Monday, October 1, 2007

~ "Longkang" fishing & Animal Farm ~

It's Children Day and also a day off for me, hubby and my brother-in-law. Together, we took Jasper, Royston, JunLong, Denver and Gladys to the Mainland Tropical Fish Farm located at Pasir Ris Farmway 1 for some "longkang" fishing.

It is a pretty nice and quiet place with fishes and goose. The kids collected their small buckets and nets and went on with their 'Guppies Hunt' happily. Jasper & Royston being the frequent visitors have no problem getting started. In no time, Jasper's bucket was full of guppies! Impressive! Denver on the other hand has no luck. The guppies were too fast and Denver who is not experienced was too slow and gentle. heheh :p Daddy got to teach and help him!

After a couple of tries, Denver finally caught his first guppy! Good Job! In total, he caught 5. Not bad for a first timer. Hmmm... I also wanted to try! -- Scoop! Yeah! caught a small one on my first attempt.. hehehe.

Although you are allowed to bring back the fishes that are being caught, we released all the guppies back into the pond after fishing. Hubby told the kids that the fishes will live longer here than bringing them home. :)

The children are not too disappointed as we moved on to feed the koi fishes and goose! They surely had lots of fun throwing the food into th ewaters and watching the fishes swimming to them waiting to catch more food!

We spent about an hour there and before setting off to another farm - The Animal Resort @ Seletar Farmway which houses a few selection of different types of animals including goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, swans, turtles, fishes, peacock etc.

It's our 2nd visit since April and there are new barriers being set up. There's one along the lake to prevent the children from falling into it during feeding. It's definitely much safer that way.

Feeding time! The animal feeds are available at $2 for 3 packets. Depending on which animals you like to feed, you can mix the kind of packet feeds to purchase.. there are carrots, bread, fish feed etc to choose from. I guess the kids enjoyed feeding the rabbits most. :) If you intend to bring your child to the farm, a tip is to be there early. Especially on weekends! If you arrive late, the animals might already feeling very full and they would not be responsive even if you push the feed to their mouths. :p

It has been fun. Happy Children's Day! :)