Saturday, June 13, 2009

~ Chalet 2009 @ Downtown East ~

Denver has been waiting to go to the chalet for many months... and he was so excited that the day finally  come! The night before, Hubby and I were busy packing up and he wanted to help too. He would tell us not to forgot his swimming trunks and his beetle game cards.

The next morning, we picked up bbil and Royston and set off to the Chalet at Downtown East! The children spent some time playing at the arcade. It is one of their favourite spot. :) Waited for quite a while before we managed to check-in. We were lucky this time and got a room (single floor) where the BBQ pit is just outside. Nice!

After settling down, I am so tired to move. :p plus it was so hot! Denver and Royston were enjoying themselves with the computer game and PSP. Gladys on the other hand is running around. I checked the weather forecast that there will be showers for the next 2 days and indeed, dark clouds started to form. Luckily, we managed to take the children for a quick swim before it rains.

We had dinner at a Japanese resturant where Bbil treated and it was another round of arcade games. There is a new game machine "Animal Kaiser" and all of them were so engross with it.. so much so that the Beatle game is being out-cast. Ha! (Not to forget that Animal Kaiser now cost $1.50 per play while the Beatle game being out-dated is 50 cents per play).. Gladys also enjoyed herself with her Love and Berry card game. Well, at the end of the day, it doesn't cost as much as travelling overseas.

Bbil and bsil went back home while Hubby, me and the 4 children stayed for the night. The time is 9 plus and none of them is tired.. We played letter games and finally has to force them to bed at 10 plus.
Saturday is a full range of activities! First it was breakfast at MacDonalds.. followed by swimming at the pool. Fil and Mil arrived in the late morning with more food! Fried bee hoon, Curry and others for the BBQ. Yummy..

After lunch, the older childen went for another round of arcade with Hubby while I took Denver and Gladys to play at the Xplorer Kids. It was usually expensive.. Luckily, the entrance fee is free for the children (free 2 hours) as it came with the chalet tickets. We did not choose to go to Wild Wild Wet this time as there were too many kids and not enough adults to look after. Denver was disappointed but still, they kept themselves occupied and especially enjoy the Ball Pool.

Denver was busy with the maze and started running and climbing up. Gladys being younger and not so adventurous stayed to play with balls and games for toddlers. Frankly, there isn't much inside Xplorer kids plus there are some activites where parents still need to top up additional $5.50 per hour! (e.g Ice skate, shooting ball zone etc).

Saturday evening is BBQ TIME! Relatives started to arrive and there was already a Mahjong session. Hubby and Bbil was busy with BBQ while I help to look after the children and EAT. :p This is the time where it starts to get really messy.. Cos there was a lot of people! More than 30 I believe... With that number of people, there was also lotsa food! Satay, Chicken Wings, Home-made Fried Taupok, Squid, Hotdogs, Sausages, Otah, Specially made Thai style Salad, Fishballs, Prawns, Pork, Watermelon etc... We even receive 2 cakes! 1 from ChenYi's parents and the other from Jo. (An early birthday present for Denver).

Eileen, Junlong and Guanghong went to play Badminton. I also had a chance to play for awhile and really had fun too. :) The only thing is I was really tired and stinky but had to wait for all the guest to leave before we can wash up and clean the room ready to sleep. While waiting, Hubby and I took the children to the arcade again before finally heading back to the chalet.

Everyone was so tired by now and very soon we were in dreamland. :)