Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~ Cold Storage Kids Run 2012 - Part 2 ~

The temperature is rising and its Gladys' and my turn to get ready for our Sunshine Orange Chase run! Frankly speaking, I have not been running for ages and I am feeling a bit jittery. Our feisty girl is unlike her mommy and is very determine to complete her run and earn her medal!

Together with our friends, we waited at the holding area. ^_^ It's great to have them participating in the same running category. Parents and children can have more interactions and fun!

Say "Hi"!

Let's take a quick close-up look at our three little runners for the Sunshine Orange Chase run.

After much anticipation, we finally joined in the starting line! It was a sunny day and the weather was very humid. Parents were standing under the hot sun with their children. Despite the heat and feeling being roasted, you can still sense and see the excitement beaming of their faces.

 Moving closer to the starting line. :)
At the sound of the horn, off we go!

This is the first time I witness Gladys pushing herself very hard and putting in all her effort to complete her 800m run. She made her dash and I was 'chasing' after her with my camera, taking photos and 'losing' a lot of energy! Thanks to the cheerleaders and volunteers who were stationed at the side giving our kiddos and parents lots of cheer and support along the way!

 Gladys earning her medal and certificate for completing her run! Yipee!
What's best after a good workout? Collecting our goodie bags and re-energizing ourselves with healthy fruits! There's kiwis, bananas and oranges for all! Not forgetting getting our free cups of drinks at the booths.
The children knew exactly what to do to keep themselves entertained and relaxed. Let's have a game of "Heart-attack"! The more the merrier! ^_^

It's time to go and bid farewell to our friends. Gladys is unwilling to leave the crowd but we have to make our way home. :(

The Cold Storage Kids Run is a great running event for the entire family. It was like a huge gathering place where we got to meet up with more friends and families. Denver and Gladys have shown a lot of endurance and we are proud of them. Our kiddos even asked when will be their next running event - probably to add more medals to their collection!

* Thank you Juliana (URA) for inviting our family to the Cold Storage Kids Run.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

~ Cold Storage Kids Run 2012 - Part 1 ~

20th May 2012 - Cold Storage Kids Run was held at the Padang last Sunday and it had a huge turnout, marking a very successful event! It is also very memorable for our family as this is the first time we participate in the Cold Storage Kids Run. It was also Denver's first competitive run and me running with Gladys for the 800m chase.

We arrived early in the morning as Denver needs to report for his Sporty Red Dash run at 7:40am. Despite the early hours, you can see the excitement and anticipation from the little runners.

The tentages for the holding area (before individual runs) and pick up area have been set up. It was very organized and measures were taken where parents can pick their children after the race.

We met up with Sengkangbabies and our group of kiddos are all gear up for their run!

While waiting, we spotted a lot of mascots and had fun snapping photos with them. This chicky actually had the same name as me - "Singapura Phoebe"! Oh My! ^_^

 Cold Storage mascot
 Dora the Explorer! Do they look alike? ^_^
Sponge Bob Square Pants making his way in!

Finally, the boys are getting ready for their Sporty Red Dash run!

They waited patiently at the holding area. Did you feel any anxiety or anticipation on their faces?

I managed to spot Denver among the boys who are participating in the run. He looked good and all set to cross the finish line.

Different mascots are here to give the children their cheer and support!

At the sound of the horn, off they run!

Daddy and Mommy is extremely PROUD of Denver completing his very first 1.6km run! He took about 10mins + and was very tired. But I believe there was a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. Not forgetting getting his medal for completing the run! GOOD JOB!!!

Next on is Gladys running with Mommy in the 800m Sunshine Orange Chase run! How will we fare? Stay tune as more cuteness and excitement will be unveiled! ^_^

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~ Experiencing the Food Revolution ~

19th May - We headed down to Biopolis Way - the Lawn to experience the Food Revolution Day! Thanks to Derrick for the invitation, we got to meet up with other food bloggers and witness their passion for real, good food.

It was our first attending such events and there are a couple of activities planned for the day. This includes cooking demos, games, talks, photo session, performances etc. Pretty impressed with all the effort the organisers have put in!

We also explored the various booths set up at the Lawn. Not only are these food healthier, its taste are not being comprised.

Glad that we brought our kiddos along as Denver is very fond of good food. He would take his own initiative to sample the food/drinks around. ^_^ Upon arrival, Denver & Gladys thought they will be able to meet Jamie Oliver in person when they saw the "Food Revolution" signage! Well, to cushion their disappointment, at least they got to meet Uncle Derrick, Uncle Andy and their kiddos!

Ice-cream - Children's all time favourite! Too bad it is not available in a smaller cup and hence we are not able to try the other flavours. $10 for a big big cup and all the children gather to share. Just looking at their expression and you can tell if they are enjoying their dessert!

The food demo and games were a good exposure for our kiddos. Initially I thought they may not be interested but they sat in and were intrigued by how food can be fun at the same time. ^_^ It was not only entertaining but also educating for our little ones!

