Sunday, December 21, 2008

~ Marina Barrage ~

It was our first visit to the Marina Barrage - Singapore's 15th reservoir in the heart of the city since it's official opening on 1st Nov 2008 . :) I was really tired and all of us slept in the car (except for hubby who drove). By the time I am awake, we are nearly there. :) We went to view the interior exhibition (didn't get to see Water Wally though) and went up to the Green Roof. It was windy and the weather was really cooling! You can see people flying kites and enjoying the great scenery and view of the city! Denver and Gladys ran on the open field while I kept myself busy taking photos. :)

It is indeed very relaxing and you can sit down have a picnic, rest and sleep. Basically just laze around if the sun is not too hot. We can see the aeroplanes and birds flew pass in the sky. Beneath are some water fountains where there are children playing with the water. As we didn't bring an extra set of clothings for Denver, he cannot afford getting his clothes wet. Hence, we only allow him to walk in the waters. Maybe next time we'll bring them here to play again. :D Gladys love it too!

The Marina Bridge

Marina Barrage looks superd and I wonder how it will be like in the night. :) It definitely looks like a great spot to see fireworks during NDP or other ceremonies. Apart from driving in, there are also free shuttles picking up and alighting the passengers to/fro from Marina Barrage which gives the public another alternative modes of transport.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~ DUKW Tour and Singapore Flyer ~

17th Dec 2008

Initially we only decided to bring the children to the Singapore Flyer.. but learning that there is a promotion for the Captain Explorer DUKW (pronounced DUCK) tour (2 adults and free 2 kids), we decided to go for both rides. :)

Photo taking while waiting to get on-board.

We hopped on the authentic revamped Vietnam War Amphibious vehicles and there is also a lady guide to assist us through the DUKW tour.

It started of with the city exploration. A drive around Esplanade, Padang, Supreme Court, City Hall, War Memorial, Suntec City, Marina Square and later the "Bus" is transformed to a "Boat" as it splashes down into the water at Marina Bay. The sea ride takes us on a view of the Marina Barrage, Singapore Flyer, Floating platform, Benjamin Sheares Bridge and of course the iconic view of the Merlion.

The entire DUKW tour ride took about 1 hour. It would be a good touring experience for the tourists but probably a bit less interesting for Singaporeans since we are so familiar with the landmarks already. :) The funbassador on board was friendly and did a good job board guiding us throughout the ride.

Denver and Gladys enjoyed the part when the bus transformed into a boat and drives in slowly through the waters. Denver is amazed and wondered what kind of vehicle this is which can travel on the land and the sea. The DUWK ride is a one time experience for us and we probably won't be taking it anytime soon unless it is free. :)
Next on... The Singapore Flyer! Singapore Flyer is the world's largest observation wheel to date. Standing at a stunning 165m from the ground. It's our 2nd time on the Flyer... The first time we took it during the night, so we decided to go and see the view in the day this time :) We boarded the Flyer once again using our Annual Family pass (Friends of Singapore Flyer) which we purchased the other time. It gives us free unlimited rides on the Flyer for the whole family for a period of 1 year at a one time price. Quite a good deal especially if you are boarding the flyer frequently.


The children enjoyed putting on their headsets :) They have lots of fun running around in the capsule.. especially Gladys. The view in the night is enchanting, pretty and romantic with the lightings. During the day, you get a good view of the Singapore skyline, buildings and landmarks, not forgetting the clear blue sky.

IR still in construction

It takes about half an hour to complete the entire cycle. It is advisable for adults and children to go to the washroom before entering the capsule. :) A total different experience to on board the Flyer during the day and the night to catch the view of Singapore at the very top. Since we have accomplished both, it will be sometime later before we will take on the Flyer again..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

~ Swimming @ Anchorvale Community Centre ~

Today is our first visit to the swimming pool at Anchorvale Community Centre, 4 months after it's offical opening on 1st August this year. Actually we went there yesterday but hubby forgotten that the pool was closed on every Monday!! The children were sooo disappointed and Denver cried. So today die die also have to come despite a heavy rain earlier. The children are so happy and eager to play with the waters. Gladys keep saying "游泳pool" and keep jumping around. ^_^

Anchorvale CC is just a couple of minutes ride down from our home and the children were so happy to see the poolside. Simply can't wait to go in. :p

The swimming complex is quite good with baby pool and mini slides. There are also bigger slides for the adults and older children similiar to the ones you can find in a theme park. :) On both ends, there is a covered indoor lap pool where many people are having their swimming lessons and also an outdoor olympic size pool. There's also a very neat warm pool where the public can sit, relax and get massage by the water jets. It is especially comfortable after staying in the cold waters for too long.

Denver and Gladys are busy with playing with the waters and slides. Poor Daddy and Mummy have to look after them :p Denver is attending swimming lessons so we are not too worry about him. It is our little princess, Gladys that keep 'running' around shouting and of course drinking a lot of water. :) As Mummy cannot swim, so my job is to take nice nice photos for them.. hahaha..

Denver and Gladys love to slide down! They went up and down so many times keeping our Daddy really busy. Daddy has to release Gladys from the top while I catch her from below and she keeps asking for more! Tiring!!

It was Fun for the children and I'm sure they are very reluctant to go. But it's getting late and the night is getting colder. We'll come visit again next time for sure. ;)