Sunday, July 27, 2008

~ Singapore Garden Festival 2008 ~

Took my inlaws to the Singapore Garden Festival 2008 ( after dinner. Actually, it was my FIL who told us about this event and we checked that it was held at the Suntec Convention Centre (Level 4 and 6).
There were a lot of people and we were amazed by the beautiful garden landscape and flowers... Really enchanting and very artistic. My inlaws enjoyed it very much! :) It's a pity we did not bring our camera... so I can only make do with my Blackberry.. well, most of the photos are not very well taken.. at least we capture some of it for memorial. 

Seeking Shangri-La is my favourite and it attracted many to stop by and take photos.

It already took us quite a bit of time to finish the exhibits at level 6 and we did not have much time left for the Orchid display at level 4 as it was getting late.. The orchids are really pretty and there is also orchid display made by Primary school children.. We also saw apple tree, corn, chilli, vegetables etc... Along the way, we bought a pair of toys for Denver & Gladys... Titoy and Morchoo (one represent a leaf while the other a bean as explained by the assistant).. It's kinda cute acutally. I like it too... We finally left for home at 9 plus... it was an wonderful experience and a pity we did not have enough time to walk through in detail... but we'll sure take note to come early for the next Garden Festival held in 2010.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~ Prawn Fishing @ Lorong Halus ~

After our first prawning experience at Punggol end, Hubby did a research and found out that there is another isolated prawn fishing spot in Lorong Halus. I cannot figure out the exact location but it is at the junction of Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 1 and 2. There is no obvious signboard and upon entering, there is a location for prawn fishing and another bigger ponds for fishing.

Jasper and Royston are with us today for some prawn fishing. Comparing to the pricing at Marina Country Club, there is slightly cheaper at $12 per hour, $24 for 2.5 hours and $36 for 4 hours. Rental of BBQ pits are also available by requesting at the counter.

It's really not easy to catch a prawn and like fishing, patience and skill is very important. The bait used is also another consideration factor. After trying our luck for 1 hour, we only manage to catch 1 medium sized prawn. :p Well, at least it is better than none! The children enjoyed the excitement when the prawn was caught. ^_^

Saturday, July 19, 2008

~ Chalet at NSRCC ~

Hubby's good friend has booked a chalet at NSRCC and we were invited to go to today. Denver was so excited and keep reminding us that he wants to go play by the pool and not to forget to bring his water gun. We had our breakfast at the market at Hougang Ave 7, drove to visit a Prawn pond at Lor Halus (near Pasir Ris Camp) before heading down to the chalet.

NSRCC is located along East Coast and the air-conditioned 2-storey bungalows have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 on each level), a kitchen, living and dining area. The BBQ pit is located just outside the bungalow and is very convenient.

There is a golf course, bowling centre, jackpot, arcade game, billard room, gym, swimming pool etc. We spent the morning at the pool where the kids had fun playing and splashing with the water. All of us were so tired and sleepy after lunch.

It was a rainy evening... Heavy downpour after we started BBQ. The guys have to shift the pit indoors. I'm sure everyone is stinking by now.. :p Food is just as good and a nice get-together and gathering. It was a long day and the children were knock out on our way home.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

~ Prawn Fishing @ Marina Country Club ~

Location: Marina Country Club
Address: Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue, Singapore 829734

Denver wanted to go out and play... so hubby decided to bring him for Prawn fishing (open 24 hour) @ Punggol Marina. He happened to learn about this 24 hour activity costing $15 per hour through a brochure. Kinda expensive... but it's an experience for all of us.

$15 for one hour session

$25 for two hours session

$30 for three hours session
Prices inclusive of renting of prawning equipment and baits.

Punggol Marina Country Club is known for it's great seafood. We also enjoy the Chinese food served at the Hock Kee resturant there. Apart from good food, there are also sea sports activites like boating and fishing.

It was a bright, sunny morning... we reached the Country club around 9am. There are not many people around and we could see the boats parking by the pier side. The seafood resturants have closed after working through the night before. Walking further down, we saw the Prawn Fishing spot. It is a small area with a counter and 3 ponds. There are pits by the side for the customers who wanted to cook/bbq the prawns that they have caught earlier.

Hubby made his payment at the counter and picked a rod. The assistance helped us hooked the worm, set the fishing line and gave us some basic instructions. Now, we were all set to go! Denver was excited at first, thinking that he can catch the prawns easily... but of course it's not as simple as he thought it would be. 5... 10... 15 mins have past and still no catch. I can see he is starting to get bored.. :p Afterall, this really takes a lot of skill and patience.

Hubby took over the rod and continue fishing for prawns while I took the kids for a walk and enjoying the seaview. :p I bought Denver a packet of cheese rings and he watched his Daddy while munching away happily with Gladys. Just then, Hubby pulled the line and he yelled! He caught a prawn!!! We were so excited (forgetting to take a picture) and quickly asked the assistance for help. He broke the prawn's claw and put it in the basket.. hehehe..

Hubby continued to try for more catches... I took Denver and Gladys for a walk by the pier side again and they sat on a swing happily singing away. About 10 mins later, hubby signalled me that he has catch his 2nd prawn! We quickly ran back and this time I manage to take a good shot. :D

15mins left... Hubby tried to catch his 3rd prawn... nearly caught one.. but it slipped off. After 1 hour of 'hard work' and spending $15, we only manage to catch 2 big prawns. (that cost us $7.50 each!) :p The lady said those who are skillful and brought their own baits can catch 10-20 prawns within an hour.. Wow.. I'm sure they can have a prawn feast!

Well, it was a good experience and there was a lot of excitement when Hubby caught the prawns. We took the prawns back, cooked it and very soon it was in our stomach. Yummy! :D If you have not tried it before, do take your family or kids out and experience it. The anticipation and excitment of catching the prawns is truly tremendous. :)