Tuesday, December 11, 2007

~ Malaysia Trip (KL, Penang, Malacca) ~

I must admit that I have been lazy blogging lately... :p Just came back from a 5D4N Malaysia trip last week and we took over 600 photos! The whole family including my inlaws and bro-in-law all went.. There are also relatives and family friends joining the group and hence we took a tour package and travelled on a 28 seater coach.

oOo Day 1 oOo

We assembled on Sunday morning at Seng Kang. The coach picked us up and headed towards our first destination - Kuala Lumpur. Prior to that, we stopped by Yong Peng for some refreshments and continued our journey.

We had lunch at a local restaurant and arrived at KL in the afternoon. It was a HOT HOT afternoon... still we had our city tour which includes visiting the Istana, Lake Garden, National Monument and Merdeka Square. Denver could not stand the heat and his whole body was very warm... :(

I was relieved when we finally reached the Twin Tower & KLCC for some shopping. However, by now Denver is already having a fever... We purchased Paracetmol at Watsons and bought him a Ben 10 toy to cheer him up. He was feeling much better during dinner time..running and playing..phew... We check-in to Midah hotel after our dinner.

The room was spacious and big.. We had a quick shower and decided to go to Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown, which is based in Petaling Street. It is also known as 'Chee Cheong Kai' where the entire street is closed to traffic during the afternoons as traders set up stalls to peddle various merchandises like food, clothes, watches, bags etc...
oOo Day 2 oOo

We check out from the Hotel after breakfast and stop over at Ipoh for a brief Sightseeing tour (三宝洞, Perak Cave, Nantian Cave etc). At 三宝洞, visitors can purchase leaves and feed the turtles inside.

There are quite a number of them and Denver was so eager to throw the leaves inside for them to eat. After that, we proceed to tour around 南天洞 and Guanying temple before going for our lunch. The next destination was Perak Cave. Inside the cave, there is a very steep stairways that can lead all the way up to the top of the hill for a hilltop view. Denver joined the others and left Mummy, Daddy and Gladys behind. He is the only one who made it to the top with the rest..

As we have to carry Gladys, Hubby and I only manage to climb 3 quarter of the hill.. Well...Easy to go up.. but the hardest part is to get down... the stairways are really steep and high.. It is rather dangerous with Gladys around. I am really afriad that I will slip and fall.. by the time Hubby and I got down, our legs are wobbly and worn out... I started to feel hungry as well.. :p We stopped by a Mystic snake temple where there used to be many snakes inside according to the tour guide. Now, there are only a few left hanging around. We paid to take a photo with the snake too... Denver carried the tail while I hold on to it's head. :) Gladys was curious too and she kept looking at it and even wanted to touch it. hahaha..

It was a really tiring day! We are so happy when we finally check-in at our next Hotel (Cititel).. Our room was very big! The bathroom is also very spacious. After putting our luggages aside, we went down for our dinner which is just next to the hotel. Afterwhich, we had a walk around the nearby streets and headed back to sleep.

oOo Day 3 oOo

Had breakdast at the hotel and we gathered to visit Penang Hill where there has a panoramic view of Penang! Lucky we were there rather early and there isn't any queue for the tram. 20 over of us all squeeze in and took the Tram up to the hill top which took us about 20-25mins...

The tram was very crowded. Although there are fans on top, it is kinda stuffy as there are too many people... But it is worth the trip up as the view is Spectcular!

Afterwhich, we proceed with city tour to Kek Lok Si Temple. Reputed to be the largest and most beautiful Buddhist temple in SE Asia. It features gardens, a giant turtle pool, shrines and sculptures. As the weather is very hot and it is a long way up to the temple, Gladys and I shared a cab with the other elders. Hubby and Denver together with the rest of the tour group walked and took another tram up instead.

After touring around, we took the same cab down and shop around the nearby street market at the bottom of the hill. We had lunch at another local restaurant where again they serve a huge spread of food including soup, fish, prawn, vegetables, chicken, duck, fruits etc. After having our fill, we went to the Botanical garden and we saw many monkeys running around! Denver is so elated to see them! We walked through it's nature track and I accidentally stepped on a millipede.. One of the uncles quickly took a large leaf and made the millipede crawled upon it.. The kids were so amazed and they took photos with it :) We went on to visit the Batik and Pewter showroom.
The city tour also brought us to the Siamese temple where we can see the world's third largest reclining Buddha.. After being in the hot sun for so long... our next stop is Shopping! We spent about an hour an a half in Plaza Garney. Denver gets to play awhile ... Kids always have energy when it's play time. :p

We had our dinner at the street hawker beside the shopping mall. We shared among the variety of food that was ordered.. including Penang Laksa, Noodles, Char Kway Tiao, Beancurd, Bo Bo Cha Cha, Soya milk etc... Frankly, I don't fancy them probably because I am not accustom to their local taste. After dinner, I am already very exhausted... Still, we signed up for the night tour and it covers the Night Market (Pasar Malam) and night view of the Penang Bridge.. By the time we return to our hotel it's already 10pm.. It is indeed the most tiring day of all!!

oOo Day 4 oOo

After a hectic day yesterday, we continue to wake up early, had breakfast and checkout of Cititel Hotel, leaving Penang for Genting. It was a couple of hours ride and we stopped by at Gohtong Jaya for lunch.

