Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Must Try Food Stalls @ Cedar Point Food Court (食得福美食中心) - [JB]

Cedar Point Food Court is a great place to go whenever we have cravings for local delicacies. Comfort food and local flavour that you cannot find in restaurants or cafe. If you are there in the morning, there are only a few stalls open and we usually have Kway Tiao Kia. Visit during the night is recommended with most of the food stalls opening in the evening through the late nights.

Tucked next to Grand Paragon Hotel and only minutes walk away from KSL shopping mall, Cedar Point Food Court is very popular among locals and tourists. Though there are many parking lots in front of the food court, it can get pretty packed during dinner time.

After multiple visits to Cedar Point Food Court, here are some of our favourite stalls that is worth to try.

1. Drink Stall - Sugar Cane 

One big glass of sugar cane cost only RM6 (~SGD2) and this gigantic cup is enough for 2-3 person to share. Definitely one of our must order to quench our thirst.

2. Tampoi Satay 

The most famous pork satay in town since 1972. Sweet and tender meat dipped into a delicious mix of peanut sauce enhance the flavour of the meat. Apart from the pork satay, we also fancy the sweet and juicy mutton.

Tampoi Satay - Mutton & Pork (30 satay sticks and 2 rice - Rm32)

3. Gerai Makanan Ipoh Fried Kueh Teow 

I like my fried kway teow to be a little wet and sweet. I think this one fits my taste bud well though it is not the best that I had tried but possibly one of the better ones in Johor Bahru.

Large plate - RM7

4. Hong Kee BBQ Chicken Wing

Hubby love chicken wings and we often 'tapao' (packet) some to take along with us to munch on our trips. Comfort food that is well like by children and adults. Add some lime over it and it adds on to the flavour.

4 pieces of BBQ Chicken Wings - RM8.80

There are two stalls selling curry fish head that has its own unique flavour and taste. We tried and find both are delicious and worth a try.

5. Century Curry Fish Head

Gladys and I cannot take spicy food very well and hence when it comes to curry fish head, we usually prepared ourselves with lots of rice and cold drink to go with the curry. Surprisingly, the curry fish head from Century is not too spicy and we can finally enjoy a good curry fish head dish without having burning tongues.

Curry Fish head with 4 plates of rice - Rm56 

6. 77 Curry Fish Head

On another occasion, we tried the curry fish head from 77 (Stall 16) and it tasted just as good! A little more spicy compared to Century but a different flavour entirely - lesser of the coconut and milk content.

Small pot with 4 plates of rice - RM36

7. Ikan Bakar Sin Kee

BBQ stingray and sotong are our favourite and must order even though I know I am not able to hold the sambal chilli well. It is spicy but delicious and the meat is tender and fresh.

Grilled stingray and sotong - Rm42

Cedar Point Food Court - a gem near JB city centre. Worth a visit if you are shopping at KSL. If you are lucky, you may be entertained by the 'live' singing from the small stage. Do note that the food court is half sheltered. On clear nights, you get to dine under the night sky where it is more airy, however seating tends to be limited on rainy days.

Cedar Point Food Court (食得福美食中心) 
Address: Jalan Musang Bulan 2-16, Taman Century, 80250 Johor Bahru
(Near Grand Paragon Hotel)
GPS: 1.4811569,103.7607939

Visit Date: Jun 2018

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

TANBA Japanese BBQ (炭馬烧肉专门店) @ Taman Molek & Twin Galaxy - [JB]

We have been hunting for good Japanese Buffet in Johor Bahru but unfortunately there are not many available. Thanks to Tony (Johor Kaki), he recommended us to go to TANBA - Japanese BBQ (available in buffet as well as ala carte style). There are 2 outlets in JB - Taman Molek and Twin Galaxy @ Jalan Dato' Abdullah Tahir. We have been to both outlets and I would say both offer rather prompt service and similar food quality. In terms of the interior of the restaurant, the outlet at Twin Galaxy stands out more which offers more seating, plus it is closer to JB CIQ, hence it is more accessible for those who are shopping around City Square and KSL shopping malls.

In terms of parking, there are ample parking lots directly outside the outlet at Taman Molek. If you are driving to Twin Galaxy, there are a few parking lots at the ground level (outside TANBA), we were lucky to secure a lot and paid the man managing the parking lots RM5. Otherwise, I believe there are also parking lots available in the basement levels.

TANBA @ Taman Molek

Interior of TANBA - Taman Molek

Even though age is catching up on us and we may not be able to eat as much as we can like before, buffet still offers an all in option at a fixed price where we can eat to our hearts content without worrying about ordering too much and end up paying more than we would like to.

TANBA Menu and Price information

Dinner pricing is about RM98++ (~SGD35) per pax which is a very attractive and affordable as you can pick all the items on the 2-page buffet menu which includes salad, bbq vegetables, sashimi, sushi, handrolls, soups, rice, fried food, dessert and a wide variety of meat selection (including Top A5 graded Wagyu Beef)! From premium beef karubi, lamb shank, ostrich meat to beef short plate, pork belly, pork neck, grill chicken, scallops, tiger prawns and many more! Free flow of green tea (cold or hot) is available as well.

What is even more heartening to know is TANBA BBQ uses charcoal for customers to grill their food! This definitely ensure our food are cooked to the best flavour! Each BBQ pit has its own air vent to suck out the smoke from the grilling so it is not overly smoky when dining at the air-conditioned restaurant. Plus staff are pretty prompt in changing the grilling mesh and charcoal when requested.

Lets take a look at the food selection!

