Thursday, July 24, 2014

~ DIY Beary Birthday Card ~

Drew a birthday card for a dear colleague earlier this week. I spent some time colouring the little bear which is the highlight of the card. The difficulty of this drawing is having minimal pencil mark and using colour pencils to create the furry effect of the bear.

Instead of the conventional colouring style, I made multiple strokes to outline and 'colour' the interior of the furry creature. Different shades of brown were used for the shading effect. The overall outcome was pretty neat and lovable. The light shades of green grass and pink flowers add on to the sweetness.

For the interior of the card, I drew the Happy Birthday greetings in a Scrabble style. Would love to enhance the effect if I had a little more time. 

I love to make DIY cards. Although it may not look as great as those available on the shelf, it brightens my day as I put my love and effort onto the little piece of paper. It brings me joy and I hope it brings happiness to the person who receives it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

~ River Nights 2014 - Asian Civilisations Museum ~

19th July marks the official launch of Singapore Heritage Festival 2014. Singapore River took the centre stage in River Nights where there are a series of outdoor performances and activities for all ages.

We arrived in time to catch the LED Dragon Dance. I can imagine how amazingly blazing the Chinese Dragon will look when the night falls. The crowd followed the trace of the dragon path.

The children were most impressed by the heart-thumping rhythms of the drums by Hands Percussion Malaysia. Motivating by the ears and equally astonishing by their synchronized movements visually.

Denver & Gladys had their fair share of fun at KIDS Point. Quick round of fishing by the river to redeem a prize and also getting their hands messy uncovering treasures in ACM's archaeological pit.

Next, we embarked on a Duck Hunt within ACM in search for the winning duck from the first Singapore Million Dollar Duck Race. We were 'rewarded' with a free picnic mat upon completing our quest. Children love to go on treasure hunts.

Beautiful lights shining upon Asian Civilisations Museum. There was free all-night gallery tours within the museum and kudos to the friendly guides who ran tour-a-thon till late night.

Melodic tunes filled the air by Electro Erhu accompanied by Tabla. 

The children and I felt the Story Cove most entertaining. We revisited the River with personalities from the past guiding us based on the play "Sailing Past" by Jonathan Lim. We stopped at various iconic landmarks along Singapore River and immersed ourselves in the stories through the night.

The children and I took a couple of photos and we received instant photo prints simply by hashtagging our pictures on Instagram. :)

These are my greatest rewards for the night. Beautiful instant prints at Asian Civilisations Museum - River Nights 2014. ^_^

Singapore Heritage Festival 2014 runs from 18-27 July 2014. There are a lot of programmes and trails that you can engaged in. Check out SHF website on the exciting performances and interactive activities for the whole family.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

~ 3D2N Johor Bahru Food Trail - Day 1 (Part 1) ~

20th June 2014 - We embarked on our first JB food trail for the year during the June holidays. Despite frequent visits across the border, each trail just get more exciting and fun. Even our kids are so accustom that they enjoy sampling the various food as we travel around.

9:30am - Taman Pelangi

Unlike our previous trails, we set off at a later time and arrived at Johor Bahru at half past 9. Since we are heading down to KSL City later, we stopped by Taman Pelangi for breakfast.

There are a lot of nice eateries at Taman Pelangi area and a great location to source for our first meal of the day.

小李粿条 - Thanks to Johorkaki's recommendation, we decided to try out the kway teow soup at this stall because of it's interesting ingredients. Checked with the stall owner and realized fresh oysters, shark fish balls, lean meat, and fish cake are some of the ingredients that goes with their kway teow.

We ordered 2 bowls (dry and soup version) to try. Both versions are yummylicious but personally I prefer the soup version because of the richer taste and fragrant of the soup broth which compliments well with the kway teow. I love the Shark fish balls which are so sweet and tender!

It comes in 3 different sizes of serving, Large (大) - RM 10, Middle (中) - RM 7, Small (小) - RM 5. It seems to me the larger the serving, the more ingredients there will be within. I'll go for the larger bowl on my next visit.

Name: 小李粿条
Address: 53, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

GPS : 1.482699, 103.775514

Within the same coffeeshop space, there is a small stall selling home-made curry puff. It's been awhile since I saw the curry puff mould. Hubby bought a couple to taste and according to him, it wasn't too bad. 