We also visited a Cholocate shop and bought a packet of Tiramisu chocolate. It's not cheap ... RM71 for 1 Kg! Anyway..we continue to move on and finally check in to First World Hotel around 2 plus in the afternoon. Straight after we settled down, Denver was eager to go out and play.. He has been to Genting 4 times and hence he is only interested to play with the Beatle card (MushiKing) machines. Later, we met up with the rest of the group for dinner somewhere slightly down of the hill top. It was raining very heavily and it's very very cold! But we enjoyed our dinner. :) As Gladys was too young, we are unable to bring her to the Snow World. Hence, we 'park' her with my bro-in-law while we bring Denver instead. He really enjoyed and love the 'snow'! However as he just recovered from fever and he is having a running nose, hence we did not stay too long. We took a photo and went to bring Gladys back to the hotel room for a good night rest. As hubby is already very tired, we did not went to the casino later that night. Maybe next time..

oOo Day 5 oOo

Checked out of First World after breakfast and we left Genting for Malacca. We had city tour around Christ Church, St Paul's Church and Jonker's Street. After our lunch, we shopped around Dataran Pahlawatt and visit Sam Poh Temple and Sam Poh well. Had our dinner and travel back to Singapore..

This marks the end of the tour and all I can say is ... it is very tiring. But we do get to go quite a lot of places within these few days.

Monday, October 1, 2007

~ "Longkang" fishing & Animal Farm ~

It's Children Day and also a day off for me, hubby and my brother-in-law. Together, we took Jasper, Royston, JunLong, Denver and Gladys to the Mainland Tropical Fish Farm located at Pasir Ris Farmway 1 for some "longkang" fishing.

It is a pretty nice and quiet place with fishes and goose. The kids collected their small buckets and nets and went on with their 'Guppies Hunt' happily. Jasper & Royston being the frequent visitors have no problem getting started. In no time, Jasper's bucket was full of guppies! Impressive! Denver on the other hand has no luck. The guppies were too fast and Denver who is not experienced was too slow and gentle. heheh :p Daddy got to teach and help him!

After a couple of tries, Denver finally caught his first guppy! Good Job! In total, he caught 5. Not bad for a first timer. Hmmm... I also wanted to try! -- Scoop! Yeah! caught a small one on my first attempt.. hehehe.

Although you are allowed to bring back the fishes that are being caught, we released all the guppies back into the pond after fishing. Hubby told the kids that the fishes will live longer here than bringing them home. :)

The children are not too disappointed as we moved on to feed the koi fishes and goose! They surely had lots of fun throwing the food into th ewaters and watching the fishes swimming to them waiting to catch more food!

We spent about an hour there and before setting off to another farm - The Animal Resort @ Seletar Farmway which houses a few selection of different types of animals including goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, swans, turtles, fishes, peacock etc.

It's our 2nd visit since April and there are new barriers being set up. There's one along the lake to prevent the children from falling into it during feeding. It's definitely much safer that way.

Feeding time! The animal feeds are available at $2 for 3 packets. Depending on which animals you like to feed, you can mix the kind of packet feeds to purchase.. there are carrots, bread, fish feed etc to choose from. I guess the kids enjoyed feeding the rabbits most. :) If you intend to bring your child to the farm, a tip is to be there early. Especially on weekends! If you arrive late, the animals might already feeling very full and they would not be responsive even if you push the feed to their mouths. :p

It has been fun. Happy Children's Day! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

~ MSD Family Day @ Jurong Bird Park ~

It's the first time I am bringing the children to my Company's family day event. Today, we are at the Jurong Bird Park and the weather is pretty good. We collected our goodie bags and there is jumping castle, tentages, free balloons, face and hand tatoos etc.

Doesn't Gladys and Mummy look alike!? :D

Hubby carrying Gladys while Denver is playing with the water.

Denver on the other hand is having a lot of fun playing with the water at the Splish and Splash area. This is his best moment - getting all wet!

The afternoon sun is burning hot and hence we only stayed for half a day. Ddn't had a chance to visit around the Bird Park much but I'm sure there will be next time. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

~ The Animal Resort ~

The Animal Resort is located at Jalan Kayu and although it is not a big farm, it provides dog training, gromming and education tours. Entrance is free but as the farm is located rather secluded inside, it will be easier to reach via car.

The Animal Resort
T81 Seletar West Farmway 5
Singapore 798061

There are feeding stations where the children can have a chance to feed the various animals in the farm. We saw goats, ducks, geese, rabbits, hamsters, dogs, fishes etc.

Feeding by the pond.

The geese saw food in our hands and came towards us. Denver was startled and step aside letting Daddy to do the feeding. :)

Feeding the bunnies is a much easier job. Denver squatted down by the cages and stuck the carrots into the cage for the rabbits to nibble. It is recommended to come and feed the animals early in the morning because they are all very full after a heavy breakfast fed by the earlier visitors.

Some other animals found within the Animal Resort.

It's a quiet and good place to bring your kids for a half day educational tour with the animals. :)