Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Audio House's 26th Anniversary Sale

[Media Invite]

Are you planning to buy electronic products or electrical appliances for your new home? Or shopping for gifts or presents for your love ones? Good News! Audio House celebrates its 26th Birthday and is having its Anniversary sale to thank their patrons! Our family was at their Media Launch at Audio House Liang Court outlet last Friday to check out what's on offer.

If you are planning to purchase a television, you will be delighted to see the widest arrays of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs on display! In fact, it is the longest UHD Wall in Singapore! Consumers will be spoilt for choices.

Apart from television, you can find other home appliances to suit your needs and budget. You may also like to know that Audio House guarantees the best prices in Singapore by matching competitor's prices. 

26th Birthday Anniversary Sale

From now till 7 December 2015, with every S$100 worth of products purchased in store, Audio House will offer an additional S$26 rebate during the birthday celebration period. Which means, with every S$1000 spent, customers will enjoy a rebate of S$260.

Do note that the refunds are given to customers in the form of Audio House vouchers valued at S$26 each. Each S$26 voucher can be used for every S$100 spent on their following purchases.

We browsed through the store and grabbed 2 products! An induction cooker and garment steamer which we have been eyeing on for some time. Total pricing at under S$120.

With every receipt, customers are entitled to a lucky dip! There are 4 missing letters - "U", "I", "O" and "S" to form "Audio House". To win the grand prize, you have to find all the missing letters!

Denver was lucky to pick the first missing letter which allows Gladys to proceed to the next stage to pick the second ball. With two consecutive winning streak, we decided to give up the prize we had won and go for a chance for our third draw. Lady luck seems to be on our side and Gladys picked the 3rd missing letter ball! We won ourselves an Air Fryer and seeing the chances are slim, we decided to stop our game and a chance to win the Grand prize - Television. It was a fruitful shopping experience particularly going back home with 3 appliances!

Audio House's anniversary sale stretches from now till December hence customers have time to check out the items first. If you are planning for multiple purchases, this might be the sale for you. For more information, check out their website and facebook page.

Audio House
Location: Audio House Liang Court
Address: 177 River Valley Road, #04-01/15, Liang Court Shopping Centre, S179030

Location: Audio House Bendemeer
Address: 72 Bendemeer Road, S339941

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review: Huiji Waist Tonic Drink

For many years, I experience occasional back pain that caused me sleepless nights. The source of the pain is unknown but I suspect it could be due to prolong sleeping on a thinner mattress that was laid on the tiled floor since childhood.

When I was asked if I am keen to review Huiji Waist Tonic (滙集补腰精), I thought I could give it a try as Huiji is an established brand in Singapore.

Huiji Waist Tonic is made up of 100% natural premium herbs such as Radix Ginseng, Cordyceps, Sinensis, Du Zhong, Zhi He Shou Wu, Dang Gui and Dates. With no added sugar and alcohol, it is suitable for vegetarians as well. Huiji Waist Tonic is made in Singapore in a local "Good Manufacturing Practices certified factory. The key benefits include alleviating pain in the back and joins, nourishes the "yin" and blood and promote blood circulation, overcome fatigue, builds vitality and nourishes vital energy and relieves cold hands and feet.

September and October period are crazy and hectic months for a mother of two. With my boy preparing for his PSLE followed by my girl having her final year examinations, plus my strenuous work commitments on top of all the daily household chores, I began to wonder how I will manage to pull through!

I started taking Huiji Tonic Waist twice a day, 20ml each time to see if it will revitalize my energy. The effect was not visible at first but I continued to consume daily. After about 2 weeks, I noticed apart from not feeling as tired, my bowels seem to have improved too! Although there was no indication on the packaging, Dang Gui (a key ingredient within the tonic drink) probably helped to improve blood circulation, moisturize dryness and thus relaxes the bowels.

