Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 1 ~

12th June 2011 -  Unlike the other trips, this is one of the most 'unplanned' that we ever had. Apart from checking out the hotels and having a rough idea on how to get to our destination, I did not pre-pack our our luggages early nor did I do my usual homework on searching for more additional information on the websites. It is basically a pack and go trip.:)

Last month, we booked our single way tickets to Genting (SGD $45 per pax) through Five Stars Tours. The bus was scheduled to depart at 11pm and we were at Golden Mile Complex by 10pm. We met Bbil's family and got on the tour bus after waiting for about an hour.  The seatings on the bus are spacious and relatively comfortable. Each seat has an in-built massaging feature with a TV screen containing some games and English & Chinese movies.

Earlier this month, there have been reports on the massive jams experienced at the Malaysian checkpoints due to the new biometric fingerprint system that was implemented recently. Since we were travelling in the middle of the night, there aren't a lot of people at the checkpoint and we managed to have our fingerprints scanned and got through the clearance pretty swiftly.

It was past mid-night and the children were tired but they are looking forward to the fun & excitement for the next 5 days. Gladys soon fell asleep while Denver still has energy left to catch a mid-night movie on the bus.

I tried to cuddle myself to sleep but couldn't find the right position to rest for the night. The bus stopped over at Yong Peng and Hubby & I got down for a little body-stretch.

13th June 2011 - We finally reached Genting @ around 7am in the morning! It was cold and Gladys was freezing. We will be staying at First World Hotel for the next two nights.

It's refreshing to have a warm cup of coffee/tea in this cooling weather. The children always enjoy having breakfast at McDonalds to start their day.

It will be a long wait before our check-in time and hand-held games and mobile phones surely come in handy at this moment in time. :)

Check out the rates for the Indoor & Outdoor rides!

Gladys did not get adjusted to the weather yet since it was her virgin trip to Genting. Mommy gave her my jacket instead and she looks like a wagging penguin! So Adorable!

More updates on Genting Trip - to be continued.... :)


LuPorTi said...

I am waiting for your next post. And I wonder, is there a lot of people going Genting at this moment? I am considering to go there next month.

Phoebe said...

Hi LuPorTi,

I think my next post may only come this weekend as I'm pretty busy with new work.

There aren't as much of a crowd as I expected when we visit last week. It wasn't school holidays for Msia and Singapore school holidays is ending this weekend. So I guess there should not be a crowd in July. :) Have fun!

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