You can choose to BBQ your own vegetables -  and they have a good selection of it. (Brocooli, miso ladies finger, shitake mushroom, butter pumkin etc). We prefer to order the cooked ones to leave the grilling space for our meat! Each dish comes in small portion that is enough for our pax of 4 to share. So far all the cooked dishes are very delicious (especially if you love the buttery taste) and it is a good starter while waiting for our meat to be cooked.

Bacon Roll with Broccoli (BBQ)

Bacon Roll with Enoki Mushroom (BBQ)

Butter Broccoli (Cooked)

Butter Abalone Mushroom (Cooked)

Creamy Spinach

Other fried food are also tasty to order! I love the Takoyaki most!

Fried Fish Skin


Tori Karaage

Duck Man (Smoked Duck Bun)

Japanese buffet is never complete without sashimi and sushi! TANBA offers four fresh selection of sashimi - Salmon Sashimi, Salmon Belly Sashimi (limited stock), Maguro Sahimi, and Shiro Maguro Sashimi. Thick and fresh slices to satisfy our craving for sashimi!

Their sushi and handrolls are also good! As we have to reserve our tummies for our grilled meat, sushi are not our main orders. 

Aburi Salmon Sushi

TANBA offers Fried Salmon, California and Soft Shell Crab Temaki

There are also soup selection - Kimchi, Miso and Tamago. A good choice to go with rice. 

The main highlight of TANBA BBQ for me is their meat selection! Apart from choosing your choices of meat, you can also choose the sauce to go with it (garlic, sweet sauce, shichuan mala, korean spicy, black pepper etc).

Smoked Duck

Honestly, I got confused when all the meat dishes are served on our table. We ordered a variety of pork and beef combi with different sauces! Normally I prefer to eat the meat in its natural flavour but the sauces does make the meat taste sweeter so I have no complains. Each meat is thinly sliced which make it easy to be cooked.

Grill Surume Ika, Grill Dorry Fish and Grill Salmon Cubes

Usually we try not to order rice as it makes us feel fuller but I thought a small bowl of Bacon Garlic Fried Rice would not harm. You can also choose Kimchi Fried Rice, , Rice with BBQ Sauce or plain white rice.

Grilling in process. 

To date, we have visited TANBA on three different occasions to celebrate our birthday months and we really love the food and the ambiance of the restaurant. There are so much more that we have yet to try but we are sure to be back again.

TANBA (炭馬烧肉专门店)

Outlet 1: Twin Galaxy, Jalan Dato' Abdullah Tahir, Johor Bahru (GPS: 1.4779647,103.7608974)
Outlet 2: 31, Jalan Molek 3/20, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru (GPS: 1.5194588,103.7836396)

Buffet Pricing 
Weekday (Monday - Friday)
Lunch : RM78++ (12pm - 5pm)
Dinner: RM98++ (5pm - 11pm)

Weekend & Public Holiday
Lunch : RM88++ (12pm - 5pm)
Dinner: RM98++ (5pm - 11pm)

Children (0-5yo) - FREE
Primary Student (6-12yo) - Half Price
Elderly (60yo & Above) - 10% Discount

Visited: May, Jun, Aug 2018

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

[SG] Neon Jungle Date with Hubby @ Supertree Grove (Gardens by the Bay)

[Media Invite]

Hubby and I rarely have couple time as we often bring our children along wherever we go. Hence, it was a rare opportunity where we get to spend our Friday night together. We headed down to Gardens by the Bay to check out whats happening at the Supertree Grove as we heard endangered wildlife animals from Southeast Asia have step into the Neon Jungle.

It was a night of music, food, live performances and fun. You will find neon illuminations surrounding the Supertree Grove.

Neon Night Market has booths offering handmade goods, upcycled creations, eco-friendly products and bites/snacks. 

Cute & lovely handmade goods

Venom + Spidey! Plus other character keychains

VR Game + Halloween Mask creation

Annette Ice-Cream on Wheels caught our eyes and we could not resist trying their Merlion Ice-cream that comes in 5 different flavours at $5 each. Hubby got the Durian flavour while I picked Mango.

Do not miss the Neon Room where you can have a game of Neon Jenga or touch up the Neon Wall with your drawings or pen down your notes.

At the Supertree Grove lawn, you will find food/beverage booths. Visitors can snack and enjoy a drink as they immerse into the tunes from popular musical numbers under the spectacular Supertrees as they illuminate the night sky.

We grabbed ourselves a cup of Saiko Butter Brew! Absolutely butter-licious and refreshing!

Hubby and I enjoying the Live stage performances by young local talents!

Garden Rhapsody is forever enchanting and mesmerizing as crowd gather at the Supertree Grove Lawn nightly. (Daily performances at 7.45pm & 8.45pm). It was an evening of musical theatre as we hear familiar musical numbers like Les Miserables, and Chicago.

Hubby and I strolled through Supertree Grove to check out the various neon light installations in the form of endangered animals. This help to raises awareness of how deforestation causes imbalance in the ecosystem and puts more than 100 wildlife species at the risk of extinction.

More Neon Lights

Hubby and I enjoyed the ice-cream treat and had a relaxing evening chilling out! It's nice to have some personal time for ourselves without needing to rush.

More exciting activities happening at Supertree Grove these two weekends! From Circus Street Performances by Bornfire Singapore, Recycling Jam, Jungle Beats with DJ Fadz to SGIFF Moonlight Cinema where there are two outdoor free screenings of coming-of-age films.

For full programme, visit

Date: 19 October - 28 October 2018
Time: 430pm - 11pm (19 - 21 Oct), 6pm - 11pm (22 - 28 Oct)
Location: Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay