rain didn't bother them a single bit. Denver is holding on to a hermit crab (a pretty big one) which just crawled out from its 'home' to say Hi!

If you look close enough, you will find a couple of hermit crabs (big/small) on the wetland. In order to grow, they will need to move to a bigger "house".  
 I love the pretty shells the hermit crabs are residing in. ^_^

More discovery? Let's check them out!

Look what I am holding in my hand? It's slimy and soft. 

Answer: It is actually a Sea Cucumber!

We kept our heads down and eyes on the sand, hoping to spot something as we walked. I must admit Hubby really has super sonic eyes to be able to see this little crab (~1cm) against the white sand! I need to do multiple zoom on my camera to capture this!
 The children enjoyed their walk even though it was drizzling. Everyone got excited whenever something new was uncovered.

 Here's another "Amazing" finding - Moon snail egg case.

Colourful sea cucumber alike, more moon snail egg case and sea hares!

This purple, blue-coloured creature captures our sight immediately but none of us dare to touch it as we aren't sure if it is poisonous. According to our guide, this striking colour beauty is a Naked Nudibranch.

I think we have increased our knowledge bank today learning more about these little creatures!

The rain finally stopped! Denver & Gladys did not mind their shoes and feet getting wet. They were so occupied and curious by what they were about to find and see!

Here's another percular one that we saw - Sea Squirt. Our guide demostrated how the water is being squirted out by pressing the body of the sea squirt. Denver was equally amused and amazed.

We went back to have a peek at the starfish and found a hairy, "spider-like" body starfish call the Brittle Starfish. Look at its long, slender arms!

If my memory did not fail me, this should be the Noble Volute and its egg shell. Noble Volute are actually snails and their shells are very beautiful! Unfortunately, it seems they are being collected for food and its attractive shell.

We have not come to the end of our wetlands tour yet! There are so much more to uncover and more photos which we will share in Part 3!

Friday, June 22, 2012

~ Chek Jawa Wetlands (Low Tide) Guided Tour - Part 1 ~

We have been anticipating to join the Chek Jawa Wetlands tour since last year. Hosted by NParks, visitors will have the opportunity to walk on the sand bed and observe the marine life during the low tides (0.5 metres and below).

Each tour cost $60 (maximum 15 persons per group) and pre-registration is required. Based on the previous feedback and response, we understand that such tours are very popular. Hubby took great efforts waking up in the middle of the night on the first day where it was open for booking, only to find out that it was already fully booked! We were deeply disappointed but hubby persisted and wrote an email, putting us on the waiting list. Luck seems to be on our side as we received news that a group has pulled out and we are able to join the Chek Jawa tour afterall!

*Note: Guided Tours will be cancelled from 1st July - 31 December 2012 due to upgrading works for the floating pontoons at Chek Jawa Wetlands.

9th June (Saturday) - It was a rainy morning. The sky was gloomy and the drizzle doesn't seems to stop. Despite the bad weather condition, we met Andy and Johnny's family at Changi Point Ferry Terminal at 7:15 am.

The rain started to get heavier and for a moment we thought the tour might be cancelled. Nevertheless, we kept our spirits high, got on the ferry and hope for the best.

View from Pulau Ubin Ferry Terminal - Gloomy weather

View at low tide - Look at the protuding rocks.

As you take a ride to Chek Jawa, you will not miss the lushful, natural greenery around.

Visitors can check out the tidal information at the Information Kiosk. Hubby has done his homework well and knew that our wetland walk will be at its lowest (0.2 metres) compared to the other tour dates. If everything goes smoothly, we have a good 2 hours tour till 10 am before the tides start to rise above 0.5 metres.

We were still experiencing some drizzling at 8am. There were several groups waiting at the information counter but none are complaining. After waiting for 20 minutes, we were delighted to be given the green light to begin our tour! Hooray!

Since we have already visited the mangrove broadwalk and viewing tower during our previous visit, our main objective for today's tour is to walk on the sandbed at the coastal broadwalk!

View of the coastal broadwalk @ low tide
Loving the green carpet! Just imagine soaking your feet into it!

Spotted birds from a distance :)

It was very windy and drizzling still, we put on our raincoats and caps and walked in the rain. The children didn't mind at all and this is one of the time where we can indulge ourselves in a nature setting.

To get to the sandbed, we will need to climb down from this ladder. It was slippery due to the rain but our kiddos habour no fear and looked forward to see what marine creatures they can spot!

As soon as we got down, everybody gathered around our guide - Kim Chong who showed us their first discovery.

You will notice little signage whenever there are interesting findings. :)

Can you guess what this is?

This soft bodied creature is a sea-hare. Sea hares eat seaweed and algae. Their color corresponds with the color of the seaweed they eat. It's our first learning and touching this slug-like marine life.

More discoveries at Part 2 of the Chek Jawa Wetlands tour. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

~ Revisiting our childhood @ Children Little Museum - Part 2 ~

Behind the doors, you will be leaded up to the second floor via a wooden staircase. Old photographs and toys were displayed on both sides of the wall. We cluttered at the stairs and took a fair bit of time before we decided to see what other surprises are awaiting us.

Our 'kind' of childhood photos and little baby toys that I used to have.

Let's take a quick glance at the second storey of the museum, all stuffed with things that we were once so familiar with. The entire setting brings me back vividly to my childhood days already.

Denver and myself posing with the old bicycle.

A panel of cabinets displaying toys, report books, medals, uniforms and many more. Denver and Gladys get to see how different life was now compared to our times.

Little wooden tables and chairs as they mimic how children attend school in the earlier days of Singapore.

 Even I felt as if I am back in school! ... but do I still look like a student ? :)

Fancy a new haircut? This is not the usual salon that you get to see nowadays.

Thirsty? How about having a refreshing, cooling drink?

Cartons of glass bottled soft drinks that I enjoyed having during my recess time.

Gladys is having fun snapping on the buttons of the type-writer. Mommy used to use this to type my school assignments. ^_^ Changing the red and black ribbon was fun too.

Even though the Children Little Museum occupies a very small space, the owner managed to fully utilized its available floor area. The walls and ceiling were not spared as well.

At the Children Little Museum, visitors can take photographs as well as have a feel and look at the items on display.

We left a message on the guest book before leaving.

This is what Denver & Gladys wrote about their likeness to the Museum.

Before bidding farewell to the museum, Gladys picked a package for a token of $2. Inside the brown paper bag is filled with little toys.

We spent nearly 2 hours at Children Little Museum and had loads of fun taking photos. It is a great place for both adults and children. Not only our kiddos learnt how Daddy & Mommy's childhood was like, I also get to revisit my younger days and things that have been forgotten over time. A great hide-out in the buzzing city.

More photos of the Children Little Museum available at BPDGTravels facebook page.