Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review: Huiji launches Pain Relief products

[Product Review]

Recently, Huiji launched a full range of Pain Relief products in four formats; oil, balm, spray and plaster. Targeting different types of bodily pain and usage, it aims to relieve aches and painful muscle fast, yet long-lasting for consumers.

A couple of months ago, we received some of the products to review on its effectiveness but it was left on the shelf since we are in the pink of health. Recently, Hubby has been suffering from consistent shoulder/back pain and it has been bugging him throughout the day and night.

Hubby started off with the plaster which is suitable for night use. No plastic covering over the plaster is required as I believe it is not greasy. After a night rest, the plaster still stay intact. Compared to the other plaster products that he had tried, Huiji's plaster does not have a strong scent smelling of TCM medicine. Each plaster is individually packed and it is big (12cm x 15cm) and stretchable enabling it to ensure maximum coverage on the affected area. Upon application, Hubby noticed that the plaster does not have the instant heat or cooling effect which he preferred and accustomed to. Hence, he was not able to feel the immediate effect as the plasters adopt slow heat emitting technology to give long-lasting comfort and warmth around sore region.

Palief Plaster - S$3.10

On another occasion,Hubby applied Huiji's Palief Strain Relief Oil which seems to be pretty effective as Hubby could feel the heat/cooling effect on the area of his strain shortly after application. Pain was relieved and he was able to rest and sleep in the night.  

Palief Strain Relief Oil - S$9.90

All Huiji Pain Relief products are available at selected NTUC Fairprice outlets.

Individual experience with the products may varies depending on condition and preference.

Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Huiji's Pain Relief products were given for review purposes only.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I Light 2016 @ Marina Bay

This is the third time we brought the children to explore the lights installation at I Light Marina Bay festival since 2010. This year, we were a little late to visit but glad to make it on time before it ends on Sunday.

The weather has been pretty hot lately but we were blessed to enjoy the breeze by the bay as we took a stroll along Marina Bay. Beginning our walk from The Float@Marina Bay, we explored the stunning, innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations by creative talents around the world.

Stepping into the glimmering rocket was pretty interesting for my girl. I guess as a child, we do fantasize on going up to space someday.

This year, the projection on the facade of the ArtScience Museum is a collection of Chinese characters where viewers can participate by 'swiping' the characters onto the facade using a web application.

Beams of laser were shining across the skyline of Marina Bay. They were spotted at different locations around the bay and its best view from The Promotory @ Marina Bay.

Marina Bay has always been a dazzling waterfront and we enjoy taking a stroll particularly in the night. This was also our first time crossing the Jubilee Bridge since it's opening last year. Compared to the existing Esplanade Bridge, the new walkway provides direct access to the Merlion Park. With the wider path, pedestrians can leisurely stroll across the Singapore River and enjoy the scenic view of Marina Bay.

We caught a glimpse of the water and laser show - WONDER FULL from the Jubilee Bridge. .

Moving on from the rocket, we went further up close to the Moon! The gigantic ball representing the full moon enchanted many visitors to take photos as if they have landed on Moon.

Lampshade - another art installation, made of bamboo and lots of photovoltaic cells which light up intensively at night with solar energy enough to power a thousand lamps.

It's amazing I don't feel the heat despite standing within the lampshade full of lights.

Check out the LED tubes which lights up when touched! It creates a spark and mimics the ethereal nature of lightning. The children enjoyed touching the tubes and see the LED tubes flashing.

From afar it looks like a colourful board of pixels with changing displaying lights. Moving nearer to the art installation, there are wordings on every hanging acrylic boards. We only realised later that it actually showcase how shadows can be manipulated with technology to make them interesting and fun. Though I could not quite figure out how it works. :)

The 3D printed lanterns is one of my favourite as I love the design and how the lanterns create a carpet of light when a point light source is shone through. I would love to have one of these art pieces in my home.

The main highlight of I Light 2016 must goes to the Angels of  Freedom. Five sets of giant, colourful wings stood along The Promontory @ Marina Bay and attracted many visitors queuing to take a shot. Waiting time is about 10 - 15 minutes but it was definitely worth the wait as it was gorgeous and picture perfect to stand with the gigantic wings against the beautiful backdrop of Marina Bay!

