Saturday, November 22, 2014

~ DIY Doodle Christmas Card ~

One month away from Christmas and I decided to turn my doodle piece into a Christmas card. :) I love DIY hand made cards as it is unique and you cannot find another similar piece elsewhere.

Started with a pencil sketch, I outlined my drawings with markers. Based on a theme of blue, white, black and pink colour scheme, I completed my very first Doodle Christmas Card for the season!

Love the blue and white combination which gives a calm and soothing feeling. A touch of bright pink adds colour, life and happiness.

Like my card? PM me if you like to send this to your love ones. ^_^


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

~ Escaping from the Escape Room (Sutera Mall) ~

What can you do within 45 minutes? Have a meal? Watch a documentary series or drama? How about trying to escape from a locked room within 45 minutes?

Real life room escape games are the latest indoor entertainment adventure game where participants are locked in a room to find clues and solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to escape from the room within a set time limit. It is a test of your logic, intuition, intellect and team work with your team mates to find the key and break out in the fastest time.

Since last year, there has been an influx of escape room games sprouting in Malaysia providing another entertainment alternative. We decided to be adventurous and go for the games in Escape Room which is conveniently located on the 4th level within Sutera Mall, where shopping, dining and entertainment are house under one roof.

Most of the game posters on the wall looked scary and we began to feel concern that the children may have nightmares or even develop a phobia of being locked up in a confined space. The helpful staff at Escape Room recommended their "UP - Bon Voyage" room, based on the comedy-adventure film by Disney-Pixar. It is family friendly, colourful and suitable for the little ones to participate. A great game room to start with especially if you are a first timer.

While there is no minimum age requirement for all the games, it is recommended for participants under the age of 16 to bring along an adult guardian.

During game play, no mobile phones or portable devices are allowed. Strictly no photo-taking, recording or disclosure of the clues and puzzles as this will spoil the fun for subsequent challengers.

To abide the rules and regulations, we kept our belongings in the locker provided before stepping into our first Escape Room!

Denver & Gladys were extremely excited as we put all our brain juice to work trying to look for clues all around us and solving it. Initially, we thought it would be a piece of cake but our confidence started to shake as we found ourselves not progressing and precious time is dwelling away!

Since every game is entitled to 2 helplines, we decided to call for HELP! It was a nerve-breaking experience as we were competing with time! After our combined efforts and using up all our helplines, I am ashamed to say that the outcome was 'disappointing'. Our group of 7 FAILED to escape from the room. Sobz!!!

Attempt to escape from UP room - FAILED!

Fine.. Maybe we lacked of some experience on our first round. To proof our worth, we decided to go for Round 2 - The Abandon Factory. Each room has a different theme, layout and scenario but our kiddos are loving it so much that they decided to go another round even though the upcoming room is not as cute and lovable as compared to the first one!

Once again, we were led into another locked room feeling totally clueless! This room felt even harder than before and soon enough, we used up our 2 helplines. It is funny that once you got the hints from the staff that you start to fill the gaps and see the puzzles fitting in nicely. However, it was too late as precious time has been wasted.

YES! We FAILED to escape from the abandon factory within the 45 minutes time limit.  

Despite losing on both rounds, we had a great bonding time. A time without mobile devices and handhelds, a time away from the outside temptations, a time where I find myself not busy taking pictures and a time where we are talking to each other, cracking our brains to solve every single piece of puzzle. A 45 minutes WELL SPENT! Will we be back again? Sure! We hope to hold the WINNER banner on our next challenge! Are you game to give it a try!?

Address: L4-029 Sutera Mall, No. 1, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300. Johor Bahru, Johor
GPS: 1.517663, 103.671464


Normal/Weekend/Public Holiday: RM36
Offpeak: RM32

Sunday, November 16, 2014

~ Mini Kuso Trick Art - First in Johor Bahru ~

Have you visited the Alive Museum Singapore (Suntec City) or the Trick Eye Museum (Resorts World Sentosa)? We had a fun-filled experience at the Alive Museum Singapore where we took many wacky and fun shots then. Hence, when we were planning for our vacation across the border, we were thrilled to learn that there is a 3D Trick Art gallery in Johor Bahru!

Mini Kuso Trick Art (KUSO迷你错觉艺术馆) - the FIRST and only (*to date) 3D gallery is hidden within the quiet streets of Taman Mount Austin. Comprises of 5 different theme (Be Funny, Excitement Scene, Horror Room, Romantic Love and Sweet Moment), Kuso aims to bring hours of ultimate fun entertainment to their visitors with their 3D paintings and interactive sessions.

