Monday, March 21, 2016

Blossom Beats @ Gardens by the Bay

As the hot spell continues to sizzle, with temperature on the rise, it felt heavenly to be within the cold conservatory witnessing the cherry blossoms blooming within the Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay!

This March, "Blossom Beats" floral display features more than 20 varieties of beautiful cherry and peach blossoms in a Japanese style garden setting. Quintessential Japanese elements such as a Tori gate, Japanese screens and kimono are some of the highlights. 

As cherry blossoms are ephemeral in nature, the experimental floral display will only span for about two weeks, ending on March 27.  This is the first time visitors will catch the spectacular sight of cherry blossoms in bloom in the tropical Singapore, which explains the crowd everyday especially weekends!

Nevertheless, you should look forward to seeing cultivars such as Prunus Fujishidare which has pendulous branches, the Prunus Yedoneis Yoshino which stands out with its striking white flowers and Prunus Accolade, with its pale pink blooms.

Prunus 'Accolade'

Prunus Yedoensis 'Yoshino'

I brought my kids to the Flower Dome a week ago and the flowers have not blossom yet. Still, we managed to grab some photos.

Family shot before the flowers started to bloom... hoping to be back again for another family shot!

View of the cherry blossom in full bloom today (21 March).

This is my second visit to the Flower Dome and the flowers have fully blossomed!

As 'Blossom Beats' will be ending this weekend, huge crowd is expected. If you are planning to catch the cherry blossoms, do be patient. During my trip, I took many close up shots on the flowers as it was difficult to catch a wider view.

More photos available at BPDGTravels facebook album.

Blossom Beats
Date: 11 March 2016 - 27 March 2016
Time: 9am - 9pm
Location: Flower Dome
*Admission charge to convservatories applies

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