Monday, November 9, 2020

DIY Shoe Organizing with Shoe Boxes

Have been trying to organize our shoe cabinet for the longest time but nothing seems to work. Solely I think it is the users' habits and how we handle and store our footwear after use. Most common scenarios observed are as follows:

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Fun Activities with Teens - Meomi Cat Cafe

Our children are growing up fast and turning into teenagers, it is actually harder to engage them in family activities as compared to when they are younger. Now that they are older, they actually have more preferences and opinions. With traveling plans put to a halt and no staycation plans in mind, 2020 year end school holidays is going to be a challenge. What are the fun things to do or places to go to spend time with my growing teens?

One nice and fun place to bring your child/teen to is a Cat Cafe. Recently my older boy has went to one with his friends and I thought it will be a nice treat for our girl as well. After researching online, there are actually a few cat cafes in Singapore. 

Meomi Cat Cafe is located near Haji Lane which is surrounded by good food, rich heritage and lots of instagram friendly photo spots. I nearly missed the cafe as we walked along the row of shophouses. It did not have a prominent signboard but thankfully Gladys spotted it. 

Monday, November 2, 2020

Steamboat Delivery by Steamboat King Singapore - Review

Our family always enjoy steamboat - whether it is heading out to the restaurant for shabu shabu or at the comfort of our home with our favourite ingredients. While I love preparing meals for the family, as a working mother of two teens, it can be quite time consuming and tedious. Hence, I am delighted to learn that there are steamboat bundle sets that can be delivered to our home!

Best in Singapore has listed 8 Best steamboat delivery in Singapore including some familiar names like Coca, Beauty in the Pot and Haidilao. After browsing through the listing, Steamboat King caught my eye and is my top pick in terms of its food variety, value for dollar, and ease of browsing through the website. Whether it is ala-carte or bundle sets, the ingredients and pricing are clearly stated.

Steamboat King Singapore 

Steamboat King (火锅霸王) offers a variety of bundle steamboat packages available for couple sets of 2 pax up and serving up to bigger group of 10 pax.