Do keep a good lookout of the banner along the shophouses as it is not very prominent (particularly for first time visitors). Kuso Trick Art is located on the top floor of the 3 storey tall shop lot. Initially we were confused if we arrived at the right destination as the shop front is a Home Deco shop selling selling kitchen and sanitary ware! Hmmm.. Is that suppose to be a Trick Art too? :)

Prior to entering, we have to remove our footwear and place it outside the shop. We would suggest visitors to bring along a pair of socks (unless you do not mind walking around bare footed). Walking through the shop, we were directed to the stairways to Kuso!

Kuso Trick Art - Ticketing Price

Compared to the ones in Singapore, it is of a smaller scale over here. Since it was a weekday, there was no crowd and our group was the first to arrive. Upon purchasing the tickets, we sat down, watched a video and had a 10 minutes briefing by the staff where he guided us on the gallery and shared tips when we are taking photos with the 3D paintings. Visitors are encouraged to use the props and magnetic boards to fit to the different theme and settings in the gallery. I do appreciate the personal touch and service given so that we will not feel lost. 

Let the FUN begins! I adore Gladys' expression whenever she poses. Always so rich and creative.

Friends from Monsters Inc are also here to join in the fun but look who is stopping them!?

What's so FUNNY?

This one is Soooo Interesting! The kids LOVE to play with the magnetic boards filled with different types of wordings. It adds flavour and humour to our pictures!

Hmmm.. Now then you know???

This is so FUNNY! Denver picked his "crime" for his entry to Jail!

"I'm so sorry Mommy.... I'll study hard!!"

Just because your face is BIGGER doesn't means you are LOUDER!

After having fun... Now it is time for some EXCITEMENT!

WAIT!!! I am not a piece of CHEESE!

Why are there so many knives here? 

How DARE you to steal my eggs!

Steeeeep climb...

KIDS! No FIGHTING in the house!

 WoW! Daddy is SO STRONG!

Children.. do not try this at home. :)

Moving on into the HORROR ROOM... you get a chance to be "Headless" and creeepy...

LOVE is in the air at KUSO! Show your ROMANTIC LOVE to that significant other. See how happy Gladys was!

While this is supposed to be a romantic scene, Denver decided to be the "knight in amour" by holding a sword. His expression seems so gutsy yet vulnerable.

Capture that special SWEET MOMENT

Eh.. Why is the Monkey helping us to take pictures?

We had a great time at Kuso Trick Art spending the entire morning posing. It was value for money (~SGD 8 per pax) and we had heaps of fun. Although it was tiring and bone breaking but we are happy to bring back with us lots of family moments. :)

Check out more photos on BPDGTravels facebook page.

Address : 83 & 85 Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/2, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
GPS : 1.550728, 103.785274

Adult : RM20
Senior Citizen : RM15 (Above 60 years old)
Child : RM20 (Free entry if the child's height is below 110cm)

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11am - 8pm (Last entry: 7pm)
Friday to Saturday: 11am - 9pm (Last entry: 8pm)

Monday, November 10, 2014

~ BPDGTravels on Doodle! ~

I always enjoying sketching on a piece of paper, particularly while I'm waiting or attending long talks. Recently I found new insights and interest in Doodling and it turns out to be amazingly FUN and ADDICTIVE. Doodles are basically simple drawings that you draw randomly on paper with a pen. With just a simple black marker pen, you can create wonders to a plain old sheet of white paper.

With inspirations from other doodling experts like Pic Candle, I decided to give it a try. With our blog name in mind, I started doodling with a pencil sketch before outlining it using 2 different marker pen tips. The result is amazingly satisfying! It was very heartening to have friends giving me encouraging comments and loving the drawing.

My 2nd doodle was based on the theme - Journey to the West. This idea was brilliantly suggested by my brother. Don't you think it looked just like us? A family of four who are always on the move!  ^_^

Do give us a thumbs up if you like our blog doodle.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

~ Heng Residence Bedroom Transformation - New Look, New Inspiration with Dulux (Choosing the Right Paint) ~

Following our previous post on how to pick the right colours and using the Dulux Visualizer to give you a realistic impression of how your room might look like, now we will take an overall view of the products that will suit and fit your family needs and lifestyle.

Click on Dulux Product Page to check out their full range of premium interior products including Dulux Wash & Wear with KidProof Technology which is our personal favourite.

When it comes to choosing the right paint, Hubby and I are very conscious. Particularly so since we have children in the house. Being older doesn't necessary means they are more mindful. Accidents happen and we always have surprises with kids around. Food stains, Milo spills, crayon, paint, pen/pencil marks and more! Sounds familiar?

Then again, children being children, it makes it even more difficult for parents (like us) to be upset with them for trying to be creative. As an adult, I am also guilty as charged. I love to sketch and it has been one of my favourite childhood past time. Hence, I can somehow understand why children like to be explore on difference surfaces.

