Sunday, June 26, 2011

~ Genting-Ipoh Trip (12th-17th Jun 2011) - Day 2 (Part 1) ~

13th June, 7:15AM - After breakfast, we had a walk around Genting to pass time till we are able to check in.

We stopped by Genting Skyway (at Genting Highlands Resort) and decided to take the children on a cable car ride.

Genting Skyway Operating Hours
Monday-Thursday : 730am-11pm
Friday-Sunday : 730am-12am (midnight)

Ticket Rate
One Way : RM 5.00
Two Ways: RM 10.00

This is Gladys' virgin ride on the Genting Cable Car and she looked a bit scared at first. But she got accustom to the height and very soon we were able to take a rest and enjoy the surroundings on our ride down.

Scenic View from the Cable Car

Approaching our destination : Genting Skyway Lower Station

8:30AM - It was still early in the morning and we took a walk to the Awana Horse Ranch to look at the horses. I still recall there were horse rides available to the public and Denver (with his cousins) got the priviledge to take the rides then. Unfortunately, the horse rides have stopped many years since.

Whenever we visit Genting, we will definitely drop by this tibits and candy stall to purchase bags of assorted sweets and sourly snacks.

10:00AM -We took the cable car ride up to Genting Highlands. We expected that there will be a long long queue and so the Mommies took the children to the arcade for a round of fun first while the Daddies waited at the First World Hotel lobby. After spending at least RM100 at the arcade, we headed back to the hotel lobby and waited patiently for our queue number to be called for check-in.

The boys had their PSPs to keep them company while Gladys fell asleep after the whole morning activities.

1:00PM - It was a great relief to finally get the keys to our room! We will be staying on the 28th Floor at Tower 2 (highest floor) for the next 2 nights. :) No nice window view despite being on the very top but the room is decently spaced.

Hot & Cold water can be collected at various stations on each floor.

After settling down in our rooms, we didn't waste any time to have our lunch!! It was a late lunch for all of us and we were famished!!! We went to a food court and were surprised the prices have increased quite a fair bit since our last visit.(~RM12-16 for a bowl of noodles or rice). We need food to re-energise ourselves before checking out the area again.

Balloon Art Festival and Transformer was part of the event during our visit and we saw big balloon sculptures and performances.

Day 2 activities - To be continued... :)


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