Friday, April 29, 2011

~ Supper @ Changi Village Hawker Centre ~

After being sick for the entire week, the kids and I are finally recovering from the viral fever. We have been missing in action on activities during the recuperation period, and medicines kept us company over the Easter weekend.

Another long weekend is awaiting us, thanks to the Labour Day holiday and we took the children out for supper at the Changi Village Hawker Centre. Even though it is not situated in the busy heartland, Changi chalet and Changi Village Hotel is located nearby and many coffeeshops are open till late nights. There are a good variety of delicious food stalls selling Nasi Lemak, Ipoh Horfun, Wanton noodles, BBQ food etc. Hence, residents living nearby drive to Changi Village for dinner and drinks.

Address: Blk 2, Changi Village Road, Changi Village Hawker Centre

We are spoilt with choices. :) Denver ordered his new found favourite dish - Laksa, Gladys had a plate of wanton noodles and Hubby and I had horfun. Not to forget the bowl of 水饺汤, satays and sugarcane drinks. Changi Village Hawker Centre is one of our favourite hawker centre that we often patronise. ^_^


DerrickTan said...

Wow Denver starts to eat spicy stuff..good!

Phoebe said...

Yup. Nowadays he likes laksa and nasi lemak with the chilli :)

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