Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review: Huiji launches Pain Relief products

[Product Review]

Recently, Huiji launched a full range of Pain Relief products in four formats; oil, balm, spray and plaster. Targeting different types of bodily pain and usage, it aims to relieve aches and painful muscle fast, yet long-lasting for consumers.

A couple of months ago, we received some of the products to review on its effectiveness but it was left on the shelf since we are in the pink of health. Recently, Hubby has been suffering from consistent shoulder/back pain and it has been bugging him throughout the day and night.

Hubby started off with the plaster which is suitable for night use. No plastic covering over the plaster is required as I believe it is not greasy. After a night rest, the plaster still stay intact. Compared to the other plaster products that he had tried, Huiji's plaster does not have a strong scent smelling of TCM medicine. Each plaster is individually packed and it is big (12cm x 15cm) and stretchable enabling it to ensure maximum coverage on the affected area. Upon application, Hubby noticed that the plaster does not have the instant heat or cooling effect which he preferred and accustomed to. Hence, he was not able to feel the immediate effect as the plasters adopt slow heat emitting technology to give long-lasting comfort and warmth around sore region.

Palief Plaster - S$3.10

On another occasion,Hubby applied Huiji's Palief Strain Relief Oil which seems to be pretty effective as Hubby could feel the heat/cooling effect on the area of his strain shortly after application. Pain was relieved and he was able to rest and sleep in the night.  

Palief Strain Relief Oil - S$9.90

All Huiji Pain Relief products are available at selected NTUC Fairprice outlets.

Individual experience with the products may varies depending on condition and preference.

Disclosure: All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Huiji's Pain Relief products were given for review purposes only.

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