It has been a month since I have been consuming Huiji Waist Tonic Drink. To date, I do not have occurrence of back or joint pains. Taste wise it is pretty delectable. Unlike some herbal drinks, I do not find Huiji bitter. Instead, it soothes my throat and stomach when I take it in the morning and night. If you do not wish to consume the drink directly, you can also add it into dishes for a hearty, healthy meal. Check out Huiji's website for some of their featured recipes.

While individuals may have different experiences with Huiji Waist Tonic Drink, I am happy that my bowels have improved apart from not feeling as lethargic.

Disclosure: Sponsored Review - All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Huiji Waist Tonic Drink was given for review purposes.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Delicious Dim Sum at D'Shanghai (大上海) at KSL City Mall

Since the opening of D'Shanghai outlet at KSL City Mall last year, our family has been their frequent patron. Located at Level 2, the family-friendly restaurant provides nice seating and oriental style ambiance where we can rest our feet and enjoy our meal.

Typically, it feels and looks like dining at Crystal Jade or Tim Ho Wan but at a more affordable pricing where we can order and eat to our hearts content. Dim sum price ranges from RM4 plus onward which is really affordable!

At D'Shanghai, Xiaolongbao (小笼包) is their key highlight. Traditionally steamed in small bamboo baskets, it is often referred to as soup dumplings. The children always have fun finding ways to slurp all the soup within that is oozing out whenever they take a bite.

Signature Xiaolongbao (灌汤小笼包) - rm4.20

Compared to the Signature Xiaolongbao, I would give my vote to Rice Wine Xiaolongbao as it has wine incorporated within the soup, adding more fragrance and flavour.

Rice Wine Xiaolongbao (醉酒小笼包) - rm5.20

Steamed Liu Sha Bao (皇朝流沙包) is Gladys' personal favourite. She can finish them all by herself and ask for more! The mixture of egg custard and salted duck egg's yolk flows out of the bun like golden sand and she adores seeing the 'lava' flows.

Steamed Liu Sha Bao (皇朝流沙包) - rm5.80

Steamed rice rolls (猪肠粉) is a dish well-like by adults and children which we will usually order whenever we have dim sum. At D'Shanghai, apart from the conventional ones with char siew and prawns fillings, they also have it with U-Char Kuih and Carrot, Yam & Yam bean. We ordered chef recommendation - steamed rice rolls with smoked duck (薰鸭肠粉) where the rice roll skin is thin, soft and chewy. The entire flavour and taste is sweetened and enhanced with the smoked duck fillings and rice rolls dipped in soy sauce.

Steamed rice rolls with smoked duck (薰鸭肠粉) - rm6.80

Steamed Chinese Style layered cake looks simple and plain but I really love its sweetness and spongy texture. Another chef recommendation that you can try.

Steamed Chinese Style Layered Cake (奶皇马拉糕)- rm5.20

Porridge is a delectable dish acceptable by young and adult. It is a comfort food where we can indulge in at any time of the day. I always love the Cantonese style congee where it is smooth and gooey.

Century Egg with Pork Porridge (皮蛋瘦肉粥) - rm4.20

While many may give this a miss since it can be rather filling, I will usually order 1 for all to share. 

Lotus Leaf Rice (腊味荷叶饭) - rm5.20

Other steamed dim sum

Shanghai Dumpling (上海餃子王)

Normally I don't fancy fried dim sum but there are always exceptions. Let's take a look at D'Shanghai fried dim sum selection.

Not a big fan of red bean but Red Bean Paste Pancake is one that I always love and look forward to ordering! The warm, sweet paste within the thin crispy skin is absolutely heavenly for me,

Red Bean Paste Pancake (豆沙锅饼) - rm5.20

Personally, I thought this dim sum looks interesting. Did not really feel the taste of avocador strongly but I like that it was not too oily plus the kids had fun peeling and tasting the noodle-like crust.

Fried Avocador Rolls (龙须奶油果卷) - rm8.80

I saw the prawn filling but not so much for the mango. Would love to see more addition of mango to have a sense of how it should actually taste like.

