Friday, April 29, 2011

~ Supper @ Changi Village Hawker Centre ~

After being sick for the entire week, the kids and I are finally recovering from the viral fever. We have been missing in action on activities during the recuperation period, and medicines kept us company over the Easter weekend.

Another long weekend is awaiting us, thanks to the Labour Day holiday and we took the children out for supper at the Changi Village Hawker Centre. Even though it is not situated in the busy heartland, Changi chalet and Changi Village Hotel is located nearby and many coffeeshops are open till late nights. There are a good variety of delicious food stalls selling Nasi Lemak, Ipoh Horfun, Wanton noodles, BBQ food etc. Hence, residents living nearby drive to Changi Village for dinner and drinks.

Address: Blk 2, Changi Village Road, Changi Village Hawker Centre

We are spoilt with choices. :) Denver ordered his new found favourite dish - Laksa, Gladys had a plate of wanton noodles and Hubby and I had horfun. Not to forget the bowl of 水饺汤, satays and sugarcane drinks. Changi Village Hawker Centre is one of our favourite hawker centre that we often patronise. ^_^

Friday, April 22, 2011

~ S'PORE Blog Awards 2011 ~

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 is BACK with 16 Awards and over $30,000 worth of prizes to be won! There are also slight changes to the award categories and I have registered our travel blog for Best Travel Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog, Best Individual Blog .... hahaha.. is it too many? :p Our blog is still very young and new and it is our 2nd year participating in the SBA. Through this contest, apart from the prizes and exposure, it also provides a good opportunity to find many nice blogs. Good Luck to All!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

~ Night View @ Punggol End ~

It has been almost a year since we dropped by Punggol End Jetty. Construction has been on-going for the Punggol Point Walk which is expected to be ready later this year. As it was pretty dark in the night, we didn't venture into the site. But it looks like the walkways and lamps are in place and we will be looking forward to it's opening and walking along the coastal.

For now, we are enjoying the tranquility at Punggol End Jetty, watching people fishing and sitting by the beach before welcoming it's new look.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

~ Sentosa - Lake of Dreams ~

Initially we planned to bring the children to see the Crane Dance. It was nice and breezy by the Waterfront, a perfect evening to enjoy the show. Unfortunately, due to "unforseen circumstances", the performance has been cancelled. :( We saw technicians on board probably fixing the two 'sleeping' cranes. 

The children were disappointed...In order not to make it a wasted trip, we decided to stay on, roam around and wait for the Lake of Dreams show which starts at 9:30pm.

Lake of Dreams is located at the heart of the FestiveWalk. Free entertainment for all with a combination of music, water cannons and laser special effects.

The entire performance lasted about 20mins. The children wasn't fantasized by the show and Denver even dozed off towards the end of the performance! It was late and I guess he was feeling too tired after a long day. :) We will be back again to catch the Crane Dance next time. ^_^

Thursday, April 7, 2011

~ Wizkidz @ Courts Megastore - Renovated ~

After weeks of renovation, WizKidz at Courts Megastore (Tampines) finally reopens! Although the area seems to have 'shrunk' but it houses more fun activities for the children.

- Computer games
- Kinect (a big plus for Denver)
- Library corner
- Lego
- Movies

Children entering WizKidz (once per day) must be between 5 to 11 years old (with proof of identification) for a maximum of 1 hour. Entrance is free and no food, drinks or electronic items are allowed. :)

It is relatively quiet during the weekdays and Denver can play to his heart content. There is no designated station that will be assign to the child and they can play the games which are available. Within the hour, Denver played with the computer games, Kinect and also catch a bit of the movie. The newly renovated WizKidz definitely looks more cool and fun now. ^_^

Friday, April 1, 2011

~ Cycling & Mangrove Forest @ Pasir Ris Park ~

Last month, we took the children to Pasir Ris Park to cycle. Denver is able to bicycle comfortably and so we rented 4 bikes from Rent-a-Bike Kiosk. Cycling in the park is definitely more exciting and interesting than cycling around the void decks. :)

It was a rather cooling Saturday afternoon and we had almost 2 hours of ride making small rounds around the park.

Halfway through our ride, we took a rest and visited the 6-ha Mangrove Forest. No cycling is allowed within the forest and so we got off our bikes and walked along the broadwalks.

Map of the Mangrove Forest

Interesting fun facts to read at the various observatory stations. Good exposure for everyone. :)

Hear the sounds of the crickets. We were also lucky to spot some crabs along the way.

Climb up the 3 storey high tower for bird watching.

It is good to take a look or print a copy of the park's trail guide before visiting -

There are other different areas within the park to explore and we will be coming back to cycle again. :)