Saturday, October 29, 2011

~ Candle Night at Marina Bay ~

The 2nd annual Candle Night @ Marina Bay will be held on 5th November 2011, Saturday. This environmental and energry conservation event started out in Tokyo which encourages people to turn off the lights for a few hours. There will be lantern making using recycle materials where children and adults can participate and everyone can join in the Candle Parade which will start from the Merlion Park.

We have participated in the iLight at Marina Bay and Earth Hours recently and would be looking forward to seeing the candle lights lighting up the waterfront. It will be nice to have some family time together and Gladys will definitely be delighted to see her favourite Merlion again. ^_^

This event is free and open to public participation.
For more details, please visit:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

~ Punggol Waterway Fiesta ~

We dropped by Punggol Waterway later in the evening to witness its official opening. There were already a crowd on the bridge and along the waterway when we arrived. Kites flew high in the sky and music filled the air.

Today, our good friend, Jo also joined us in the Fiesta. Together, we were the "Hand-in-Hand Wave" participants. The 1000 participants formed a straight line along the waterway as we hold hands together to make the Singapore "Punggol" Wave. We also get to collect our goodie bags after the event. Nice!

The sun is setting as we await the ceremony to begin.

More crowd gathered near the Heartwave Wall and we need to find a viewing spot. We were lucky to get the goodie bags earlier as there are mats, bottled water and cakes within! We laid the mats on the grass field and had a mini picnic as the night falls.

Awaiting for the arrival of our Guest-of-Honour: Mr Lee Hsien Loong

The ceremony begins!

We loved the Fireworks!

Wow...So red and fiery.

After the celebrations, we make our way back to the carpark and spotted the completed sandcastle.  It was spectacular. :)

I enjoyed the night view along the waterway where some call it the "Venice of Punggol".  It is truly a great park and everyone should help to take care of it, keep it clean and treasure it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

~ Cycling along My Waterway@Punggol ~

23rd October 2011 -  We woke out early for a purpose. ^_^ Our first 'long-distance' cycling ride from home to the ceremony site along Punggol Waterway (which will be officially opened later today!) The cycling trip will stretch about 11km and this is definitely a challenge for our 5 years old girl. Will she make it?

We set off at 7 plus in the morning and rode along Serangoon Park Connector, through Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk and towards Punggol Waterway. Instead of turning right crossing the bridge to Lorong Halus Wetland, we made a left turn.

Riding along Singapore's longest man-made waterway, we enjoyed the scenic view and its lushful greenery.

Residents staying nearby can enjoy the features and facilities available along the waterway. From cycling, jogging, exercise area, water play, sand play or just taking a stroll with your family.

We were early but the party has not started. :) 

Gladys spotted one of her favourite activity. SANDCASTLE! The pros were busy buidling a big sandcastle and Gladys could not resist getting closer to catch a glimsp.

Gladys (tired out with the amount of cycling so far) needed a little motivation and reward. She moved to the smaller sand pit and started building her sandcastle. We all joined in to help her with the making of errrmm mini sand hill.

Our Sandcastle is complete! - "I LOVE PUNGGOL WATERWAY"

This car is so much cooler than our bicycles. ^_^

Here we are! - Heartwave Wall. Do not miss the beautiful murals on the 280m long wall featuring stories from its history.....

We did not get to walk up the stairs to get an elevated view of the Waterway but will definitely be back again soon. :)

Denver & Gladys taking a nice picture before riding our way back home. :)

You may have noticed the 5 footbridges along the Punggol Waterway. To encourage community ownership and participation, you can help to name these 5 bridges in the Naming of the Waterway Footbridges Exercise.

For more information, please visit :

Horseshoe Bridge

Wave Bridge

Kelong Bridge

Adventure Bridge

Jewel Bridge

The bridges are lovely. Hopefully we'll get to walk through them on our future visits. Meanwhile, we had a good work-out riding and exploring through Punggol Waterway for the past 3 hours! Gladys did great and she made it! It was pretty tough for her as she was riding on a smaller bicycle which means she needs to put in extra effort to complete the long distance ride.

Denver is keen on riding again but Gladys is having second thoughts. LOL. Maybe more water and sand play will help to motivate her. ^_^ 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

~ Staying Healthy Together with NHLC ~

National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign 2011 was launched at Sengkang Community Club earlier this morning with Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Teo Chee Hean as the Guest-of-Honour.

