Friday, July 29, 2011

~ Road Safety Community Park @ East Coast ~

I still recall my very first school trip to the Road Safety Community Park was when I was Primary 6. That will about 20 years ago! It was an eye opener for me then as students (from different schools) get to play different roles (e.g. pedestrian, motorists etc) and learn the road safety tips in a stimulated traffic environment. I believe this is still being conducted today in the effort to teach our young ones the potential dangers on the roads and the importance to observe the traffic rules.

The Road Safety Community Park - 910 East Coast Park Service Road Singapore 449889

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and we specially took a trip down to East Coast Park and have a look at the park. We only spotted one or two families where their young ones are cycling on the tracks. The admin building was closed and there are a few mini structures scattered around the park.

Upon taking a closer look, you will notice the traffic lights, lamp posts, road signs, bus stops etc have been built to a smaller scale to suit the children. Although we didn't get to spot any 'vehicles' or activities, we walked around the Safety Park where Denver & Gladys had a good exposure to it's surroundings and purpose.

Crossing the zebra crossing, checking out the traffic lights and sign boards but nothing beats holding on to the petrol pump which seems to be the most exciting thing for them since they won't get to hold the real thing now.

The children also walked up the mini overhead bridge where many of us often tries to take a short cut instead. Hence, it is important that parents lead by example and teach our children the correct road safety habits for them to follow.

The Road Safety Park brings back many fond memories and it is really nice to be back here again with our kids. It's a pity though that we are not able to gather more information on it's opening and services/activities. Hopefully in time to come, the public will be expose to the existence of this park and  more parents and children can drop by and have a look.

~ Orchard Central Roof Garden ~

Last weekend, we happened to walk in to Orchard Central shopping mall and was surprised that there aren't many people inside the building despite being a weekend. Compared to it's 'neighbour' like 313, it seems unusually quiet to us.

There are many stores (F&B, Fashion, Gifts, Gadgets etc) located at the various storeys within OC. At the very topmost 11th and 12th storey of the building lies it's Magical Roof Garden where you will get a  view of Singapore's vibrant shopping district - Orchard Road.

We took a lift up to L11 and there are a couple of restaurants like Tung Lok Seafood and Victoria Peak Chinese Cuisine where diners can come here to enjoy the scenic view and quiet tranquility amidst the rush city hours.
At Level 11

Taking a flight of stairs up to L12, you will not miss the sculpture of a man walking up the stairs. (The Stairs, The Clouds and The Sky).

We are at the top of Ochard Central and there is a mini waterfall, garden with walkway and more sculptures of twirling man trying to reach out to the sky.

I believe the view at night would be gorgeous with the lightings. It might be interesting to pop by the roof garden the next time you are at Orchard Central. :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

~ Father's Day & Birthday Celebration @ DTE Chalet - Finale ~

19th June 2011 - Pool Time! It was a hot Sunday afternoon but nothing beats jumping into the waters, splashing and having a cool dip. Mommy was standing at the side taking this opportunity to take photo shots of the children playing in the pool.

Denver & Gladys playing with their cousins.

During weekends or peak period, there may be little acts or performances to entertain the public. Gladys had a chance to be part of an acrobat act herself.

Later that afternoon, all of us went out for a bicycle ride. We rented bikes and cycled around Pasir Ris park and into the mangrove swamp.

At times, you may be lucky to spot animals in the 'deep'. :)

The final finale of the night - An advance Birthday celebration for Denver! Our boy already picked a fruit cake from Bengawan Solo and this is the first time we are celebrating at the chalet.

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Denver, Happy Birthday to You!

Happy 8th Birthday, Denver!

It was a short stay, tiring and exhausting with the whole day activities. However, it was rewarding to see the big smiles on the children face at the end of the day. A new day starts and we will be back at Downtown East very soon!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

~ Father's Day & Birthday Celebration @ DTE Chalet - Explorer Kid ~

19th June 2011 - Going to McDonalds for breakfast seems to be in our 'SOP' already. It's Father's Day and Daddy's present is a Big Kiss from our little girl. ^_^

Denver and Gladys can't wait to play and off they ran to start their exciting day.

Explorer Kid - Whenever we stayed at Coasta Sands, we will let the children have some play time at the Explorer Kid (Indoor Children Playground). Denver and Gladys will spend most of their time climbing up and through the maze.

Other play stations include The Cliff - a 3m rock climbing wall where Denver find it too challenging to conquer. The Toddler Play Area has a mini size ball pool suitable for the younger kiddos. There are also seatings for the parents while looking after their children.