A few stalls down the road is Fat Mom Restaurant (肥妈餐厅). The shop space is bright, airy and tidy. There aren't any customers in the shop but I guess it's no harm looking through what's there to offer on the menu. 

We asked the shop assistant to give us his recommendation and he suggested Thai Laksa and Curry Dry Noodles. Knowing that I cannot take spicy food, we ordered 2 drinks to standby.

Thai Laksa - I really need to train my taste bud to take spicier food. Hubby says this dish is not really that spicy so I guess it is my problem. The gravy has a unique flavour and sour taste which wasn't that bad. I love the abundant slices of onions and cucumber to add on to the crunchiness as I slurp the noodles down. Not sure if this is how Thai Laksa should taste like but it seems like a pretty decent dish to me.

Curry Dry Noodles - We had curry noodles before but never did we savour it in a dry fashion. Hubby could not really accustom to its unique presentation and prefers the good old curry soup noodles.

I thought it was a pretty creative dish - curry chicken with noodles in soy sauce. The bit of sweetness, saltiness, and spice all within a plate.

Name: Fat Mom Restoran (肥妈)
Location: 55, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.482862, 103.775423

10:45am - KSL City Mall 

Our resting station for the morning after a heavy breakfast. We brought the kids to Go N Play Playground to burn off some calories. The prices have went up slightly from our last visit. It costs RM6 for every 30 minutes of play now. No extra charges after 2 hours (i.e Maximum RM24 for whole day). 

Hubby heads off for his massaging session while I pamper myself with a pedicure session.

1:45pm - Thanks to the heavy breakfast, we did not feel hungry. Nevertheless, I cannot resist my temptations when I see Sushi. Ozumo Sushi Take-out has a couple of outlets at various shopping malls and it offers tasty sushi conveniently at affordable prices. :)

Our Sushi set take-away at RM10.90 (~SGD 4.40) 

Name : Ozumo Sushi Take-out
Location: LG, KSL City Mall, 33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, Johor Bahru 80250, Malaysia

GPS: 1.485455, 103.762462

Our food trails continues....

Sunday, July 13, 2014

~ Penang Place @ Fusionopolis (One North)~

My first visit to Penang Place was when the restaurant was still residing in International Business Park. The familiar bright green neon light banner welcomed us once again after its shift to Fusionopollis.

If you love authentic flavour of Penang food, this is the place to be where you can indulge in the buffet spread of over 30 items like Penang laksa, Lobak, Penang style Char Kway Teow, Otak, Chendol, Nasi Lemak and many more.

Some of my favourite kueh to start my meal:

Kueh Talam - This kueh has 2 layers. The bottom layer is green and is made from green pea flour flavoured with pandan. The top layer is a coated with a layer of coconut milk making it a sweet snack/dessert.

Steamed tapioca - another sweet snack topped with grated coconut.

Kueh Salat - My favourite among all because of the glutinous rice layer going perfectly well with the aroma of the pandan and coconut milk. :)

DIY fruit rojak - make your personalized rojak the way you like it to be. :)
Penang Lobak - Combination of five-spiced chicken rolls and assorted fried delights.
Salad spread
Curry Chicken - tender meat in rich curry sauce. 

Prawns and Otak Otak
Penang Prawn Mee

Nasi Lemak - Took a little bit of everything (peanut, ikan bilis, hae bee hiam, cucumber) except lady fingers. It was fragrant and nicely spiced since I did not put a lot of chili.

My personal favourite and also a hot favourite among the diners - Penang Char Kway Teow. I could not recall how many times this tray was being refilled as it is always gone in a swift! It is a Must Try and first dish that I must get before waiting for the next round.

We ended our meal with a few more rounds of kueh, chendol and ice-kachang. There were a lot more dishes that I missed due to a very full tummy. Some of the dishes may be a little too spicy for me but I enjoyed the meal and the buffet spread.

