Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 3 (Part 1) ~

14th June, 7:45am - All of us K.O last night but we woke up early in the morning. Definitely not wasting our time sleeping through our precious day. :)

8:15am - After washing up, we went for our buffet breakfast at the First World Cafe. The buffet price for breakfast is RM27 ++ (Adult), RM13.50++ (Child), but we only need to pay extra for the children since there are 2 complimentary tickets per room.

I don't really fancy the food served at the Cafe but the children loves the cereal and french toast most.

9:30AM - After our breakfast, it's time to PLAY! This is what Gladys has been waiting for all this while. :) We decided to purchase the Indoor 1 day unlimited rides pass since Gladys is still pretty young and unable to participate in some of the outdoor rides. It might be slightly boring for Denver but we'll compensate him with the arcade games in return. :)

First ride - Bumper Cars! We were lucky that there are no queue and Gladys went in to replay for a few rounds. :)

Gladys enjoying her junior bumper car ride. ^_^
The Stare : Who's bumping into my car!?

Since Denver is much taller now, he can only join in the adult bumper car rides instead. Initially he had secound thoughts on taking the rides due to the previous incident whereby the impact was too strong and there was not enough safety features, causing his front tooth to bleed. Ever since then, Denver does not have a liking for bumper cars. We encouraged him to try again and managed to convince him. :) See how Denver is steering his car carefully to avoid getting bumped. Safety First! ^_^

10:30AM - 4D motion master. We were just in time to catch the Robots of Mars show. As with other 4D Motion shows, Gladys does not like them at all. She felt that it looked too real and does not enjoy her seats moving up and down with the loud sound and visual effect around her. Denver loves it so much that we'll be coming back to catch the second show - The Pirate Story later in the evening.

10:50AM - Rio Float. We sat on the Giantic Dragon as it takes us around First World Plaza.

11:00AM - Monorail. This was once Denver's favourite when he was younger. Now it is Gladys' turn to hop on the caterpillar rail which will take us through Genting's indoor and outdoor rides.

View from the monorail - Indoor Theme Park.
View from the monorail - Outdoor Theme Park.

View from the monorail - First World Hotel

The total monorail ride took us about 20 minutes and you get a good glimsp of Genting in the cooling weather.

- Ride de Paris. Gladys was upset when she took the minicar rides because she cried over not able to take the Genting Sky Venture as she did not meet the minimal weight limit.

She only cheered up a bit when she takes on the Carousel ride. So far we have been able to get on to the various rides pretty fast as there wasn't a big crowd. Gladys went for 2 rounds on the Carousel before heading on to our next ride.

Day 3, Part 2 - to be continued...

Monday, June 27, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 2 (Part 2) ~

13th June, 4:00PM - We managed to get a bit of rest before hitting the Splash Pool! Yes! The weather is all day cooling in Genting but the waters in the pool is warm. :)

This is what the children have been looking forward to.

Mommy is the official photographer on every trip and is not keen to get myself wet. hehehe. Daddy is having his personal playtime with Gladys.

Denver on the other hand is having fun with his cousins.

The children doesn't seem to have any intentions on leaving the Splash Pool if we did not call for them. :)

6:00PM - Dinner time! We got a very good deal by purchasing the GLITZ Buffet Package. Not only it settles our dinner, we also get to enjoy a magical performance to entertain us for the night! :)

Get 1 GLITZ Show Ticket + 1 Buffet Meal at the Coffee Terrace. Since Hubby is a Genting WorldCard Member, we got a cheaper ticket pricing :

Price: Adult - RM70, Child - RM35 (For Genting Worldcard member)
Time: 9:00pm at The Pavilion

7:00PM - The usual dinner buffet pricing at The Coffee Terrace is RM61.00++ (Adult); RM30.50++ (Child). Hence purchasing the package is really a worthy deal. There was a crowd when we arrived but there are a lot of seating area and we got a big table for the 8 of us.

The design, ambience and layout of the restuarant is good and they serve a wide selection of food. From Japanese, Western, Chinese to Local Delights, Nonya, desserts, salad and fruits. Free flow of tea and coffee is available at the Lanai Bar area.

8:00PM - We had a full 1 hour dinner and even had some time to play a game at the arcade. :)

9:00PM - GLITZ performance starts! No video or photography is allowed and hence I get to sit back, relax and enjoy the entire show. There are so much to see and I am definitely having a good time. Apart from the music and dance items, I am trilled with the magic performance by Charles Bach from USA. Afterall, this is the first time I am seeing a magic performance LIVE on stage.