Monday, May 21, 2012

~ Review - New Dettol Natural Body Wash ~

Many are familiar with the household brand Dettol. It is also commonly known to us as a disinfectant wash and we started using Dettol's handwash product and antiseptic liquid to fight against Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) many years ago. Since then, we have been using it to keep our home clean and germs free. :)

Recently, Dettol has launched its newest range of body wash, Dettol Natural - Nourishing and Soothing and we decided to give it a go.

Hubby and I tried both body wash for a couple of days and we find Dettol Natural lathers pretty well. Unlike the other body wash that we used, it does not produce as much foam. We like it this way as it is easier to wash off the soap and still leave a refreshing feeling after bath.

Dettol Natural also does not have the typical strong Dettol smell that we will usually relate to. Instead, we are welcome with a nice herbal scent. Unfortunately, the scent does not linger on the body for very long, which is a pity! It would be nice to smell for a prolong period especially if I have  showered and am going out. Personally, I have a greater preference for Nourishing as it feels more refreshing and I like the scent better.

Our kiddos were not aware of the new body wash but their eyes were very sharp in spotting them in my bathroom before bedtime. The next moment, you find them trying out the products and taking turns to use the different body wash on different nights! I can overhear them making an agreement within themselves - "I am taking Green", "Me taking Yellow". ^_^

After 2 nights, it's pretty obvious which are our kiddos' preferred choice. Denver & Gladys seem to love Dettol Natural body wash as they have temporarily forsaken the current one that they are using.

Below summarize how we felt about Dettol Natural body wash in short. ^_^

Disclosure: Sponsored Review - All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Dettol Natural Body Wash was provided by Dettol.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

~ Food Revolution Day 2012 ~

Have you every heard about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? Well, I certainly do not until I was being introduced by a fellow food blogger friend, Derrick about the Food Revolution Day which is going to be held in Singapore on 19th May (Saturday).

Why is there a food revolution?

"We're losing the war against obesity in the US. It's sad, but true. Our kids are growing up overweight and malnourished from a diet of processed foods, and today's children will be the first generation ever to live shorter lives than their parents. It's time for change. It's time for a Food Revolution."
"The only message I keep hearing is that you believe your kids need better food, and that you want help to keep cooking skills alive. That's why this Food Revolution matters."
~ Jamie Oliver

Learn more about Food Revolution Day and it's misson for better food and bringing food education back to people. I went to search for his revolution videos and its amazing how he has shown nuggets are made and his effort in bringing in awareness and changing the way we cook, and to eat real food instead of processed food.

There will be cooking demos, talks, giveaways, games and performances and it will be a chance where people who love and enjoy food would come together. It looks like a great event for everyone and moving towards a healthier lifestyle through understanding the food we eat everyday.

Event: Food Revolution Day Dinner Party
Date: 19 May 2012, 4-8pm
Address: The Lawn, Biopolis Way

For more information, check out the following links.

Monday, May 7, 2012

~ Experience the Sky, Land and Sea Adventure this Holiday! - Part 3 ~

The view from the Singapore Flyer is just as breathtaking as ever. The ~30 minutes ride is a pleasure as you take flight and look at our beautiful country from the very top.

Gladys was feeling very excited, a little bit nervous and insecure about getting near to the glass panels initially. After some warm up and some assurance, she is back to her bubbly, adventurous self once more.

Singapore Flyer is one of the favourite spot to view the F1 Race. You can get a good view of the race event and experience the Vroom Vroom from the top.

Another view of the Sandspark. Seems like there are a lot of visitors today. :) 

We are at the peak!

and we are moving down....

The Singapore skyline has changed with the completion of the Marina Bay Sands and the addition of the Art Science Museum and Helix Bridge.

Soon, we will witness the completion of the Supertree Grove and Gardens by the Bay!

This plot of land will sure be a beauty in lights lit up in the night.

Construction still on-going for the new stadium

While the adults were memorized by the paranoma view, our kiddos are having fun. Denver sure had a good amount of arm exercise for the day and he is not complaining at all!

Denver has been very caring to his new little "sister". Holding her hands, running with her and carrying her around. I felt really heart warming looking at the photos of him holding on to her as they look out of the flyer. They really enjoyed each other's company.

Family shot in the Singapore Flyer.

Our final part of the Adventure tour is taking the Open-top bus tour

The land ride will take us from the Singapore Flyer, passing by the Esplanade, Clarke Quay, Riverside Point, Old Supreme Court, Padang, Suntec City Mall and finally back to the Singapore Flyer.

That ends our Sky-Land-Sea Adventure for the day. It was a quick weekend break away from the midst of examination preparations that Denver is under-going. Hopefully this serves as a well deserved relaxation for him and he can get his engine back on.

Our family would like to extend our thanks to Joleen and Maritez for assisting us with the ticketings and directing us throughout the tour.

Special thanks to Lynn and Vivien who have been hosting us at the Singapore Flyer today. Not forgetting OMY for the invitation. We have learned a lot and our children had fun. ^_^