Saturday, February 18, 2012

~ The Greenwich V Experience - Featured Shops ~

It was a priviledge to go around the shops within Greenwich V, taking photos, sampling the food and experiencing the services provided within the mall.

I'm going to cover 3 of the 10 featured shops that we combed during our amazing race last weekend. :)

1) Gong Cha  (贡茶)

The craze over bubble tea is on the heat again. I'm sure many are familiar with Gong Cha, an established brand originating from Taiwan. I vividly remember my first cup of Gong Cha's tea (bought for me by dearest hubby) was the Ali Shan Milk Tea. A layer of milk sets on top of the tea, instead of blending in together. It's one of the speciality which makes it special from the other milk tea available in the market.

During the grand opening, we also tried the Camellia Tea and Lemon Kumquat Juice at a promotional price.

As recommended by the service staff, we decided to go with 100% sweetness to ease the bitterness of the tea. Great choice indeed and the children enjoyed the crystal jelly!

For those who loves sour drinks, you can try the Lemon Kumquat Juice which goes with Konjac Jelly. Nice combination to enjoy and quench our thirst in the hot weather.

Our kiddos love bubble tea!

2) Prima Deli

Whenever we walked pass Prima Deli, our children would think of Waffles! You can smell the fragrant aroma a few metres away, which is so tempting! It's not surprising to see a queue at their outlets just for their yummy-licious waffles.

We were warmly welcomed by the staff at Prima Deli, as the kiddos crowd around to see how the waffle is made. The batter is spooned over the machine, spread nicely and evenly before the surface is being covered. The pandan flavoured batter oozing out of the waffle-maker as we waited.

There are various spread available for the waffle. Chocolate flavour got the children's vote, while our friendly staff recommends the butter spread. We decided to let the kiddos try both flavours on one waffle! Cool!!

How does it taste? Denver & Gladys LOVE it! My boy even said that he wants to try the butter spread waffle next time instead of chocolate, which is his favourite!

1) Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Somehow I am so used to calling Coffee Bean that I forgot it's full name is The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. :) CBTL's cakes look good and it is just nice to go with your coffee or tea at any time of the day.

We had the opportunity to sample their Tropical Passion Tea using their single serve beverage machine. With just one touch, it can brew coffee, tea and other speciality drinks! Designed by Caffitaly System, it comes in vibrant colours with easy capsule insertion and automatic ejection. The large capsule drawer can hold up to 10 used capsules.

Hubby enjoying his warm cup of tea, sipping it as we take a little break admist our race.

* Check out the other bloggers' experience on Greenwich and the featured shops @!

Greenwich V is already opened and the carnival continues this weekend (18th-19th Feb 2012). If you have not visit the mall yet, don't miss the free ice-cream, popcorn, candy floss and many more!

Address :1 Seletar Road, Singapore 807011
By Bus :70, 70M, 103, 854, 86, 163
By Taxi / Car :Turn into Greenwich V via Seletar Road

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

~ The Greenwich V Experience - Amazing Race ~

11th Feb 2012 - Sunny Day! Mommy, together with 14 other bloggers were cordly invited to participate in the Greenwich V Experience Challenge! The bloggers were split into 3 teams, namely Village, Urban and Lifestyle and our task is to go on an amazing race within the new retail mall - Greenwich V which just had its grand opening! -

Our meeting point - Empire State restaurant.

We are the Lifestyle team and our dress code is RED. I guess we made a pretty grand entrance with our team's family and kiddos joining us in this event. It is a SEA of RED and it looks as if we are going to a post Lunar New Year party or National Day celebration. ^_^

Let's meet our team members which consists of mainly parent bloggers!

Team Leader - Andy Lee
Caption Writer - Klessis Lee
Caption Writer - Sandra Tan
Time Keeper - Paul Chen
Photographer - Phoebe Lau 

The rule of the game is our team's game master, Jesslyn will be holding on to the clues that will direct us to the next destination. We will need to guess the correct store, fulfil our task before moving on to our next clue and to the next station. In the event if we fail to make a correct guess, we will have to serve our punishment - star jumps!

After a sumptuous meal at Empire State, we gathered at The Plaza (level 2) for the flag off! Who will be the winning team??? Since we have a lot of kiddos joining us, SAFETY COMES FIRST! It's not an easy task having 9 young children going on an amazing race climbing up and down the stairs in a super hot day! Kudos to our macho hubbies, understanding wife and forever cheery kiddos for making this race fun and unforgettable.

We climbed up, we moved down, we went round and round and we didn't get lost! ^_^

We covered 10 stations within the 2.5 hours. In fact, we were the fastest team to complete all our stations. (It's a pity that time is not a factor to determine the winning team. hehehe). Everyone helped to keep a look out, and take care of the children. Our kiddos are energetic and fantastic eaters! Waffles, french fries, yogurt, cakes, drinks etc will not escape their eyes! Muaahhhh....

As a team, we FIND, we EAT, we POSE, we LAUGH and we had fun TOGETHER!
Our pose and various stations :)

Makan session throughout the amazing race challenge. We get to try all sorts of yummy-licious food!

The children didn't mind taking on the punishment for us. Thank you Gladys for doing the star jumps!Many loves and big hugs!

We completed our race and everyone is tired... our kiddos continue to entertain themselves with the magic show while the photos and captions are being uploaded. Mommy is still an amateur when it comes to photography and I was a bit jittery when I was tasked to be the photographer. :)

Thanks to our caption writers Klessis and Sandra with their quick thinking minds and beautiful lines for the photos. Paul has been a great sport doing his facial scrub in front of our young spectators and keeping track of the time throughout the race. Not forgetting our steady and dependable leader, Andy for keeping the team together in an orderly fashion. ^_^

We won the 2nd prize - $200 vouchers (Thank you Greenwich V!)