The campaign aims to educate and encourage Singaporeans to have a healthy lifestyle and integrate these habits into their daily lifes.

There are various sections promoting healthier food choices, free sampling of various hawker food with a healthy twist, sports & play area, free BMI and blood pressure checks and you can also get a free Healthy Lifestyle goodie bag by collecting at least 3 stamps in joining in the fun at the stations.

Denver & Gladys were guided by the volunteers to look out for the "Healthier Choice" label when going grocery shopping with Daddy & Mommy. Check out the FAT ATTACK facts to find out how many teaspoons of fat a plate of chicken rice or deep fried chicken wings contains.

After a hearty meal, time to do some work-out. 

Have you heard of iDAT? The Interactive Diet and Activity tracker (iDAT) is a new smartphone application that is designed to help Singaporeans keep track of their health and diet.

You can key in your height and weight profile and it measures your BMI. iDAT also allows you to enter the type of food and work-out you have daily and gives its calorie recommendations based on the body types of Asians as well as the working lifestyle of Singaporeans.

The Healthy Lifestyle campaign attracted a big crowd and long queues can be seen at the stations where everyone seems to be keener to get their booklet stamped. :) We also joined in the fun and also collected our Healthy Lifestyle Bags (*While stock last) which contains a lot of goodies within!

The National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign is on-going till tomorrow. Admission is Free.

Venue: Sengkang Community Club (Hardcourt)
Date: 22nd Oct (11am - 8pm), 23rd Oct (9am - 8pm)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

~ Sneak Peak @ Punggol Waterway Fiesta ~

Counting down to the official opening of My Waterway@Punggol! Our family will be there to welcome the new park within the vicinity of our estate.

Punggol Waterway Fiesta will be held this Sunday with a lot of programmes and activities lined up from 2-9pm! We drove pass Punggol and had a sneak peak of the area and stage setup at the ceremony site (near Punggol MRT). Music and drum beats filled the atmosphere. The emcee, performers and crew were busy rehearsing and getting ready for the official opening. There will be also fireworks and pyrotechnic display at 7.30pm!

Denver & Gladys love the sight and cannot wait for Sunday to come! Our boy even reminded us to bring an extra set of clothing just in case there is water play. ;)

Due to the limited parking facilities and large crowd, visitors are encouraged to take the public transport.

Check out the following link for more details :

Monday, October 17, 2011

~ BBQ @ PA Holiday Bungalow ~

Our family were invited to a BBQ session at PA Holiday Bungalow. I used to pass by these holiday bungalows but didn't had a chance to see how it looked inside.

It is BIG and SPACIOUS! Even the dining area looks as big as my living hall. :p

There are 3 rooms on the second floor and all them are big! You can easily accommodate more than 10 people inside. We can even have buffet at the balconies.

With the advantage of the space area, it is fun to play hide-n-seek. Denver & Gladys ran up and down with their cousin, screaming along the way.

We had a lot of food and it was a fun evening. Thank you once again for the invitation. ^_^

Thursday, October 13, 2011

~ Adventure Fun @ West Coast Park ~

Thanks to the Children's Day activity organised by the RC, we were able to travel all the way from Sengkang to West Coast Park (which is not very near from our home).

Upon arriving, the kiddos will be spoilt with choices as there are many different types of playground suitable for children of all ages! Pyramids, slides, balance poles, ropes and many more!

Those who are not afraid of heights can climb to the top of the pyramid and slide down through the tube. :) A test of courage and determination.

Children will have loads of fun and a good work-out here.

Colourful playgrounds for the younger children. Slides, firetrucks, mini house, boat etc.

Apart from the playgrounds, families can also come here for a picnic or kite-flying.

Relax and enjoy the greenery and scenery around the park.

Denver & Gladys enjoyed themselves a lot today. They played hula-hoop, blew bubbles, played with the sand and ran from playground to playground.

Gladys (with Daddy's help) also climbed up the pyramid and slide her way down. Good Job!

The Adventure play area is located at area 3 (carpark 3) of West Coast Park. You won't miss seeing McDonald upon arrival. ^_^