Tuesday, July 14, 2009

~ Kite Flying @ Rivervale ~

Recently there has been an increase interest of kite flying among the community. There are already many open fields being used as kite-flying spots around Sengkang, Punggol and Buangkok area where you start seeing many people flying their kites. The open field opposite the Anchorvale Community Centre is one of the "hot" favourite spot and during the weekends, you'll see long stretch of cars parking along the road sides and there are many beautiful kites high up in the sky. When my kids first saw them, they were amazed and really likes it. I will be posting our kite-flying experience @ Anchorvale next time :)

Today on our way back home, Denver mention again that he wanted to fly the kite. Actually I bought a small kite a few years back (before Gladys was born) but never had the chance to take the children out. (PS: Personally, I never fly a kite before.)

Anyway, we went home, grabbed our little kite and went to the open field downstairs. I love my neighbourhood as it's quiet and it's GREAT having a big field! During festive seasons, there will also be activities held near my home. :) Hubby started to fly the kite and it took him quite awhile before the kite finally went up, up and up in the sky which is starting to darken. Hubby manages to release all the string and by now, our kite is really high up in the sky! Denver, Gladys and I were soooo excited that we can't help shouting and clapping. :)

The kite crashes down to the ground once but it was FUN and all of us enjoyed it.

There are many location around Singapore where you can fly your kite. Neighbourhood areas around Sengkang, Punggol and Buangkok are very popular spots. Other location includes Woodlands, West coast, ECP and even Marina Barrage. :)