With Urban and Village team left for the first prize of $300 vouchers! The winner is.......... the Village Team in GREEN! Congratulations to all teams! ^_^

Goodies that we brought home after the race...

It was the first time Mommy took part in a blogger event! Thanks to OMY, Far East and all the other outlets, we got to know new friends, enjoyed a lot of delicious food and had a lot of excitement roaming around the mall.

*Special credit to Andy and Alvin for the group photos! They are beautifully taken!

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Andy's -

Saturday, February 11, 2012

~ Greenwich V - Grand Opening ~

It's Friday and also the Grand Opening of the new retail mall - Greenwich V. We brought the kids down to have a feel and look at what's happening at the 'party'. The lifestyle hub definitely attracted a crowd on its opening day and as anticipated, it was a challenge to enter the carpark due to the limited parking lots. :)

We went up to level 2 - The Plaza where the stage and carnival is located. The water fountain is a chill out spot for the little ones!

There are a couple of fun activity booths and free treats for everyone to enjoy! Since we are in Greenwich V, there's a lot of green goodies giveaway! ^_^ Green & white coloured balloons, green popcorn, green candy floss and even green apples! Not to forget our best treat of the day - mint chocolate chip Cold Stone Creamery ice cream!

The official opening ceremony was held at level 1

The hosts for this evening - Joe Augustin (Lush 99.5FM) and Vernetta Lopez (Class 95FM)

The party begins and our kiddos had fun spinning the plate, taking pictures and enjoying their little free treats.

Fairies Stilt-walkers

Balloon-sculpting clown

Main stage performance with the mediacorp DJs.

Taking a little walk around the mall, apart from the little eateries and restaurants, there is Cold Storage and Kopi Seletar (part of Kopitiam).

Although the 2-storey mall is not very big, it is an addition to the area which will serve the residents staying in the vicinity. Greenwich V is now open and carnival will be held for 2 weekends. :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~ New Retail Mall - Greenwich V ~

Earlier this week, we received a pamphlet on the opening of another new lifestyle hub  - Greenwich V which is located along the junction of Yio Chu Kang Road and Seletar. The 2-storey retail mall will have it's Grand Opening & Carnival this Friday which promises a lot of FUN activities, FREE treats, FABULOUS entertainment for EVERYONE at the Village.

There will be 2 weekends of fun at Greenwich V! Check out the details:

Yummy Treats For All
Green Candy Floss, Green Popcorn, Cold Stone Creamery ice cream (YUMMY!!!!)
Free Balloons
- 10 Feb, 4:30pm 
- 11, 12, 18 & 19 Feb, 2:30pm

Candies Giveaway
- 18, 19 Feb, 4:30pm

Green & Healthy Apples
- 11, 12, 18 & 19 Feb, 8pm

Story Telling Session
- 11 & 12 Feb, 4pm

Magic Show
- 11 & 12 Feb, 5:30pm

Balloon Sculpting Workshop
- 11, 12, 18 & 19 Feb, 2:30pm

Play Dough Sculpting Workshop
- 18 & 19 Feb, 6:30pm

Washable Tattoo Art
- 11 & 18 Feb, 12:30pm

Sand Art
- 12 & 19 Feb, 12:30pm

No wonder our kiddos are extrememly excited upon seeing the yummy treats and freebies!  We'll be hopping by to the new mall to have a sneak peak. :)

In addition, Mommy, together with 15 other bloggers will also be joining in "The Greenwich V Experience" this coming weekend! We'll be participating together with our families and I can't wait to be part of this fun-filled and exciting event! Stay tune on this page for more information and photos!

Friday, February 3, 2012

~ Sunday walk along Sentosa Boardwalk ~

During the December holidays, we embarked on an Elephant Parade trail and visited many places. One of such places is taking a Sunday morning stroll along the Sentosa Boardwalk.

Since it's opening, Sentosa Boardwalk has offer an alternative option for visitors to enter Sentosa island. Apart from driving in, via the cable car or the light rail, you can take a leisure stroll from VivoCity shopping mall into Sentosa conveniently along the two-way canopy-covered travelators, sheltering visitors from the scorching sun or during a rainy day.  

There are 5 two-ways sheltered travelators, each named with a different theme (Mangrove, Rock Garden, Terrain & Hill, Coastal Flora, Tropical Rainforest), very convenient and helpful for guests who are unable to walk through the ~700m boardwalk.

Ticketing counter is located at the end of the Sentosa Boardwalk. Visitors can purchase their tickets here to enter Sentosa island.

Operating Hours:
Travelators: 7am to 12mn, daily
Ticketing Booths: 9am - 6pm, daily

Admission fees: S$1/entry per person.

For us, it was our morning walk and a pleasure to view the scenary, taking a sneak peak of Resort World Sentosa while travelling on the travelators. We took pictures along the way and the kiddos have a lot of walking and running space.  ^_^

Star Cruise - Hubby & I gazed and pondered when is our virgin cruise. :) 

We made a u-turn back and did not enter Sentosa which kind of disappoints Gladys a bit. She rested her feet while admiring the island from afar.....

Even if you do not have intentions to go to Sentosa, Sentosa Boardwalk is a nice place to be to enjoy the sea breeze, rest your body and mind after a hard day's work, or take a stroll with your love ones in the evening, after a nice dinner to enjoy the night scenery. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the Crane Dance which we have failed to do so despite multiple attempts. :)