We took a 2 hours walk leisurely around the bay before heading home. Am glad that we made it to I Light 2016 and we look forward to the next I Light Festival!

I Light 2016 @ Marina Bay
Date: 4 - 27 March 2016
Time: 7:30pm - 11.00pm (Extended to 12mn on Friday & Saturday)
Location: Marina Bay Waterfront
Free Admission

Monday, March 21, 2016

Blossom Beats @ Gardens by the Bay

As the hot spell continues to sizzle, with temperature on the rise, it felt heavenly to be within the cold conservatory witnessing the cherry blossoms blooming within the Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay!

This March, "Blossom Beats" floral display features more than 20 varieties of beautiful cherry and peach blossoms in a Japanese style garden setting. Quintessential Japanese elements such as a Tori gate, Japanese screens and kimono are some of the highlights. 

As cherry blossoms are ephemeral in nature, the experimental floral display will only span for about two weeks, ending on March 27.  This is the first time visitors will catch the spectacular sight of cherry blossoms in bloom in the tropical Singapore, which explains the crowd everyday especially weekends!

Nevertheless, you should look forward to seeing cultivars such as Prunus Fujishidare which has pendulous branches, the Prunus Yedoneis Yoshino which stands out with its striking white flowers and Prunus Accolade, with its pale pink blooms.

Prunus 'Accolade'

Prunus Yedoensis 'Yoshino'

I brought my kids to the Flower Dome a week ago and the flowers have not blossom yet. Still, we managed to grab some photos.

Family shot before the flowers started to bloom... hoping to be back again for another family shot!

View of the cherry blossom in full bloom today (21 March).

This is my second visit to the Flower Dome and the flowers have fully blossomed!

As 'Blossom Beats' will be ending this weekend, huge crowd is expected. If you are planning to catch the cherry blossoms, do be patient. During my trip, I took many close up shots on the flowers as it was difficult to catch a wider view.

More photos available at BPDGTravels facebook album.

Blossom Beats
Date: 11 March 2016 - 27 March 2016
Time: 9am - 9pm
Location: Flower Dome
*Admission charge to convservatories applies

Friday, March 18, 2016

Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Award 2016

14 March 2016 - It was an exciting evening as Nickelodeon held its Kid's Choice Award 2016. Perfect timing for us as the program also coincide with the school holidays and we were able to catch the show at the comfort of our home (without being bored down by homework)!

Thanks to Nickelodeon, we also received a delicious Key Lime Pie, from PS Cafe, sent to our door! Perfect dessert after dinner as our family tasted the sweetness and sourly flavour while the children anticipated and cheered for their favourite show and stars to win.

This year Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award 2016 is hosted by country music superstar and coach on NBC's The Voice, Blake Shelton. Denver & Gladys were delighted to see the Stormtroopers marching in, attempting to take over the show! Of course that didn't happened as Shelton battled his way through.

Throughout the programme, the kids' attention were glued on the screen speculating who are being nominated and who will win the award! They had their personal preference and our boy literally yelled in joy when Star Wars: The Force Awakens, won the Favourite Movie Award! Our girl even asked me to call in to cast a vote!?

I enjoyed seeing Ellen DeGeneres on screen, doing Snapchat with the audience while Gladys could not contain her joy seeing Iron Man and Captain America at the Kid's Choice Award. 

If you are a big fan of Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, you will LOVE their appearance on stage as they did a cute showdown with their thumbs.

Its been awhile since I seen the kiddos so focus on a show, refusing to leave their seat. (not even during commercial break!). They enjoyed seeing the Asian Sports Stars (Irfan Fandi, Jerong Teng, Kim Kurniawan and Pandelela) competing in the fun challenge and supporting Irfan all the way. 

Another segment that we enjoyed was the music! Denver & Gladys were singing along as singer-songwriter Charlie Puth and hip-hop star Wiz Khalifa performed a medley of "One Call Away" and "See You Again".

(Image source: Nickelodeon)

Apart from the orange blimp award, the uniquely fun and distinctive feature of Kid's Choice Award is the abundance 'appearance' of SLIME! Lots of them! No one seems to be spared - not even the audience! Everybody gets excited and pumped up when the slime bucket made its way down!

