Wednesday, October 26, 2011

~ Punggol Waterway Fiesta ~

We dropped by Punggol Waterway later in the evening to witness its official opening. There were already a crowd on the bridge and along the waterway when we arrived. Kites flew high in the sky and music filled the air.

Today, our good friend, Jo also joined us in the Fiesta. Together, we were the "Hand-in-Hand Wave" participants. The 1000 participants formed a straight line along the waterway as we hold hands together to make the Singapore "Punggol" Wave. We also get to collect our goodie bags after the event. Nice!

The sun is setting as we await the ceremony to begin.

More crowd gathered near the Heartwave Wall and we need to find a viewing spot. We were lucky to get the goodie bags earlier as there are mats, bottled water and cakes within! We laid the mats on the grass field and had a mini picnic as the night falls.

Awaiting for the arrival of our Guest-of-Honour: Mr Lee Hsien Loong

The ceremony begins!

We loved the Fireworks!

Wow...So red and fiery.

After the celebrations, we make our way back to the carpark and spotted the completed sandcastle.  It was spectacular. :)

I enjoyed the night view along the waterway where some call it the "Venice of Punggol".  It is truly a great park and everyone should help to take care of it, keep it clean and treasure it.

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