Thursday, July 26, 2012

~ Racial Harmony Day @ Expo ~

Singapore is a multi-racial country and it's society is filled with rich culture and heritage. To commemorate the Racial Riots that happened in 1964, Racial Harmony Day (种族和谐日) is  celebrated annually on 21st July. Students are encouraged to dress in their traditional customes and there will be interesting games and performances. :)

Last weekend, we celebrated Racial Harmony Day at Weekend Expo. Held one Saturday a month at the Singapore EXPO, it features a different theme monthly. We are frequent visitors of the EXPO and to date, we have participated in a couple of their carnival events.

Since the theme for July is on Racial Harmony, traditional games, food and cultural performances were the main highlights.

Denver & Gladys adore the various games and have been hopping from stall to stall, earning their marbles, lollipops along the way.

Carom - our kiddos top favourite. :) 

Kuti Kuti and Chapteh - something new for our little ones which they don't usually get to play these days.

Giant pick-up sticks - Gladys loves this game and keep coming back for more!

Four stones was Mommy's favourite game (compared to Five stones) during my school days. Coming back here gave me a chance to 'show off' my skills to our kiddos. hahaha.

How many scoop of ice-cream can you stack up? The queue was really long for this game :)

Apart from games, Gladys and I also had our very first Henna art on our hands. :) I love the design and it stayed on for nearly a week.

Free balloons and photo-taking session Singapore Expo's new mascot and the pretty stilt-walkers.

Not forgetting the traditional snacks like Kacham Puteh and various Nonya Kuehs, free for grabs with vouchers redemption.

Games, songs and cultural performances filled the afternoon with lots of fun.

The final finale to end our evening is Denver receiving a prize for naming Singapore Expo's new mascot, Beaky the Bird! ^_^ This is really cool! The contest was opened to the public in June's Weekend Expo and Denver tried his luck by dropping in his entry. We were truly delighted to find out that he won a couple of weeks later! Thank you Singapore Expo! Now, whenever we see Beaky, we will feel so much closer as Denver was priviledged to give Beaky a name. ^_^

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

~ Chek Jawa Wetlands (Low Tide) Guided Tour - Part 3 ~

Chek Jawa is a beautiful place. Natural settings, refreshing air and there are so much to discover and learn. We spotted many anemone (but no nemos ^_^). The children knew from "Finding Nemo" that anemone stings so they are keeping their hands off and admiring them from afar.

You can find many sea anemones of different sizes and colour.

Fiddler crabs can be spotted too! 

This crab was found entagled within the spider web. Was it being captured?

I love the greenery and sinking my feet into the sand bed.

After two hours of learning journey, its time to end our wetlands tour. We made our climb back on the bridge.

This is how the wetlands looked like during low tide. Filled with sand and sea grass.

We walked through the mangrove swamps and headed back to the Visitor Centre.

Chek Jawa's Visitor Centre (House No. 1)

As the tide rises, the waters is slowly moving in and consuming the green belt.

The crystal clear waters at the quarry.

It has been a unqiue and enjoyable trip at Chek Jawa low tide tour. The guides who took the different groups have been marvellous and superdly helpful! Despite the downpour, they arrived on time and checked out the area before guiding the visitors through.

We would love to be back again for another trip once the renovation works is complete. Hopefully in a better weather condition and to discover more marine life. This tour is not to be missed and truly a memorable learning experience for our family. We Will Be Back! ^_^