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Steamboat Delivery by Steamboat King Singapore - Review

Our family always enjoy steamboat - whether it is heading out to the restaurant for shabu shabu or at the comfort of our home with our favourite ingredients. While I love preparing meals for the family, as a working mother of two teens, it can be quite time consuming and tedious. Hence, I am delighted to learn that there are steamboat bundle sets that can be delivered to our home!

Best in Singapore has listed 8 Best steamboat delivery in Singapore including some familiar names like Coca, Beauty in the Pot and Haidilao. After browsing through the listing, Steamboat King caught my eye and is my top pick in terms of its food variety, value for dollar, and ease of browsing through the website. Whether it is ala-carte or bundle sets, the ingredients and pricing are clearly stated.

Steamboat King Singapore 

Steamboat King (火锅霸王) offers a variety of bundle steamboat packages available for couple sets of 2 pax up and serving up to bigger group of 10 pax. 

Each bundle comes with a complete set of ingredients essential for a succulent hotpot which includes soup base, assorted meat, vegetables, hand-made signature sauces, fruits and drink + option to add on portable (and reusable) gas stove and pots. 

Soup base is an essential and important ingredient in any steamboat meal. It is also the key to enhance the flavour of the meat and vegetables in the pot. Steamboat King offers 5 different broth - Premium Collagen, Kimchi, Sichuan Mala, Pork Tonkotsu and Tomato. Each of their broth is simmered on low fire for a minimum of 8 hours which makes the soup tasty and addictive.

If you like to customize your own hotpot order, Steamboat King also has ala carte menu where customers can order their soup base, meat, seafood, vegetables separately. Meat, Seafood and Mixed Vegetable platters are also available.

We had Steamboat King Bundle B (3-4pax) and I appreciate how every item is clearly listed.

Our order came on time and the ingredients are freshly prepared, nicely packed/sealed and delivered. I appreciate how the soup base are packaged that makes it so easy for us to keep and pour into the pot.

Signature homemade sauces kept in air tight containers with no spillage upon arrival.

Goma Shoyu - Japanese style dipping sauce
Homemade Sambal Chili - All time favourite!
Thai Chilli Sauce - Sour and sweet (my personal favourite)

Closer look at our steamboat meal all nicely packed! Lots of green and meat! Comes with 3 servings of rice and 1 packet of noodle. The best part of dining at home is we can always add on noodle or ingredients (e.g luncheon meat, fishball, hotdog) if we need more!

The ingredients are very fresh too! If not, there is a 100% guarantee replacement.
If you are looking for premium hotpot experience, Steamboat King also offer premium meat selection (e.g. Hokkaido Snow Pork Belly, Iberico Pork Collar etc)

For our soup base, we picked Kimchi and Pork Tonkotsu. Both broth are tasty and addictive. I actually prefer the Kimchi base more as it really enhance the flavour of the ingredients, particularly blends in perfectly with the noodles.

Pork Tonkotsu pot with loads of goodness.

Initially I thought the bundle set may not be enough to feed our growing teens and particularly since we are meat lovers! It turns out that we still have some greens left over after adding 1 more packet of meat. 

Price is pretty affordable from $30 (2 pax) to $150 (10 pax)
Standard shipping is $7.90 and Free delivery when you spend above $100

If you are looking for hassle free steamboat experience for home or party needs, without worrying about marketing, preparing your food and minimum washing or cleaning up after meal, this is definitely a wonderful option to consider. At least for me, for once, I do not have to worry too much about cleaning up!

Steamboat King Singapore (火锅霸王)

Best in Singapore

* Disclosure: This is a collaboration with Best in Singapore and Steamboat King Singapore. Food Styling Photos are credited to Express Photography. Steamboat Bundle Set B received is complimentary. All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. 

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