Saturday, June 11, 2011

~ Prawning @ Hai Bin (Punggol)

Yesterday evening, we brought the children for prawn fishing at Hai Bin which was recently opened @ Punggol.

Operating Hours: 7pm - 3am Daily (inclusive of Eves, Public Holidays and Weekends).

For per rod, the charges are as follows:
1 Hour - $15
2 Hours - $25
3 Hours - $30

Unused time can be utilised with purchase of at least 1 Hour on next visit.

Even though it is already past 8pm, there is still a crowd and the carpark is full! Those who are keen can go for Patin fishing (not for children under 12), crab or prawn fishing. We decided to go for 3 hours of prawn fishing for tonight.

Denver grabbed the bait while Hubby set the line and we are all set for fishing!

 All of us are ameuters and we waited .... and waited.... and waited.....
 Our first catch finally came after 30 mins! A medium sized prawn! ^_^
All of us were very excited and we got motivated to fish for more prawns!

There are 4 ponds at the new facility and I believe 2 ponds are for prawn fishing, 1 for Patin fishing and 1 for crab fishing. The real excitement with rounds of Woaah and Ahhhhh came from the Patin fishing pond where you can see the adults pulling their lines in the attempt to catch the bigger fishes. The fishes are then put inside the bucket of ice where many curious by-standers took photographs of their catch.

Gladys has been busy running between the ponds to witness the patin fishing as well as monitoring our catch. Denver on the other hand sat by the pond determine to catch more prawns.

Throughout the 3 hours, we had a total catch of 9 prawns! (Denver caught most of them). There is a mixture of big and small prawns within which later became our supper. Although we did not manage to catch more prawns, it was a fun experience for all of us.


the Charioteer said...

i'd love to try this someday too!

Phoebe said...

Yes! It's pretty fun! :)

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