Thursday, October 15, 2020

Review - Origin Superior Coolmax® Latex Pillow

There are many different types of pillows in the market and sometimes I am at a lost of what to pick to best suit our sleeping needs.

What are your considerations in picking your right pillow? Here are mine.

- Pillow Filling (Natural/Chemical)
- Firmness
- Price

Over the years, I have tried various types of pillows and here's my overall experience.

Cotton Pillow - One of my first pillows in my early years. Love the softness and its breathable and washable. But as I get older, cotton pillows cannot provide the support that I needed. Filling tends to get lumpy and the pillow is not very moldable.

Down Pillow - Light, soft and comfortable but it is a little pricey and feels a little warm. Need to fluff the pillow to keep its shape.

Polyester Pillow - Cheap and lightweight. Unfortunately, the pillow usually won't last as it lumps up. Plus it also don't feel breathable and not my choice of selection.

Memory Foam Pillow - Offers support and its moldable but may feel warmer to sleep. Price range varies.

Latex Pillow - Moldable and feels breathable. It comes with a pricey tag