Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Malaysia Family Trip - Day 2 (Kuala Lumpur - Sekinchan)

This is a pre-Covid trip that our family had in Dec 2019. Information may have changed but we will like to document our journey down for memories.


Day 2 (Kuala Lumpur - Sekinchan)

Grab Car (KL to Sekinchan) - Homestay (Padi Box) - Cycling - Eagle/Firefly/Blue Tears Tour

After a good night rest, we are so excited to pack for our next destination!

When I was planning for our trip to Sekinchan, I was pretty worried on how to travel there as it was quite far from where we were staying (~95km apart). I wasn't sure then if there are Grab willing to take us there and more importantly to Grab back. After checking in with Padibox, we managed to secure our car ride back to KL and went ahead with our tour plans..

8am - Check out from Homestay

We checked out early and went for breakfast at a prata place near The Robertson. 

930am - Grab ride to Sekinchan

We managed to book a grab from our homestay to Sekinchan for RM160. As it was a pretty long ride (1.5hour), make sure you clear your bowels before you hop onto the car! 

11am - Homestay in Sekinchan: Padibox

We finally arrived at Padibox and the long ride was WORTH IT! We were welcome with a pretty sight - colourful freight containers surrounded by paddy fields. I was pretty excited while our girl had reservations of the room because she was afraid of insects. Click for more information about Padibox