Saturday, July 16, 2011

~ Family Day Out Carnival - NFC 2011 ~

Apart from enjoying the Singapore River Cruise, there were also a lot of stalls specially set up for the families in this year's Family Day Out Carnival - NFC 2011. Tentages and balloons can be seen almost everywhere.

There are photo-takings, flea-market, snacks and drinks, balloons, face and hand-painting, magic performance, jumping-castle and many more.
Not forgetting some of the childhood games (Jenga blocks, pick-up-sticks and Snake & ladder) that are being "expanded" for the kids to play. Playing the bigger size version seems a lot more interesting and fun.

Gladys always enjoy hand-painting and both of us had our hand painted. :) Too bad Denver doesn't seems to be interested.

The Milo van giving out free cups of milo is very popular and attracting a big crowd queuing for the drinks. I lost count how many rounds/cups we have refilled while resting in the main tentage.

Nice view from outside the tentage. We sat down to rest and also awaited for the lucky draw results. We didn't win any prizes but was just as happy as we had a good time together.

Taking home with us free family photos taken @ the Singtel and Milo booths. I love My Family!

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