Wednesday, October 1, 2008

~ Children Day - Istana ~

1st Oct.. Today is Hari Raya Puasa as well as Children's Day. There is an Open House at the Istana and we decided to take the children and visit it for our very first time. We reached the Istana gate early in the morning and went through the security checks. After that, we followed the trail up to the building.

Luckily, we were there rather early and hence the weather is not too hot.. For a moment, we stray away from the main path, cross the field to see the 2 swans in the pond.

Either path goes to the top...
Cannon display

Finally reaching... there's a nice fountain where the kids loved..

We took a couple of shots outside before purchasing a $2 per entry tickets into the Istana. No photo/video taking are allowed inside.... so, we took a quick tour round seeing the dining and function rooms, various displays, gifts, artifacts from various countries.

Before leaving the Istana, we bought a couple of souveniors back.. including an umbrella, a cap, hand fan, battery operated fan and a paper photo frame. Then we walk back to Plaza Singapura for lunch @ KFC and shop around before heading home...

Gladys couldn't sleep in the afternoon.. so I spend time playing with her and Denver.. I will be having night meetings tomorrow and won't be able to spend time with them on Friday and next Monday nights as well due to company dinner functions... I was really sleepy and tired..but hope they had a Happy Children Day.. ^_^

Later, we had a nice dinner at Suki Sushi @ Punggol Plaza.. We even bought Gladys an ABC board. Just as I thought the day will end happily and peacefully... Gladys accidentally use a scissors and cut my inner-upper arm.. it was really painful.. somehow, I flare up again... teared and got upset.. :( The kids didn't know why I tear so badly... Denver thought it was the physical pain that I'm suffering.. and told Gladys off.. hehhehe. Denver is a very sweet boy and he keep comforting me, telling me not to cry and ask if I am bleeding.. he even say he will give me a sweet tomorrow.. and that when he fell and got a scar on his head... he didn't cry and tell me not to cry too. So comforting.. I think Gladys saw what his brother did and she later sayang me back too. ^_^ What an eventful Children Day!