How DIFFICULT is it?

Have you ever tried wiping off those stains and markings? Seriously how difficult can it get? I did a little test on my current bedroom wall, originally painted with a premium coat of white paint. 

How easy was it? Not at all as I realised I do not have any allowance for mistakes. Although it was only very light pencil marking, I was not able to erase/wipe off the pencil outlines at all.

1) Tried rubbing with an eraser and the result is disappointing as a dark charcoal blotch appeared due to the continuous rubbing, making it worse.

2) Wiping with a damp cloth shows no improvement at all!

3) How about using a damp cloth with mild detergent? It took me a lot of effort, time and strength just to lighten the charcoal blotch which I created earlier!

 Imagine the 'damages' if this was done by our little innocent ones?

Luckily, I managed to convert the sketch and add a little element of cuteness and life to the plain, old boring switch outlet. A little idea you can attempt on your next groom your room project.
But we may not be that lucky all the time.

How can we PROTECT our walls?

Since I am the "In-charge" when it comes to maintaining the house, it is utmost important to choose a paint that allows common marks, scuffs and stains to be wiped away easily. Dulux Wash & Wear which is able to remove most household stains simply by wiping with a wet cloth and detergent definitely fits the bill perfectly.

With the new KidProof Technology formula, I have more confidence in my future cleaning tasks knowing that difficult stains like pencil markings can also be partially cleaned off with lesser effort.

Lesser Effort = Reduced Cleaning Time = More Family Time = Increased Happiness 

How does it WORKS?
Rather than absorbing into the paint, most liquids form beads on the surface. The advance technology prevents stains from deeply penetrating into the paint film allowing spills and marks to be wiped away easily.It's ability to repels tough stains more effectively.

Sounds too good to be true? Seeing is believing. Check out the demonstration video that I captured during the Inspiration session by Dulux Singapore.

Dulux Wash & Wear Official product demonstration 

Are you inspired to get a new coat of paint for your rooms to welcome the New Year? 

Be a Savvy Shopper!
Choose the Right Paint that fits you and your family!

Dulux is having a promotion now for all paint jobs till 15 February 2015! Just nice to welcome Chinese New Year!

BPDGTravels readers can enjoy additional $30 off painting packages. Just quote "BT550" when you call 6265 0677.

We hope the tips and ideas have been helpful. Do follow and support us in our room transformation. If you like our tips and room make over, kindly give us your support when the voting commence from 8 to 14 December 2014. ^_^

10 Lucky votes stand a chance to win up to $600 worth of painting and home decoration vouchers each! So stay with us on our room transformation journey!

Instagram: @duluxsg

Thursday, November 6, 2014

~ Experiencing the New Angry Birds Activity Park @ Komtar JBCC ~

News of Angry Birds flocking into South East Asia have hit the headlines recently. After gaining instant fame and popularity ever since its first released on the IOS as a mobile game app, Angry Birds has garnered fans from all around the world and is a hit among children as well as adults.

On 31st October 2014, Angry Birds have officially landed in Komtar JBCC. Located on the 3rd storey of the new shopping mall in Johor Bahru and occupying an area of 26,000 sq feet, the new activity park is about 20 minutes drive from the Woodlands Checkpoint.

We decided to bring the kids to explore the new activity park before the December school holidays begin.

Once you enter Komtar, follow the Angry Birds label stickers on the flooring and it will lead you to the entrance of the Activity Park.


Check out the pricing of ticketing and packages. Single Ticket is RM75 (~SGD 30) and Family Pass for 2 Adults and 2 Children is RM230 (~SGD 92) which is approximately SGD 23 per pax.

Image source:

Important Information 
Before you make your way down to the theme park, do take note of the ticket validity to avoid disappointment. 

Ticket Validity
Valid for full day play from 10am to 10pm during weekdays (Monday - Thursday) 

Valid for 1 session play on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday & School Holiday 
Session 1 : 10am - 1pm
Session 2 : 2pm - 5pm
Session 3 : 6pm - 10pm

Remember to bring along your own pairs of socks to enter. Alternatively, you can purchase a pair for RM3.

The children are ready to be "catapult" into the theme park.

We left our footwear aside as shoes are not allowed. If you have heavy bags and do not wish to carry them around with you, lockers are available which is charged at hourly rate. 

It's TIME TO PLAY! Let's check out what you can look out for within the Activity Park!

~ #1 - Red Bird Sona ~ 

Press the play button at the side, listen and follow the instruction on which number egg you should step on. It can be quite tiring to do this alone. Get some friends to join in the fun and proceed to higher levels.

