Tuesday, October 3, 2023

1 Day Trip to Sungai Rengit & Desaru | 四湾岛迪沙鲁一日游 | Eat Lobster, Coffee, Seaside Cafe, Desaru Fruit Farm

Vlog - 1 Day Trip to Sungai Rengit & Desaru

We brought our girl on a Road Trip to Johor last November and drove up to Sungai Rengit and Desaru exploring places that we have yet to visit.

Left home early in the morning and crossed the custom before 6am. We had breakfast at Kin Wah Coffeeshop in JB (which opens at 6am) before starting a longer drive ahead.

As it is still early, our first stop is visiting Malaysia's first Temple Village (边佳兰六湾神庙村) as it is open from 8am. Located in Pengeran, the temple village is a collection of 8 temples!

After our prayers at the temple, we drove on to check out
Jomis Old Jetty - heard that many will drop by to take pictures with the pillars there. Best taken during low tide.

We didn't walk down as it looks a bit dangerous and there was quite a bit of insects around. Decided it was good enough to take a picture from afar. Our Youtube vlog captures how to get to the Jetty.

Finally it is time for another round of breakfast as we set off very early today. Hong Gim Coffee
(宏锦咖啡) is located in a pretty secluded area off the tracks from the town. We depended solely on Google Map to direct us there. One of the main highlights is to witness how the coffee are roasted as we have our breakfast.

Unlike the city, Sungai Rengit is a pretty quiet town and there aren't any shopping malls to visit. Hence, we decided to rest at a cafe before our lunch.

Along the way, we drop by Kedai Kek Lim Choo Seng (聚成中西饼店) - a century-old traditional bakery shop currently run by the 3rd generation. Hubby had a chat with Mr Lim before buying a packet of biscuits.

We were a bit tired by now and a pit stop at Yard & Co. is a perfect choice! The aesthetic cafe by the sea is an awesome place to rest as it is cosy and the interior deco of the cafe is spacious, bright and cosy.

Sungai Rengit is also known as Lobster Town. Hence it is a must to have lobster while we are here! There are many restaurants selling fresh seafood & lobster. We picked Super Lobster Restaurant and had a mini feast!

After a heavy lunch, it's time to burn off the calories! We drove to Desaru Fruit Farm (迪沙鲁果园) and purchased tickets for a Fruit Farm Tour. There are other packages as well which includes Lunch and ATV. You can pick the tour package that suits your preference.

Instead of staying by the Desaru coast, we decided to stay at Amansari Hotel Desaru as it is not too far from the fruit farm and we are not going to the beach area. Room is neat, spacious and clean. Decent for our 1 night stay at an affordable price.

We had a harder time finding a place for dinner as there aren't many cafe or shops around. We decided to settle in at a nearby shop selling satay and nasi. Dinner was surprisingly good at Restoran Aneka Desaru - Particularly the satay! We love it so much that we ordered another serving.

Check out our Youtube Video for our day trip in Sungei Rengit & Desaru!

Total Expenditure ~ RM1055 (SGD320) - Early Breakfast @ Kin Wah Coffeeshop (RM26) - Breakfast @ Hong Gim Coffee (RM21.2) + 2 bottles of Ice Coffee (RM8) - Brunch @ Yard & Co. (RM176.3) - Lunch @ Super Lobster Restaurant (RM379.25) - Desaru Fruit Farm Tour (RM114) - Dinner @ Restoran Aneka Desaru (RM100) - 1 night stay @ Amansari Hotel Desaru (RM230)

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