Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Future Of Us Exhibition @ Gardens by the Bay

The Future Of Us exhibition is a capstone event to round up Singapore's SG50 year of celebrations. It has been on-going since last December but we only had the opportunity to visit last weekend before the exhibition draws its curtain on 8 March 2016.

Looking into the future on the possibilities of how Singaporeans can live, work, care, play and learn, Singaporeans can share their dreams and hopes for themselves. their family and the nation. The Future Of Us exhibition has six immersive and interactive zones which features the probable and plausible through a range of scenarios for Singapore's tomorrow.


There are 3 big newspaper banners and TV screens at the entrance featuring the scenes of Singapore in 1965, 2015 and fast forwarding to 2030. The children learned about what it was before in the older days, experienced the current and have wishes for the future.


We were then led to another dome-like space where the guides gave us a brief introduction of the show that we will be watching shortly. Stories of how 4 young Singaporeans in 2030 gathered strength from their grandparents to realize their dreams for a brighter future. A helpful tip from the guide is to grab the seats at the back for better viewing pleasure.



We stepped into the possibilities of tomorrow at Symphony of the City. Denver & Gladys quickly sat down comfortably on the bean bags at the front row as we see how transportation, living spaces and leisure may transform in the future.


What will our home and community look like in the future? We explored at the experiential zone at Home Tomorrow where we saw HDB flats in the sky, how horticulture may be developed, how homes will be powered by solar energy, biogas and kinetic tiles that convert our daily movements into electricity.


The children had fun drawing and penning down their wishes for Singapore at BLUE SKIES. Write down on the panel and your wishes will appear on the dome skyline like bubbles.


Upon exiting, we thought the fun was over but it has actually just begun. Denver & Gladys were thrilled to see the a row of swings outside! As the name suggest "Swing As One To Power Our Future", simply swing to power up the light bars to hit its maximum level and the lion will roar! Everyone kept on swinging and we had fun hearing the lion roar and seeing the moon and star bubbles bubbling away in the night sky.

Couldn't miss taking a picture with The Lion after a good swing. 

Somehow, I find this picture a little hilarious as Gladys' pose looked like Sir Stamford Raffles (with the way she folded her hands and her posture).

I am glad that our family made it to the exhibition. With the multimedia and interactive zones, much investment, effort and time has been put in to showcase Singapore in the past, now and future.

If you have not catch it yet, do make a trip down to Gardens by the Bay (next to Bayfront MRT Station exit) as it is going into its final week! We booked our free tickets online via The Future Of Us website. Although admission is free, a ticket is required as there are fixed shows and limited spaces for the exhibition tour.

The Future Of Us
Date: 1 December 2015 - 8 March 2016
Time: 9am - 9pm daily (last entry at 8.30pm)
Address: 30 Marina Boulevard (near Bayfront MRT station)
Admission is Free

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