Mango Prawn Roll (香芒鲜虾筒) - rm6.80

A single big dumpling within the herbal soup. Lots of filling within the dumpling once you break it open. I find it a little too overwhelming for my liking and could not finish it.

Steamed Soup dumpling (霸王灌汤饺) - rm9.80

Initially I was not so keen on giving this a try as it looks like eating sheets of plastic. After a mouthful of fried fen pi, I take my words back. It has a unique taste and texture which is alluring. After one bite, I kept on going for more.

Shanghai Fried Fen Pi (上海炒粉皮) - rm9.80

We would love to be back to try the other dim sum at D'Shanghai. It is a convenient and affordable option where families and friends can sit down for a nice dim sum treat.

D'Shanghai (大上海)
Address: 33, Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, L2-132, KSL City, 80250, Johor Bahru, Johor
GPS: 1.486196, 103.76279

Monday, October 12, 2015

Meng Fang Kway Teow Kia @ Cedar Point Food Centre

If you have been following our blog posts on our trips to Johor Bahru, you might have noticed that we have a special liking for Kway Teow Kia (aka Kway Chap in Singapore). Hubby has been driving around in search for tasty Kway Teow Kia to eat in JB on almost every road trip.

Meng Fang Kway Teow Kia (茗芳粿條仔) is an established name in Johor Bahru, selling delicious Kway Teow Kia for many years. Located within Cedar Point Food Centre, which is tucked quietly at the back of Grand Paragon Hotel, we nearly missed the stall.

Cedar Point Food Centre - a good collection of hawker stalls selling a variety of local delicacies day and night. If you are staying at Grand Paragon Hotel, this is a perfect spot for dinner or supper!

Lady boss of Meng Fang Kway Teow Kia at work. 

Hubby ordered 3 bowls of kway teow, some pig skin, mixture of pork meat, innards and egg. Meat is tender and juicy while the pig skin and intestines are tangy and chewy. Total payment - rm44. Still reasonable although Hubby finds it a little pricey compared to the other stalls that we have patronized. 

Mixture of large and small intestines plus pig skin. 

Tender lean meat and pork meat which are the children's favourite. 

Our overall experience at Meng Fang has been a pleasant one. If you are in search of delicious Kway Teow Kia but do not wish to travel too far out, Meng Fang is a convenient option for your consideration.

Meng Fang Kway Teow Kia (茗芳粿條仔)
Address: Jalan Musang Bulan 2-16, Taman Century, 80250 Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.481492, 103.762167

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Go-Kart Circuit at Permas Jaya

We have stayed at Permas Jaya on many occasions and have heard about Plentong Karting which is situated nearby. Finally got the opportunity to drive down to the circuit with Sengkang Babies during the June school holidays when we were both in Johor Bahru for a short staycation.

Driving along the dirt track was a little bumpy but still manageable. Thank goodness it was not the rainy season else I could imagine how muddy it may get. Otherwise, the view alongside is pretty scenic.

A point to note is this is not the bumper car ride that you would expect to see in the carnival like Uncle Ringo. Many go-kart goers came not only to experience the joy of speed around the track but also to train. Pricing are based on 10 minutes charge and it varies by the levels and horse power of the cars.

Check out the go-karts! The children and I (who don't have a license to drive) am really excited about hopping in and ride along the track! Initially, I was a little concern if it was safe for the kids to drive as we are talking about potentially more than 40km/h! Not forgetting there may be other go-karters going at full speed. The staff on site assessed our children's age and height before giving the green light. Since Gladys is younger, her kart will have a rope attached to another go-kart driven by an experienced driver who will be following her behind.

Safety first and helmet is a must for all go-karters.

Gladys hopped into her go-kart with the staff checking her seat belt and explaining to her the basic safety rules, flagging signals and location of the brake and accelerator.  Can you see the rope sticking out? That will be attached to another go-kart.