The Lit BallPool always attract a lot of children. Personally, I find it a bit dangerous if children started to play rough within the enclosed area. Adults is advisable to be around to supervise and monitor the children during play time.

Have Fun and Play Safe! ^_^

Monday, July 18, 2011

~ Father's Day & Birthday Celebration @ DTE Chalet - Part 1 ~

18th June 2011 - We are frequent visitors of the Coastal Sands Resort @ Downtown East. Every time when I looked back at the photos we took during our previous years' stay, the children have grown and changed so much.

Coincidentally, it was Father's Day weekend and 1 week away from Denver's birthday. To celebrate both joyous events, I bought along some balloons for the children to play and decorate the room.

Happy Birthday to Denver in advance. :)

Chalet is never complete without BBQ. Upon settling down, we got the food ready and started the fire.

The children were only interested with games and did not eat a lot. Only the adults were left to bbq and clear the food. We stuffed ourselves from 5 to 8 plus and ended with an extremely heavy stomach. This is also the time we catch up with each other and chit-chat through the night.

Meanwhile, the children are having hell lots of fun in the air-conditioned room. TV programs, PSP, computer games, balloons, tasty treats and filling themselves with sugared drinks.

10pm: Most of our guests have left as the night falls. We cleaned the messy room and get ready for bed. Snuggling together is always cossy and warm even on a simple, thin mattress on the floor. ^_^

Saturday, July 16, 2011

~ Family Day Out Carnival - NFC 2011 ~

Apart from enjoying the Singapore River Cruise, there were also a lot of stalls specially set up for the families in this year's Family Day Out Carnival - NFC 2011. Tentages and balloons can be seen almost everywhere.

There are photo-takings, flea-market, snacks and drinks, balloons, face and hand-painting, magic performance, jumping-castle and many more.
Not forgetting some of the childhood games (Jenga blocks, pick-up-sticks and Snake & ladder) that are being "expanded" for the kids to play. Playing the bigger size version seems a lot more interesting and fun.

Gladys always enjoy hand-painting and both of us had our hand painted. :) Too bad Denver doesn't seems to be interested.

The Milo van giving out free cups of milo is very popular and attracting a big crowd queuing for the drinks. I lost count how many rounds/cups we have refilled while resting in the main tentage.

Nice view from outside the tentage. We sat down to rest and also awaited for the lucky draw results. We didn't win any prizes but was just as happy as we had a good time together.

Taking home with us free family photos taken @ the Singtel and Milo booths. I love My Family!

Friday, July 15, 2011

~ Singapore River Cruise - NFC 2011 ~

We are deeply honoured and thankful to win tickets for the Singapore River Cruise ride in this year's NFC 2011 event.

"Mini episode"
A few nights before, Denver started to show symptoms of "Red Eye" again! Even Hubby seems to get 'infected'! With the previous experience we learned on Conjunctivitis, cleaning and preventive measures were taken immediately. The 'boys' went to see the family doctor and I spent the entire night sanitizing the house. Thank goodness for their speedy recovery and we managed to attend the carnival afterall.
It was a sunny morning and Denver & Gladys were very happy and excited. We decided to take the public transport instead of driving.

The Family Day Out Carnival was held at the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade on 25th June 2011 and there was already a crowd when we arrived.

Mommy didn't know that in order to collect the goodie bag, I will need the newspaper cutting. Nevertheless, I managed to get a special goodie bag through Facebook registration. ^_^.

The main highlight for today's event is taking our very first ride on the Singapore River Cruise

The weather is very hot but our spirit is pretty high.

Getting onboard

As we cruised past the Floating platform, we managed to catch a glimpse of the National Day Parade rehearsal in preparation for Singapore's 46th Birthday. "Wave & Smile!"

The cruise passes through many of Singapore's major landmarks beginning with the Marina Bay Sands. As we looked up, we surely hope to find a chance to visit the Sands Sky Park someday.

Taking a break from the scorching sun and enjoying the breeze, marvelling at the significant architectures and skyline of Singapore from the river is an enjoyment. One can just imagine how much Singapore has developed and progressed from a simple fishing village to it's current standing.

The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay

We are getting closer to The Merlion - Gladys' favourite spot which got her excited everytime. The Merlion symbolizing the re-discovery of Singapura never fails to attract and bring tourists as well as locals to come here for photo-takings.

The Customs House - once the home of the Singapore Customs Police but now has undergone major transformation into a unique F&B and nightzone zone.

View of the Singapore Skyline

Many of the buildings, bridges and sight is very familiar to all of us but viewing it from the river cruise is a different angle and feeling altogether.