Sunday, October 15, 2017

[JB] 5D Art Studio @ Kulai

Our family has been to a couple of 3D or 5D trick art galleries and the latest that we went to was GOH 5D Art Studio at Kulai. The second studio is STAR 5D Studio situated at Melaka, Lorong Bukit Cina.

Optical illusion is presented by paintings on plain surfaces, taken at different angles. A single backdrop can create different photo effects simply by the different poses and the position and angle it was captured.

Goh 5D Art Studio is located within a shop house, occupying a single floor space on the upper level. There are more than 30 interesting backdrops to challenge your imagination.

I always love going to such illusion art studios as we return with many interesting photos. Plus, everyone participates and will not be hogging onto their phones (with the exception of the photographer who is photo-taking). Apart from having a good laugh, (and maybe some backaches), we had family time together.

"Hang in there and hold on tight theme"

Set me free!

Stylish angel

Winter theme

Bro, don't leave me behind! 

You can do it Bro! 

Crab for dinner?

Look out!

Fresh coconuts for grab

Too bad we are not twins, else it will be a perfect mirror image.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Hand stand is a piece of cake at 5D Art Studio House.

This mirror installation tickled our funny bones tremendously. From 2 eye to 3 eyes, our heads got bigger and smaller and so does our figures. Instantly, our faces look awesomely weird and alien.

The slimmer me who is trying to act cute.

Dracula hidden within his cape 'curtain'

Image Source: 5D Art Studio

We bought our tickets at a cheaper price during a funfair event so it was quite a good deal. Spent about 2 hours at the art studio and we were ready for lunch after a hilarious time stretching our face muscles and bodies to perfect the odd poses.

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5D Art Studio (Kulai) 
Address: 421-A, Jalan Kenanga 29/10, Bandar Indahpura, 81000, Kulai, Johor
Opening Hours: 9am - 7pm (Monday - Thursday), 9am - 9pm (Friday - Sunday)
GPS: 1.6436122,103.6149308

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fanpekka Cafe by SDS (AEON Tebrau City) - [JB]

Its been almost 1 year since the opening of FANPEKKA Theme Park & FANPEKKA Cafe by SDS in AEON Mall Tebrau City. Our children are a little too old to play at the 27,500 square feet theme park located at the mall's new wing at level 2. Nevertheless, we welcomed ourselves into the cafe which is next to the playground.

FANPEKKA Cafe is SDS's 26th outlet offering bakery products and a wide variety of Asian, Fusion and Western dishes at an affordable price. Inspired by Finnish food, it launched new menu with more meatballs, salmon, potatoes and pies selections.

From salad, soup to main course, snack and drinks, there is definitely something suitable for the family. 

I enjoyed looking at their drinks menu as there is a vast selection!

Smoothies and milkshakes are children's favourite and our girl enjoyed her a cup of Oreo & Cream Gelato Milkshakes (RM13.90) to go with their meal.

Apart form the usual fresh juices, coffee and tea selection, mocktails, fizzy soda, iced balls and flower tea can be found on the menu! Hubby picked the 'Very Berry-Berry Tea' - RM10.90 which comes with free refill.

If you enjoy pasta, there are also a good selection with pricing ranged between RM13.90 to RM19.90. (~SGD 5 to 7).

Chicken Pomodoro - RM15.90

Seafood Aglio Olio - RM$15.90

Carbonara - RM16.90

Asian collection includes fried rice, nasi lemak, Tom Yam, fried kway teow, laksa and more. I ordered the SDS Fried Rice - RM13.90. Pretty filling and appetizing.

It was pleasant and relaxing dining at FANPEKKA Cafe. Family friendly with a good variety of food selection at an attractive pricing. FANPEKKA Theme Park is just next door and adults and children can pop by to eat or drink after play.

Address: Lot S102, Second Floor, AEON Mall Tebrau City, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Date of visit: Dec 2016

Saturday, October 7, 2017

[SG] Autumn Harvest @ Gardens by the Bay

Time flies and we are going into the final quarter of the year! Last month, we brought the children to the Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay to see the transformation of the flower field into rich hues of orange, red, gold and green for the "Autumn Harvest" floral display.

Stepping into the conservatory, we were welcomed by a bounteous land filled with pumpkins. This time, pumpkins took the center stage and there are more than 10 varieties of special pumpkins to see, such as the pristine white "Polar Bear', the pretty striped "Pump-Ke-Mon" and bizarre-looking "Red Warty Thing".

  For a moment we were wondering... are they real? Of course they are!

This curiously shaped pumpkin is known as Turban Squash. It got its name from its turban-like cap on top often striped in shades of green, white and orange, no two are the same, and is used as both a vegetable and a decorative gourd.

Remember the pumpkin coach for Cinderella? This is the type of pumpkin where Fairy-god mother cast the magic upon. 

'Kuncklehead' pumpkins - easily identified as they are covered with scabs or bumps

Even though the pumpkins seem to be the main attractions, do not miss out the beautiful Calluna surrounding them. Calluna vulgaris is a low-growing perennial shrub, commonly known as heather, traditionally used to make brooms. Interestingly, its name is derived from the Greek word kalluna meaning "to sweep".

Halloween is approaching and this section of the field fits the theme perfectly. Take a closer look and look at the beautifully decorated pumpkins. Not forgetting the scarecrow backdrop.

Among all the pumpkins, these are HUGE! Plus Yes, it is REAL! Dill's Atlantic Giant, Howard Dill, grew four consecutive world champion pumpkins from 1979 to 1982 and they spent 30 years cultivating these mammoths.

'Atlantic Giant'

This gigantic fruity-vege farmer is awesomely creative! We were naming the fruits/vegetable that are used to carve this masterpiece. 

Close up look at the face :)

 Spotted little elves by the pumpkin house. 

We may not experience four seasons in Singapore but it is nice to experience the harvesting season at the Flower Dome. Autumn Harvest exhibit is still on-going from now till end of this month.

Autumn Harvest
Date: 1 September - 29 October 2017
Time: 9am - 9pm
Location: Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
*Admission charge to conservatories applies