Friday, September 30, 2011

~ Celebrate Children's Day with Frasers Centrepoint Malls ~

Exams are around the corner and this is the time where parents and their children are busy coaching and studying. Nevertheless, October is also the month where we celebrate Children's Day! Our kiddos deserve a little break and have some fun.

Any plans on where to bring your children on this special day?  Frasers Centerpoint Malls has organised a series of events for the whole family.
From 30th September to 9th October, FUNTASIA will be taking place at CausewayPoint, Compass Point, Northpoint and Yew Tee Point. There will be game booths, children workshops, movie screening, balloon sculpturing and lucky dips! Parents and children can have fun together.

If your child is more adventurous, why not take up a Forest Adventure Mobile Course at The Centrepoint from 7th - 9th October. There will be nine stages of obstacles including ladders, swings, suspension bridges etc. which is designed to challenge and stimulate children's minds.

Check out the following links below for more details on the above events:


Thursday, September 29, 2011

~ Play Time and Wild Wild Wet @ DTE Chalet - Day 2 ~

24th September 2011 - Morning routine : Breakfast at McDonalds. Again? The children enjoys it.. but maybe we can consider changing the venue next time? hehehe :)

After breakfast, it's bubble time for Gladys. I took her out while Daddy put the candies into the pinatas which I made earlier. Shhhhhh.. it is meant to be a little surprise.

Gladys had fun with the bubble play set which she got it from her teacher for being able to spell correctly. Her hands were soapy but she had so much fun!

Blow it High.... Blow it Low.... Pretty Bubbles everywhere!

After spending so much energy blowing the bubbles, our little girl still has a lot of reserve left to blow the balloons!

Our favourite outdoor event: Swimming! We head down to the pool and soak ourselves in the cold waters... ~ trembling ~ ~ ~...
Gladys is such a Happy Girl today! Even her smile looks sweeter!
Here are our water boys once again!

The moment the children has been waiting for.... WILD WILD WET! The COOL fantastic 4 has gathered once again ready to hit into the waters!

Checking out their heights while waiting for Wild Wild Wet to open the gates. We got 6 free tickets and it's just nice for all of us to enter.

A quick view around WWW. There are eateries, toilets, locker bay etc.

We are all set and ready! Mommy needs to keep her camera so that she can join in the fun too!!

Shiok River:  Let the waves brings you on a little exciting tour around Wild Wild Wet.

Say HI!

Tsunami: We had a Big Ball game at the Tsunami pool. The weather was great and we had so much throwing and catching the big orange ball while trying to move ourselves swiftly in the waters.

The Tsunami hit the pool at 11am sharp. Everyone got their tubes and rested on it while the waves hit and pushes them further and further away.

Professor's Playground: This is heavenly for the children. There are slides, water bucket and it's fun getting wet.

That ends our morning activity - BBQ session coming up!

Friday, September 23, 2011

~ Bunking in @ DTE Chalet - Day 1 ~

23rd September 2011 - Hubby and the kids came to pick me up from work and we drove to IKEA for dinner with Bbil's family. It's good to have everyone around and enjoy the food. I was famished. ^_^

By the time we got back to the Chalet at Downtown East, it was already 8 plus. Denver & Gladys are very excited and led me to the room which we will be staying for the next 2 days.

We are frequent visitors of DTE but the layout of this room is new to us. There are 2 retractable beds and  sofa beds. In addition, the washroom is separated between bathing and toilet area. It also comes with a microwave oven and the room looks slightly open and bigger.

We brought along food, drinks, gadgets, balloons, my hand-made pinatas and we are ready to welcome our friends and have an enjoyable weekend ahead! Gladys is also feeling all excited to spend her 5th Birthday in her favourite location: DTE Chalet that she is having a hard time falling asleep. Hahaha.. Posting LIVE from DTE Chalet!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ POSB Run for Kids 2011 ~

It is our first time participating in the POSB Run for Kids event @ East Coast Park last Sunday. We are extremely excited about it and left home at 6:15am just to secure a car park lot anticipating that there will be a crowd there.

True enough, there are long queue of cars and the carparks are filled up very soon. We managed to park at Big Splash and went to collect our T-Shirts. Tentages are setup with a lot of games and activities. Not forgetting my favourite MILO Booth. ^_^

We met up with Andy and his 2 boys to participate in the Run together. Thanks to Andy, we got a nice family shot with the banner. ^_^

The children also have their photos taken. (PS: If you missed the POSB Run 4 Kids, watch out for the Passion FUN around the bay on 29th October!)

The children had some cups of milo and games before the 4.5km fun walk starts.

Before we start our 4.5km fun walk, we saw a series of competitive runs (1.2km/800m) from the children. Gladys has been acting cranky again as she wants to play at the jumping castle and hope to get a medal after the 'run'. @_@!

We were delighted to see the Mascot waving and getting closer to us. The children reached out their hands hoping for a quick hand shake.

