Monday, July 18, 2011

~ Father's Day & Birthday Celebration @ DTE Chalet - Part 1 ~

18th June 2011 - We are frequent visitors of the Coastal Sands Resort @ Downtown East. Every time when I looked back at the photos we took during our previous years' stay, the children have grown and changed so much.

Coincidentally, it was Father's Day weekend and 1 week away from Denver's birthday. To celebrate both joyous events, I bought along some balloons for the children to play and decorate the room.

Happy Birthday to Denver in advance. :)

Chalet is never complete without BBQ. Upon settling down, we got the food ready and started the fire.

The children were only interested with games and did not eat a lot. Only the adults were left to bbq and clear the food. We stuffed ourselves from 5 to 8 plus and ended with an extremely heavy stomach. This is also the time we catch up with each other and chit-chat through the night.

Meanwhile, the children are having hell lots of fun in the air-conditioned room. TV programs, PSP, computer games, balloons, tasty treats and filling themselves with sugared drinks.

10pm: Most of our guests have left as the night falls. We cleaned the messy room and get ready for bed. Snuggling together is always cossy and warm even on a simple, thin mattress on the floor. ^_^

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