(Image source: Nickelodeon)

If you have missed catching Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award 2016, here's the timing of the repeat telecast.

• Wednesday, 16 March at 1pm (MY/PH/WIB) and 1.30pm (HK/SG/TH)
• Thursday, 17 March at 10am (MY/WIB), 7pm (PH) and 8pm (HK/SG/TH)
• Friday, 18 March at 10am (HK/SG/TH), 4pm (PH) and 4.30pm (MY/WIB)
• Saturday, 19 March at 11am (MY/WIB) and 12.15pm (HK/SG/TH)
• Sunday, 20 March at 10.30am (PH) and 6.30pm (MY/WIB)
• Monday, 21 March at 2pm (HK/SG/TH), 2.30pm (MY/WIB) and 4.30pm (PH)
• Thursday, 24 March at 4pm (HK/SG/TH)
• Friday, 25 March at 2.30pm (PH) and 4.30pm (MY/WIB)
• Saturday, 26 March at 10am (HK/SG/TH), and 1pm (PH)
• Sunday, 3 April at 11.30am (MY/WIB), 12.30pm (HK/SG/TH) and 2.30pm (PH)

The following are Nickelodeon’s 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards winners:

Favorite Asian Sports Star
Jeron Teng (Philippines)


Favorite TV Show
The Thundermans

Favorite Family TV Show
The Muppets

Favorite Male TV Star – Kids’ Show
Ross Lynch – Austin Moon, Austin & Ally

Favorite Male TV Star – Family Show
Jim Parsons – Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Female TV Star – Kids’ Show
Zendaya – K.C. Cooper, K.C. Undercover

Favorite Female TV Star – Family Show
Sofia Vergara – Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, Modern Family

Favorite Talent Competition Show
The Voice

Favorite Cooking Show
Cake Boss

Favorite Cartoon
SpongeBob SquarePants


Favorite Movie
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Favorite Movie Actor

Will Ferrell – Brad Whitaker, Daddy’s Home

Favorite Movie Actress
Jennifer Lawrence – Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2

Favorite Animated Movie
Hotel Transylvania 2

Favorite Voice From an Animated Movie
Amy Poehler – Joy, Inside Out


Favorite Music Group
Fifth Harmony

Favorite Male Singer
Justin Bieber

Favorite Female Singer
Ariana Grande

Favorite Song Of The Year
Hello – Adele

Favorite New Artist
Shawn Mendes

Favorite Collaboration
See You Again – Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth


Favorite Book
Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

Favorite Video Game
Just Dance 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Adventures in Gardens of Wonder - Children Festival 2016 @ Gardens by the Bay

[Media Invite]

We kick start our March holidays at Gardens by the Bay! It's Children's Festival 2016 - Adventures in Gardens of Wonder and there are loads of FREE activities lined up for the children at various location around the gardens from now till 20th March 2016! Remember to pick up the activity booklet at the counter which includes the programme schedule, craft and colouring activities within.

Children's Festival
Date: 12 March 2016 - 20 March 2016
Time: 2pm - 6.30pm (Weekdays), 10am - 7.45pm (Weekends)
Various Location
* All programmes are free, except for the battery-operated train ride and food. Admission charges to the Flower Dome apply


Date: 14 - 18 March
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Venue: Flower Dome
Crafts available: Kinetic Sand Art, Fridge Magnet Designing, 3D pen drawing, Hand Puppet Making

Time: 3.30pm - 6.30pm
Venue: Supertree Grove
Craft available: Beads Art

Date: 12, 13, 19 & 20 March
Time: 10am - 6.30pm
Venue: Supertree Grove
Crafts available: Kinetic Sand Art, Fridge Magnet Designing, 3D pen drawing, Beads Art*(exclusive for Friends of the Gardens on Weekends)

Check out the craft booths, that span around the Supertree Grove, which will attract not only the kids but also the adults to participate. Apart from making your own fridge magnet, design your beads art craft (*exclusive for Friends of the Gardens on weekends), you also get to play with the kinetic sand to create different shapes and get your hands on the latest 3D printing pen where you can create 3D objects in thin air!