I am also impressed by the Sand Art and Acrobats act that really kept me awake despite all the activities that we had since last night!

11:00PM - It has been a long day and all of us were tired. It's only Day 1 and it seems we have done so much already.

Day 3 continues....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 2 (Part 1) ~

13th June, 7:15AM - After breakfast, we had a walk around Genting to pass time till we are able to check in.

We stopped by Genting Skyway (at Genting Highlands Resort) and decided to take the children on a cable car ride.

Genting Skyway Operating Hours
Monday-Thursday : 730am-11pm
Friday-Sunday : 730am-12am (midnight)

Ticket Rate
One Way : RM 5.00
Two Ways: RM 10.00

This is Gladys' virgin ride on the Genting Cable Car and she looked a bit scared at first. But she got accustom to the height and very soon we were able to take a rest and enjoy the surroundings on our ride down.

Scenic View from the Cable Car

Approaching our destination : Genting Skyway Lower Station

8:30AM - It was still early in the morning and we took a walk to the Awana Horse Ranch to look at the horses. I still recall there were horse rides available to the public and Denver (with his cousins) got the priviledge to take the rides then. Unfortunately, the horse rides have stopped many years since.

Whenever we visit Genting, we will definitely drop by this tibits and candy stall to purchase bags of assorted sweets and sourly snacks.

10:00AM -We took the cable car ride up to Genting Highlands. We expected that there will be a long long queue and so the Mommies took the children to the arcade for a round of fun first while the Daddies waited at the First World Hotel lobby. After spending at least RM100 at the arcade, we headed back to the hotel lobby and waited patiently for our queue number to be called for check-in.

The boys had their PSPs to keep them company while Gladys fell asleep after the whole morning activities.

1:00PM - It was a great relief to finally get the keys to our room! We will be staying on the 28th Floor at Tower 2 (highest floor) for the next 2 nights. :) No nice window view despite being on the very top but the room is decently spaced.

Hot & Cold water can be collected at various stations on each floor.

After settling down in our rooms, we didn't waste any time to have our lunch!! It was a late lunch for all of us and we were famished!!! We went to a food court and were surprised the prices have increased quite a fair bit since our last visit.(~RM12-16 for a bowl of noodles or rice). We need food to re-energise ourselves before checking out the area again.

Balloon Art Festival and Transformer was part of the event during our visit and we saw big balloon sculptures and performances.

Day 2 activities - To be continued... :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 1 ~

12th June 2011 -  Unlike the other trips, this is one of the most 'unplanned' that we ever had. Apart from checking out the hotels and having a rough idea on how to get to our destination, I did not pre-pack our our luggages early nor did I do my usual homework on searching for more additional information on the websites. It is basically a pack and go trip.:)

Last month, we booked our single way tickets to Genting (SGD $45 per pax) through Five Stars Tours. The bus was scheduled to depart at 11pm and we were at Golden Mile Complex by 10pm. We met Bbil's family and got on the tour bus after waiting for about an hour.  The seatings on the bus are spacious and relatively comfortable. Each seat has an in-built massaging feature with a TV screen containing some games and English & Chinese movies.

Earlier this month, there have been reports on the massive jams experienced at the Malaysian checkpoints due to the new biometric fingerprint system that was implemented recently. Since we were travelling in the middle of the night, there aren't a lot of people at the checkpoint and we managed to have our fingerprints scanned and got through the clearance pretty swiftly.

It was past mid-night and the children were tired but they are looking forward to the fun & excitement for the next 5 days. Gladys soon fell asleep while Denver still has energy left to catch a mid-night movie on the bus.

I tried to cuddle myself to sleep but couldn't find the right position to rest for the night. The bus stopped over at Yong Peng and Hubby & I got down for a little body-stretch.

13th June 2011 - We finally reached Genting @ around 7am in the morning! It was cold and Gladys was freezing. We will be staying at First World Hotel for the next two nights.

It's refreshing to have a warm cup of coffee/tea in this cooling weather. The children always enjoy having breakfast at McDonalds to start their day.

It will be a long wait before our check-in time and hand-held games and mobile phones surely come in handy at this moment in time. :)

Check out the rates for the Indoor & Outdoor rides!

Gladys did not get adjusted to the weather yet since it was her virgin trip to Genting. Mommy gave her my jacket instead and she looks like a wagging penguin! So Adorable!

More updates on Genting Trip - to be continued.... :)