Friday, August 8, 2008

~ The Singapore Flyer ~

Eileen has an exchange student from Japan that came to stay with her for the week. As she will be leaving the next day, we took some time off and brought the whole family out to the Singapore Flyer. It has been a rainy rainy evening... heavy rain and thunder! Luckily, the sky clears off very soon. It was our first time visit and experience on the World's tallest wheel and everyone was excited! :)

 Gladys is having fun running around.

We bought the tickets and queued up to enter the capsule which can take up to 28 people. :) It wasn't a long wait and the staff are very polite and helpful. There was even a lady who came along with us and explain throughout the 30 mins ride.

Group photo - Everyone looked good :)

More group photos.

Now, the kids were busy talking and entertaining themselves while Gladys ran around inside the capsule and keep saying "There! There!"

The scenary in the night is beautiful! Too bad it had rain earlier and there are water droplets on the glass..hence I couldn't get a good picture. Nevertheless, it is still great to have a bird's eye view of Singapore. The floating stage for the National day parade is so near to us and the lights definitely brighten and beautify the entire city.

Our first flight on the Singapore Eye finally ended and probably next time we will get to experience the view in the day. Tickets didn't come cheap, but we bought the Annual Family pass at $150 that entitles us (2 adults, 2 kids) to take the ride free for 1 year. Subsequent tickets purchase also come at a 10% discount... so it wasn't too bad. For more information, please visit -

At least, we took the ride while it is still the tallest wheel in the world. :p Oh! Today is 8.8.2008! The long awaited Olympics Games is hosted by China this year.. I'm not a big fan but today is surely a special day since it is also the eve of our National Day. :)