It's time for the 4.5km fun walk! Denver & Wenwei get along very well and I believe they had fun chit-chatting along the way. :)

Denver & Gladys waiting for the Run to start.

Here we go!

Gladys and I were left behind the group as our little girl refused to walk.. @_@..... Mommy has to half carry, half-coax to motivate her to move. While the boys are way ahead of us, we are moving slowly behind the pack. As much as I would love to complete the walk, Gladys complains of tummy-ache and tiredness... We finally made a U-turn at the Water point. 

Gladys stopping... making poses... and funny faces to show her exhaustion.

We are finally reaching the finish point.. completing only about 3km of the walk in total. :p

The boys did a better job completing the 4.5km walk! Applause ^_^

Gladys finally gets to play at the Jumping Castle but it's HOT!

We are very happy to be able to take photos with Mr Yam Ah Mee who is so friendly to take poses with our family and children!

It has been a great workout and family time together. We would like to thank the following for making this possible for us.

Andy & Juliana (URA) for extending the invitation to us.
Kevin & Zhonghua (PA) for helping us with the Tshirts and logistics that day.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

~ Visit to the Adventures of a Curious Colossal Bunny ~

Earlier today, we brought the children to visit Walter at the Marina Bay City Gallery.

Marina Bay City Gallery
Address: 11 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018940
Free Admission
Daily Gallery Tour: 11.30am, 4.30pm; Free

We 'met' Walter at the entrance who will be here welcoming all visitors from now till 30th September. This weekend (17th-18th Sept), you can take cute pictures of your kiddos with Walter using your smartphone and get an instant printout! (Free prints for the 1st 200)

 Denver & Gladys posing with Walter.

Upon stepping into the gallery, you will notice a huge model of Marina Bay. You can read and learn more about each architect as it lights up with a touch of your hand on the respective panel. From Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, to the Merlion and Sports Hub. Denver & Gladys only find it interesting and cool to see the lights. :p

More fun activities is located on level 2 of the Gallery. You won't miss noticing a panel of photos showing Walter in all the fun and familiar places around Singapore... HDB flats, petrol kiosk, cinema, shophouses etc.

Visitors (young and old) can join in the art competition and stand to win a prize. We participated except Gladys whom has been grouchy not satisfied with her drawings. There are also art & craft activities like making a bunny hat, bookmark, origami bunny and doing crossword puzzles, maze etc.

The National Library Board's Junior Reading Ambassadors (JRA) also put up a nice story reading session filling us with stories relating to Bunnies. It was fun and interesting and the JRAs did an impressive job. :)

Too busy to visit the library and interested to read more books? NLB has setup a mobile library at the City Gallery. Borrow 4 books and you can get 10% off Walter's merchandises. Borrow 6 books and you'll get a free folder.

It has been a fun-filled day at the Marina Bay City Gallery with Walter and all the activities relating to Bunnies. Gladys got a free bunny hairband, Denver got a free folder for borrowing 6 books and they brought back paper crafts.

As a side note, you can also sign up for the free daily guided tours (11.30 am and 4.00 pm) where the guides will bring you on a 30-minutes Walking Tour along the Waterfront Promenade.

For more details, do check out the website: and bring your children down to have a fun and enriching tour.

Friday, September 16, 2011

~ Event - Adventures of a Curious Colossal Bunny @ Marina Bay ~

Walter the Rabbit has hopped to Marina Bay and it will be there till 30th September 2011. ^_^ We missed celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival with Walter last weekend but am truly excited to know that there are a range of activities through September by the Marina Bay City Gallery!

Check out the website for more details:

Apart from mobile library and activity corner for the kiddos, you can also participate in the art competition (Junior/Open category) for a chance to win attractive prizes! So hop by Marina Bay this weekend and have an interactive session with your family.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

~ Moonfest Mid-Autumn Celebration 2011 ~

This is the first time we took the kids out for lantern walking along the waterfront. Not only children has the priviledge to carry the lanterns, adults can also join in the walkabout. There are a series of Moonfest events held around Esplanade and along the waterfront to celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Denver and Gladys got their lanterns ready!

When we arrived, we were just in time to enjoy a series of local TV drama songs like "红头巾", "小人物的心聲" and also other familiar oldies like "月亮代表我的心" at the Outdoor Theathre. That brings back a lot of good old memories. Denver & Gladys may not be familiar with them but they sang along and waved their lanterns with the crowd.

We spotted stilt walkers lighted in their colourful costumes and dragon dance. Other Moonfest events continues at the forecourt area with traditional songs/dance.

Unfortunately, it started to drizzle... We were not able to continue with the Lantern Walkabout. The outdoor performances were also cancelled due to the unforseen weather condition. :(

We took shelter within Esplanade and enjoyed the Chinese Orchestra performance at the Concourse.

Although we were a bit dissappointed not able to bring the children for the lantern walk, hopefully they enjoyed the songs and performances.

Good Night Singapore! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!