Sunday, April 25, 2010

~ Helix Bridge Opening 2010 ~

24th April 2o1o

The Helix Bridge (螺旋桥) - World's first Double Helix Bridge was officially opened by National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan earlier this evening! This is Singapore's newest landmark in Marina Bay which is a pedestrain bridge (shaped like a double helix and hence it's name) linking near the Marina Center, Marina South to the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. Beside it is the vehicular bridge - Bayfront Bridge which runs parallel with the Helix Bridge. Vehicles can drive across the bridge starting tomorrow (25th April, 3pm).

We heard about a series of celebrations that will be held at the floating platform and hence took the MRT down to Esplande. It is also Hubby's first ride on the Circle Line. :)

Singapore City Skyline is so Beautiful at Night! I'm sure it will be even more enchanting once the integrated resort construction works completes.

Here we are! There are already many people seated at the floating platform. Free New Water mineral bottles are given away and we also queue up for free balloons for the kids.

The event started from 7.30pm followed by a 2 minutes pyrotechnics at 8pm after the official opening. Spectacular fireworks and music combination. Initially, Gladys was a bit surprised by the blast but got over it eventually. :) Since the Helix bridge is only open to the public at 9.30pm, the public can stay at the floating platform area to enjoy the music, dance, drum and other performances that has been arranged.

There are bands, stilt-walkers and fire-twirlers to keep us entertained for the entire hour. Those who are hungry/thirsty can also buy some snacks or drinks at the food stalls.

2 minute pyrotechnics display -

We make our way to the Helix Bridge as soon as we were being informed that it is officially open to the public at 9pm.. There are sooooo many people waiting to get on the Bridge and we are all stucked near the entrance of the Bridge. The security personnel helped to do some crowd control by allowing a group of people to go in at a time.

We finally make our way through and on the Helix Bridge. It is surely crowded and very hard to take photos... people are passing by all the time and Hubby & I can feel the vibrations while standing on the bridge due to the crowd.

Nevertheless, we can still feel the breeze from the sea and the Helix is brightly illuminated with the lighting. It has five viewing platforms sited at strategic locations so that pedestrians can catch stunning views of the Singapore skyline. The Helix is also sheltered so as to provide shade for the pedestrians during rain or shine.

25th April 2010
Yup! We are back at the Helix the next day... only this time with my inlaws, Jaslynn and Big Brother-inlaw's family. It has been a long time since we have been going out altogether... There are also performers at/near the Bridge (similar to what we have seen yesterday).

It is not as crowded compared to yesterday but the new icon surely is attracting many photographers with their heavy and sophiscated cameras over here. :)

Denver & Gladys with Big-Bil's Family. ^_^

We walked over the Bridge all the way to the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. Very soon, we found ourselves standing outside the resort which is scheduled to open on 27th April 2010.

Group photos are hard to take and I Definitely Love this! (Thanks to Jasylnn who helped us took our Family photo!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

~ Tickets to Shantou Booked! ~

Shantou (汕头) is a city in Guangdong, China (having a strong link within the Teochew community in Singapore) and my Father-in-law's ancestor hometown is in Jieyang. Hence, this trip is specially planned to take my fil back for a visit. It has always been his wish and we finally booked the tickets with Jetstar Asia today!

Jetstar first launched the direct flight services from Singapore to Shantou early this February. This has really help to reduce the travel time by more than half eliminating the stop over and transfers and given us the opportunity to go ahead with the trip (with the children) more conveniently.

For the very first time, we will be taking the flight together with my inlaws and big bil's family. I'm sure Denver and Gladys will be happy. ^_^ Flight tickets have been booked for early June and we'll be spending our time checking out the itinerary and hotels in the next few weeks.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

~ The Singapore Zoo ~

Thanks to our neighbours who gave us the free tickets to the Singapore Zoo, our family had a good time despite the heavy rain.

It has been almost 3 years since our last visit. We are welcome with new additions as well as familiar 'faces'. ^_^ There are so many to see and hence the Map is extremely important to direct us around the zoo as well as references to the various feeding and show times.
"Rain Rain go away, come again another day. All the family wants to play... Rain, rain go away!"

It was pouring when we entered the Zoo. Hence, we stayed under the shelter and the parrots kept us entertained for a moment. Hubby and I finally decided to purchase the ponchos so that we can start our tour! Time is Precious!
First stop is the Treetops Trail. Due to the drizzling, I believe the monkeys went into hiding for shelter. We were only able to spot 1 White faced Saki monkey. What a shame! Nevertheless, we managed to see the other animals.

So CUTE! They are all ready to pose in front of the cameras!
One of the main attraction is the White Tigers that is not to be missed! We strolled around and even turn back for the feeding session! Watching the hungry tigers eyeing at the meat as it was being thrown towards them.