Gladys is making her Poké Ball based on the template we followed on the internet. There are other standard templates available as well, where you can sit down with your children and make your very own beads craft to bring back home.

Kinetic sand has been the latest craze in town lately. Unlike the ones you find on the beaches, these magic sand are easy to shape and mold into shapes. Even the adults find it amazingly interesting to play with.

3D printing pen is another latest innovative product where you can create 3D objects easily. I realised apart from children, it also attracted many teenagers and adults to join in to draw their own creation. Gladys is making a pair of glasses using the template provided.

What do you think about her new pair of bluish glasses?


Date: 14 - 18 March
Time: 3.30pm - 6.30pm
Venue: Supertree Grove
Game available: Prize Grabber

Date: 12, 13, 19 & 20 March
Time: 10am - 6.30pm
Venue: Supertree Grove
Games available: Human Claw Machine, Prize Grabber

Time: 10am - 6.30pm
Venue: Children's Garden
Games available: Ducky Fishing Game, Water Shooting Game

School is over and its time to PLAY! Do not miss out the Human Claw Machine as your little one will be the human claw moving within the box attempting to grab a toy! Too bad my children are too old and heavy for this, else it would really be one game that they will remember for a very long time! Warning : Long queues are observed, parents do be patient and keep your kiddos and yourself hydrated. Remember to head on to the Children's Garden for more games!


Date: 12 - 20 March
Weekdays: Time: 3.30pm - 6.30pm
Weekends: Time: 10am - 6.30pm
Venue: Supertree Grove

Feeling tired? How about a train ride around Supertree Grove. Tickets cost $6 per person.


Date: 12 - 20 March
Weekdays: Time: 3.30pm - 6.30pm
Weekends: Time: 3pm - 6.30pm
Venue: Supertree Grove

Still having boundless of energy to release? Go Jump and Bounce on a special bouncy castle with a designed inspired by the iconic Supertrees!


Date: 12,13,19 & 20 March
Time: 10am - 6.30pm
Venue: Children's Gardens, Flower Dome, Supertree Grove

Catch the roving magician who has some magic tricks in his sleeves. Remember to pick up some cute balloons too. 


Date: 12 & 19 March (Saturdays)
Time: 10.30am - 7.45pm

Date: 13 & 20 March (Sundays)
Time: 10.30am - 5.30pm

Venue: Various location

As you spend your day at the Gardens, keep a lookout for Gardens by the Bay friendly mascot, Wee Bear, who will be roaming around to make friends and say "Hi"! Remember to give him a hug and snap a picture with him. 

The weather is getting really hot lately. Water play at the Children's Garden will definitely take off the heat while the little ones have some fun.


Date: 12 & 19 March (Saturdays)
Time: 11am - 11.30pm, 6pm - 6.30pm

Date: 13 & 20 March (Sundays)
Time: 11am - 11.30pm, 3pm - 3.30pm

Catch the beautiful musical dance performance inspired by the classic tale The Rainbow Fish, a story about selflessness, friendship and love. The show incorporate the central water feature in the Children's Garden to create the magical underwater world of sea creatures and plants. Do grab your seats early and have a good spot for the show.

Photo taking with the performers before the show.

Another group photo after the show.

Thanks to Gardens by the Bay, we had picnic at the auditorium while watching the performance. 

Family photo for the day

Next, we head on to the Supertree Grove for another LED performance - Fairytale Galaxy. I just realised Gladys had a matching Galaxy dress to fit the show.

Waiting for the show to start.


Date: 12 & 19 March
Time: 7pm - 7.45pm
Venue: Supertree Grove

All of us are familiar with "Cinderella" which has accompanied us through childhood. Fairytale Galaxy took a twist and takes on a futuristic route on the classic fairy tale. The characters are so funny that tickles our funny bones. Look forward to an exciting child-friendly performance of circus acts, theatre, dance, music and LED lighting! Do not miss the final performance this Saturday at the Supertree Grove.

Check out the programme guide below on the activities happening at the Gardens.
Click here to view the programmes in details

If you are not travelling and thinking of where to bring your kiddos this March holiday, hop down to Gardens by the Bay as an array of FREE fun-filled activities await your family!

For more information, visit Gardens by the Bay Website.