~ #2 - Captain Black Bird's Ship ~

Little ones can hop on to Captain Black Bird's Ship and have a mini adventure on the slide and net.

Mini ball pool that Gladys manage to fit through.

~ #3 - Balance Bike Lagoon ~

It doesn't really matter if you know how to cycle or not. These little bikes got no pedals and you just need to use your legs to push and let it brings you around the mini course.

~ #4 - Cinemine ~

Feeling tired already? Why not get yourselves seated comfortably, surrounded with TNT cushions and blocks inside the mini Angry Birds cineplex. Catch the Angry Birds Toons, which are short episodes (~3 minutes) that will bring laughter to the audience.

~ #5 - Angry Birds GO! Kart Track ~

This has to be one of our favourite zone! We had so many rounds of driving around the obstacle course that my thighs and feet felt strained soon after. Definitely a good way to have fun and exercise at the same time. 

~ #6 - Bird Nest Climbing Track ~

Right above the GO! Kart Track is the Climbing Track. The adventurous ones can climb through the tunnels and slide down for another array of fun. 

It was pretty tough for me to go through the course with the socks on but the kids had no problem at all making their way around. Whether it is jumping into the foam boxes, hanging onto the ropes or squeezing their way up.

~ #7 - Space Soccer Cage ~

Denver & Gladys had a soccer game within the cage. It was a battle of skills and stamina and you can tell who won the game. :)

~ #8 - Space Drop Airbag ~

This is one jump that Hubby and I were super scared of. Standing at the edge of the cage on the 2nd level and attempting for the dive raised our goosebumps even though there is a huge air bag beneath to cushion us from the drop. Nevertheless, all of us made it and the kids even went up for many more 'dives'. One jump is enough for me.

~ #9 - Spacemine ~

A special mine that will not explode. Climb and sit on it to your heart desire.

~ #10 - Red Bird Goal ~

Soccer fans will enjoy playing in this arena. Partner and run with your friends on the grass patch! A test of your agility and skill by kicking the ball and hitting it on the right rectangular board before the time runs out! With all the running and kicking, this game tired us out.

~ #11 - Lazer Maze Spaceship ~

Is your body flexible and agile like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible? Can you move swiftly across without touching the lasers? Beams of light are illuminated across the tunnel which you must skillfully go through. Try to beat the clock by making your way through the laser field. There are 3 levels (Easy, Medium, Hard) where more laser beams are at the higher levels. Aim to set your personal record and beat the fastest timing clocked! The kids had so much fun dodging the beams by jumping, crawling and "squeezing" their bodies through in their fastest speed.

~ #12 - Lazer Bird Scoot ~

The kids put on the helmets and are ready to scoot. The grounds are not even and it was challenging for them to maneuver their way up and down the slope. It will take more courage and practice for them to scoot like the experts.

~ #13 - Air Parkour Track ~

We are not very good with ropes and hence the kids gave this a miss. If you like to feel how it is like to be Tarzan, swinging from blocks to blocks, this will be a nice starting point.

 ~ #14 - Spinning Time Machine ~

A colourful donut-like wheel where you can have fun spinning while resting within.

 ~ #15 - Giant Leap from Pit ~

Another leap into the pool of foam boxes. *We were pretty exhausted by now and just resting on the foam boxes seems like a good idea.

 ~ #16 - Bird Wire Slack Line ~

Put your balancing skill by walking along the line. Only Hubby passed the test as he swiftly walked across with all the bags! *Applaud!

 ~ #17 - Anti-Gravity Trampolines ~

Three trampolines where you can jump and lift yourselves up in the air.

 ~ #18 - Piggy Shooting Gallery ~

Want to shoot some green piglets down? Here is your chance! Load your cannons with bombs and aim to hit them down! The fastest to do so wins! 

There was no crowd during our visit and we spent about 4 hours within Angry Birds Activity Park with an hour of lunch break in between. We cannot imagine how daunting it may be with the presence of the weekend crowd so extra time has to be catered in for waiting. 

In case you are wondering how big the 26,000 sq feet activity park is, it is about the size of ExplorerKid in Downtown East (Singapore). Despite the smaller scale, there are 18 activities children and adult can participate in. 

In general, our visit to the activity park was pleasant and relaxing as we were able to enjoy the facilities without having to wait. The children went for multiple rides and roamed around the park at ease. It was pretty exhausting at the end of the day as we ran, peddled, hopped and jumped a lot within the arena. For our family, it was a great workout in a short span of time. We perspired after awhile in the air-conditioned mall. The kids love to be back again for another round of fun.

Date of visit: 4th November 2014

Angry Birds Activity Park
Address: KOMTAR JBCC, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 8000, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily


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