Big big hippos in and out of the water. The children are in close 'contact' with them between the glass window. :)

Cute Kangaroos and their Joey that look so delicate.

We walked a lot... Sometimes with our ponchos on when it is drizzling, sometimes without. Poor Daddy got to carry so many stuff.

The Baboons always make the children amazed with questions. :) Why are their Bums so big and red? :p Seeing the whole lots of them is intriguing.

It is a shame that Ah Meng is no longer here. :( Still, we have an Ah Meng resturant as a remembrance.

It's drizzling again... Put on our ponchos! No Butterflies spotted due to the rain. Hence, we climb up the tree house and take a shot.

New additions: Boat Ride. Well, it is not cheap but the children has been 'nagging' us that they wanted to take a ride. So here we are... taking the ride to the other side of the zoo which takes about 10 minutes.

Daddy looks so young and cute in this photo! ^_^

Kidzworld: The favourite spot for the children! Why?? Because it is WATER PLAY Time!!! The facilities have renovated and improved a lot since our last visit. The children had so much fun with the splashing, running and screaming!

There are so many things in kidzworld for the children... poney rides, feeding the goats, water play, toy store etc.....

More animals to see on our way back to the exit. We managed to catch a show before we left. The children had so much FUN! Singapore Zoo is definitely one of the TOP and best attraction and we are so proud of it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

~ Jacob Ballas Children's Garden ~

Address: 481 Bukit Timah Road S(259769)
Opening hours: 8.00am - 7.00pm (last admission at 6.30pm)
- Closed on Mondays (except when it falls on a designated public holiday)
Admission: Free. (The garden is open to children up to 12 years old. All children have to be accompanied by an adult.)

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden (JBCG) is Asia's First Children's Garden located inside the Singapore Botanic Garden and was officially opened by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim on Children's Day itself.

Hubby & I decided to bring the children to JBCG since it is a Good Friday Holiday. Apart from looking at the flowers, fruits and various trees, there are many spots around the garden itself where the children can have some hands-on or interactive experience to be entertained throughout the trip. Families can also come here for a picnic or even hold a party event at their Party Place.

Here are some of the main attractions:
  • Suspension Timber Bridge - Excitement and Fun on the hanging bridge
  • The Magic of Photosynthesis - Interactive exhibit on the way plants make food with sunlight
  • A-Maze-ing Play - Maze garden made of twits where children go through different twists and turns to get to the exit
  • Potting Garden - Planting of seedlings
  • Sensory Garden - Observe and experience plants through smell and touch
  • Tree House - Built around Indian Banyan trees with slides, ladders and nets
  • The 'Living' Classroom - 4 classrooms where learning programs are held
  • Floating Platform - step foot on the floating board and obseve the water plants from there
  • Water Play - water area where children can cool off from the heat and have some splash

Toilets in JBCG are clean and dry. There are also water cooler units outside to quench our thirst after a walk. It is all designed and built just fit for the children. Very child-friendly indeed.

Gladys had a difficult time on the bridge. The bridge was moving too much (thanks to Daddy) and she was so scared that she has to hold on to my hand tightly. Denver on the other hand wants to have a 2nd round! :p Straight ahead is the cave and that cheered Gladys up a bit.

Tunnel of Fragipani - Beautifully made. While taking a short break under the Mushroom Shelter, you can also learn about the nutrient cycle and decomposition.

The Floating Platform is one of Denver's favourite spot because he getes to step on the portion of the platform that is floating and moving slightly. Gladys is scared but she does not want to be left behind! Denver Gor Gor to the RESCUE! Holding his little sister hand to take her on board. SO sweet! ^_^

This is a 100-year-old Pometia pinnata tree and it has a Gigantic trunk. Beneath it are all covered with dry leaves. I spotted a label indicating "Dancing Plant" at the Sensory Garden and quickly took out my mobile phone to play some loud music. Unfortuately, I couldn't locate which is the plant as none are dancing (moving). :( Well, at least we saw a Touch-Me-Not and the children touch the leaves with their hands for fun.

If Floating Platform is not enough, the children definitely enjoyed the Maze. It is a small and simple maze but they went through so many twists and turns. Hahaha.. Daddy took the video and probably confuse Denver with too much of his talking. :p

The weather is Super Hot today and the children are so happy to make themselves ALL wet in the waterplay area. Splish, Splash... Get ready an additional set of clothes if the children are coming here for water fun!

At the entrance of JBCG, there is a kid'z Cafe where there are bright and colourful small chairs for the children. Families can take a seat, catch some rest and enjoy the food, snacks or drinks to replenish their energy before heading home.