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~ Heng Residence Bedroom Transformation - New Look, New Inspiration with Dulux (The Inspirer) ~

Not only do colours make wonders to a room, it also create different moods. If you recall how our bedroom looked like before the transformation, it felt dull, cold and lifeless.

Master Bedroom - Before Transformation

Being part of Dulux's "A New Colour, A New Experience" challenge gave us an opportunity to repaint our bedroom and give it a refreshing look. As a full-time working mother, budget, storage space, ease of future maintenance and housekeeping are taken into consideration during our room makeover. Our final post will bring you my journey to personalize our bedroom without bursting the budget and time-saving.

I re-looked into our home and devised some tips to help to keep our budget low. :)
1) Re-decorate by working around with our existing furniture.
2) Reuse existing linen/curtains that suit our new bedroom colour
3) DIY projects

~ Setting the Bedroom ~

I moved out the white shelving unit that was previously in our room and exchanged it with the dark brown unit from our kids room. I thought the darker shelves will blend in better with the light grey shade on the walls.

It was a total mess as I cleared out the items. However, the early 'spring cleaning' motivated me to re-organize the furniture and have a good thought on how to plan for my storage space. Many HDB home owners like myself feel that bedrooms are smaller in size as compared to what they used to be. Nevertheless, that does not mean we cannot create space and still make it comfortable to move around.

~ Making purchase ~

Hubby and I made a trip down to IKEA to make our purchase. :) On normal days, I like to walk around the store and be inspired as I walk through their demo rooms and check out on their products. This time, I get to do up my shopping list and be a savvy shopper.

My first pick are the DRONA storage boxes ($4.90 each) which comes in 4 vibrant colours (black, orange, blue and light green). It is easy to pull out and lift which is perfect to keep our clothing, towels, bedsheet covers and other items like magazine, first aid kit and my craft equipment. They also fit in nicely to our current Expedit shelves (from IKEA).
(Image Source: IKEA -

I love the colourful BYGEL Containers (90 cents each) which can be hung on the rails and are great for keeping assorted items.
(Image Source: IKEA -

PYSSLA beads ($9.90) are not only for children. Adults can use it in their DIY projects to create colourful mats or creative designs.
(Image Source: IKEA -

Scented candles ($4.90) and tea light candles ($7.90 for 12 pieces) are brilliant to accessorize the bedroom with fragrance. Not only do they brighten and enhance the indoor space, creating a romantic mood, the pleasant aroma from the scented candles helps our body to relax and relieves us from the stress and tiredness.
(Image Source: IKEA -

We completed all our purchase within $100! It is time to re-decorate our bedroom!

~ Mini DIY Projects ~


With the PYSSLA beads that we purchased, Gladys and I started creating designs together in the night.

You can mix and match the colourful beads and create 3D boxes that can open and close to keep your little accessories. Not only can you be flexible with the sizes, shapes, you can choose your own colour combination or play with it. It became an engaging and fun session with the children while decorating our bedroom. ^_^

Alternatively, create your name or initials and stick it on your walls or accessorize your furniture to personalize it.


Want to get rid of those old shoe boxes? Why not recycle it and transform it into a charging station! I always find the cables and charges unsightly and have been thinking of ways to contain them for practicability and tidiness.

This is a simple DIY project that is easy to make, cheap and time saving.

1) Find an old shoe box and use coloured papers or pretty gift wrappers to wrap the box and lid.
2) Measure the width and height of the multiple plug extension cord and cut an opening at the shorter side of the shoe box.
3) Cut another smaller opening on the other end of the shoe box. (This is for the charging wires to go through)
4) Place the extension cord through the bigger hole and start plugging in your charging cables.

5) The charging cables will output from the smaller opening. Cover the shoe box lid and your DIY Charging Station is complete!

You can decorate your charging station to suit the style of your room. I thought the PYSSLA beads wording which I made was perfect for Hubby since he has a lot of handheld devices to charge. ^_^

Our DIY charging station conceal the unsightly cables and the wires no longer dangle around on the shelf. That saves our table top space!


Art pieces or canvas paintings can be expensive to get. Apart from wall decals which are cheap and easy to replace, why not re-use your old shoe box lid or mooncake box cover? Based on the theme of your room, you can use cloth/gift wrappers/coloured papers and wrap around the lid of the boxes. Mix and match the different sizes and colours and you can create your very own contemporary wall art! If you are tired of the design, you can change it's position and colours easily without spending a bomb.

~ Groom My Room ~

It is time to put everything together! 

To make the room feels more vibrant, I placed the black and orange DRONA storage boxes in an alternate pattern. Remember my DIY wall art? It added colours against my Grey Star wall and is a lovely combi with the black wall clock.

For many years, I had no idea what to do with the aircon window ledge area. It is an eye sore at times and somehow I refused to cover it with more curtains. I finally decided to make use of the window grills and hang the BYGEL containers to create more storage space! Now, it is an area where we can put our remote controls, mobile phones, keys and wallets!

Earlier, I mentioned about reusing existing linens. I put up two sets of curtains - White Day curtain to allow more light into the room during the day and Turquoise Night curtain for privacy.

When it comes to bedsheet and pillow covers, I'm a little playful and like to mix and match different colour covers to give our resting area more variety. I'm definitely loving my bed more especially against the blue wall!

Final touch up - add in my favourite plant pots to make our bedroom livelier. :) Am not forgetting my scented candle that we light up for a restful night.

Now, it is no longer a dull and boring room like it used to be. Plus, I have more storage space, greater flexibility where decoration and furnishing can be changed easily in time to come and this is done at low cost!

Master Bedroom - After Transformation

Before and After photos

A little walkthrough around our newly transformed bedroom

Our colour journey with Dulux has been fruitful and rewarding. The new coat of paint played a major role in our bedroom transformation and it is a great success.

Check out this video to see how it all began and the steps to make your home transformations easy. 

Feeling inspired to transform your room or home? Dulux is having a promotion for all paint jobs till 15 February 2015. Check Dulux webpage for more details. Remember to quote "BT550" when you call 6256 0677 to enjoy additional $30 off painting packages.

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The contest is open from 8 - 14 December 2014. You may vote once daily during the voting period. 10 lucky voters stand a chance to win $600 worth of painting package and home decoration voucher.

Start voting! 

Thank you Dulux and OMY for making our bedroom transformation possible! 

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