Denver is all set for the ride! Feeling a bit nervous though. 

For myself, it was a golden opportunity to finally have a taste of riding on the 'road' without a license. How will I fare?

Victory sign before driving off! It's fun to have a group of friends following you on the track. 

A glimpse of the circuit. Apart from the straight roads, there are also many bends that we have to be cautious of.

Beginner level for children - If you drive steadily and safely consistently, the staff will release the rope.

If you made a wrong turn or mistake, there will be an experienced staff following you around the circuit to give you guidance. Our boy turned too fast where he had to reverse, make a u-turn to get back on track again. I sped off slowly before gradually increasing speed after I am comfortable with the circuit. It felt scary as first but stepping on the accelerator and feeling the speed lifting me off was heart thumping. Our girl started off well steadily and completed her rounds. The rope attached to her kart was eventually released seeing that she was able to exercise control on her vehicle.

We completed our rounds and parked our karts but the children requested for more!! I believe the adrenalin rush filled their minds and we had to say yes for another round!

After the first test drive, Denver gained more confidence and gradually picked up speed. Our girl on the other hand, ended up being the dare devil, losing control of her kart and hitting the barriers a couple of times. For safety reasons, she was taken off the track.

On the whole, we had a brief moment experiencing and imagining how it might feel like being a Formula One driver like Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel. Go-Karting is definitely one of the top activities our kiddos have enjoyed in Johor Bahru so far!

1) Safety comes first and helmets are provided on site. Make sure the children buckle their seat belts before racing off.
2) Dress comfortably with appropriate footwear. Skirts or dress are not recommended. While sandals seem alright, shoes would be a better option.
3) Check the weather and go early. With kids around, I feel it would be safer to drive on the circuit when the grounds is dry and best of all without the crowd.
4) This activity is not suitable for any child that is too young. Explain to emphasize that safety is utmost concern and do not go at high speed if you are doing this for the first time.
5) Drive safely! Do not zig-zag on the track. Do not tail-gate and keep a safe distance from the other karts! I was driving leisurely and kept on the left lane most of the time.

Permas Go-Kart Club Sdn Bhd
Address: Lot 1195, Jalan Bunga Matahari, Taman Plentong Baru, 81750, Johor Bahru

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Doodle - Paper Plate Wall Art

There are times where I don't carry my marker pens and sketch book with me. It is also this moment where creativity struck and I find alternatives whenever I have an itch to doodle.

Last evening, my family attended a BBQ session and I identified my medium of drawing instantly - Paper Plate! With some luck, I found an inky blue pen in my bag and spent the next half hour doodling. I have a flair for floral themes and it sets naturally on the plate. Surprisingly, the end product looks like a porcelain plate from afar (thanks to the blue ink). A nice DIY artwork to put on the walls and an easy recycling craft that you can try simply with a paper plate and a pen.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Animal Clock House - My First Written & Illustrated Book

Writing and illustrating this book was an assignment I received when I was taking my Advanced Diploma in Special Needs Education last year. Looking back, I thought it would be nice to share with more parents so that maybe their children will find it beneficial and an interesting read.

I spent about 3 weeks conceptualizing "The Animal Clock House". The story revolves around a clock house which magically comes alive at midnight when the children are sound asleep. The little animals living within are awakening to play.

The initial concept was to incorporate rhyming words to raise phonological awareness and improve reading and spelling skills. It helps a child to recognize sound patterns that form a basis for learning word families. (E.g. met, wet, get etc). Apart from rhyming words, I also input numbers, some high frequency words and names of animals to make the story fun as they learn. To be honest, making every sentence rhyme was hard, and keeping in mind the flow of the story makes it even harder.

Illustrating for the book was another big challenge. I drew and coloured on every page. It took a lot of time thinking what images to input as I hope the book will be colourful, filled with cartoons to provide opportunities where parents can engage the child as they read aloud.

Reading time is FUN and I hope you enjoyed my story!