Thursday, November 15, 2018

Kamii Sushi Restaurant (上井壽司懷石) Our favourite Japanese Restaurant @ Taman Sutera Utama [JB]

We have been blogging about the various good food in Johor Bahru and yet I realised I did not share about our favourite Japanese restaurant! For the past 3-4 years, we have become die-hard fans of Kamii Sushi Restaurant (上井壽司懷石) - one of the best Japanese restaurant in Johor Bahru (in my opinion). Located at Taman Sutera Utama, Kamii is tucked quietly around the corner along the shophouses. It is not along the popular streets and hence many may have missed this gem!

Kamii Sushi Restaurant, tag as JB only Kaiseki Ryori, it offers diners a cozy and relax environment to have their meals. Kaiseki cuisine originated in Kyoto and it was a dish that monks enjoyed before tea ceremony to avoid tea drunk (茶醉). As the tea ceremony gradually penetrated into the aristocratic class, Kaiseki cuisine became richer. From a small cuisine to 'one soup and three dishes' - a Japanese soup, a sashimi, a cooked dish, and a grilled or fried dish.

Over the years, we made friends with the friendly staff and feel at home on each of our visit. Though we love to try out new food/restaurant in JB, Kamii always draws our family back for a meal at least twice a year.

Hot towel , warm or cold green tea served before you start your meal. 

Kaiseki cuisine emphasizes on elegance, hence we always find Kamii making the effort to present the dishes to their customers beautifully. Apart from the lovely display, the freshness of their sashimi and quality of food have been the main reasons why we keep coming back. 

Fresh sashimi and sushi on each of our visit for 3 years at different period of time

Kamii offers a lot of selection on their menu and their side dishes are equally as good!

For our family, we love to go for Kamii's set meals. Apart from the standard set meal pricing on their menu, Kamii often offers special set meal at 50% discount price everyday!! Pricing can range from RM12 to RM28 (~SGD4 - SGD10) for a hearty, good authentic Japanese meal.

Re-looking at how many set meals we have repeatedly taken at Kamii, simply shows how much we love the food there. :) In fact, we love it so much that we even brought our friends there to try.

Tempura Maki Set

Denver's favourite set meal!

Apart from the standard sets, Kamii Sushi continues to introduce seasonal dish on their menu. We will definitely be back again very soon!

Kamii Sushi Restaurant (上井壽司懷石)
Address: 7,Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2,Taman Sutera Utama,81300 Skudai,Johor. Johor Bahru
Visit Date : 2016 - Current

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Babu Ice Shave Ice Dessert - Bandar Dato Onn [JB] - CLOSED

In our little trips to Johor Bahru, we like to go cafe hopping or try out the different types of dessert. After shopping at AEON @ Bandar Dato Oon, we drove by Jln Perkoramam which is about 5 mins drive away. Babu Ice is tucked quietly at a corner along the stretch of shop houses. 

The interior is spacious, clean and vibrantly welcoming.

It was difficult to decide what to choose from the menu as everything looks so delicious. We finally set on sharing 1 drink , 1 ice-cream and 1 plate of fries.

Orea Milkshake 

One of the key highlights at Babu Ice is the huge range of toppings and syrup sauces that you can choose for your dessert in a buffet style! Yes!! All for FREE!!

So many to choose from and there is definitely one that will suit your taste bud.

Popcorn Shave Ice with our choices of fruits :) Babu Ice shave ice is homemade and very fine. :) A nice treat to indulge in at anytime of the day.

Signature french fries with different toppings

I would say Babu Ice is one of the more unique Ice Dessert stall that we have been to. The dessert is refreshing and shave ice is very fine. Free toppings and sauce is a big attraction and they also offer other main dish on their menu apart from dessert.

After shopping at Aeon Bandar Data Oon, you may want to drive over for dessert and continue shopping at a big stationary store (occupying 2 storeys) - 'BOOK TALK' that is located along the same stretch of shophouse where I love to get some pens/colouring materials there.

Babu Ice
Address: 69, Jln Perkoramam 15/1, Bandar Dato Onn, Johor Bahru

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