Penang Place (One-North MRT station - circle line)
Address: 1 Fusionopolis Way, Connexis #B1-20/24, Singapore 138632
Operating Hours: Monday - Saturday (Closed on Sundays)
Lunch : 11:30am - 2:30pm
Dinner: 6pm - 9:30pm

Telephone: 6467 7003, 6467 7008

Thursday, July 10, 2014

~ Retro Yummilicious @ Marina South Curry House ~

Our trip down to 100AM (previously known as Amara Shopping Centre) was extremely fruitful and rewarding. Thanks to the invite to a Food Tasting session, we found another gem hidden within the newly renovated shopping mall along Tras Street (near Tangjong Pagar MRT).

Tucked away quietly at a corner of level 3 is Marina South Curry HouseStepping into the restaurant brings back good old memories as the furnishes and little displays on the shelves are items that Hubby and I were once so familiar with. Melodic Chinese oldies playing in the background filled up the ambiance and atmosphere, sending us back to the 70s.

We were delighted by the variety of dishes and set meals it has on the menu which is reasonably priced. 

I spotted something special while scanning through the beverages section - Iced Buah Long Long! This is a refreshing drink that we don't usually see on the menu. It is a MUST ORDER for us and MUST TRY for those who likes something different for a change.

Buah Long Long fruit is very fibrous and can be rather sour on its own. I love how they have added in the sour plump powder into the blended drink to perk up the flavour making it so refreshing!

The children had Iced Lemon Tea and Iced Sour Lime which were equally cooling. Their Ice Milk Tea is another alternative if you prefer a sweeter option.

Here comes the appetizer! Fried sweet potato and Fried onion rings. Denver and Gladys loved the combi and it was all gone in a swift.

Salted Egg Chicken Wing - recommending this dish strongly as it will be a favourite among adult and children! The chicken wings were served with a nice coating of salted egg on the golden brown skin. I love the sweetness and tenderness of the chicken leaving a delectable after-taste. Being a salted egg lover, I would welcome a more distinctive and stronger flavour of salted egg to compliment the dish further.  This is a dish Denver and Gladys will FIGHT for!

Luohan Chye - a decent vegetable dish with a nice mixture of toufu, taupok, bok choy, mushroom, carrot and baby corn. Simple yet appetizing.

Old Village Beansprout - Beansprout is not a dish that we would normally order but I must say I adore this dish so much that I just love to have MORE! Nicely fried with egg and dong fen, this dish goes extremely well with rice.

Here comes the MAIN ATTRACTION - Signature Claypot Fish Head Bee Hoon. New item added on the menu, this dish has no milk added into the broth. Yet the taste is full of sweetness and richness which comes from Chef Gan's unique soup stock combination after simmering for over 6 hours.

Fresh sea bass is used in this dish and it goes perfectly well with the thick, tangy springy bee hoon within the soup broth. Thin slices of ginger fill the pot and it adds on to the aroma and taste. Each and every bite is heavenly and I'm surprised that no MSG is used in the cooking process.

If you like to order this dish, do note that waiting time is about 10 - 15 minutes.

Red Curry Chicken - Since it is called Curry House, we can't leave without tasting the curry! Marina South Curry House offers Red, Yellow and Green curry. We were served with Red Curry Chicken (in a mini-wok) with white rice.

The spiciness of the gravy was so empowering that it overwhelmed my entire taste-bud! Even Hubby thought it was a little heavy for the dish. I was not able to savour the chicken and potato in comfort as savaging my tongue with Ice Buah Long Long was my utmost task! ^_^

We asked for Yellow and Green curry to compare. After another round of tasting, we concluded that yellow curry is our favourite and recommended choice. Both curries were not as spicy as compared to the red curry but I favour yellow because it does not have a tinge of sourness as compared to the green curry.

Curry with Bread - another appetizing combination

Despite having a very filled tummy, the children always have room for dessert. Triple Delight rounds up our food tasting session with Marina South Curry House. Served with 3 different flavours of ice-cream, corn flakes, chocolate wafer biscuits and topped with whipped cream and cherry, this is a heartening dish for our kiddos.

Thank you for having us and we enjoyed the dishes (Curry and Non-curry). We look forward coming back to try out the other dishes and drinks on our next visit.  

Marina South Curry House
Located within 100AM
Address: 100 Tras Street, #03-14, Singapore 079027
Telephone: 6694 8108
Operating Hours: 11:30am to 4pm, 5pm to 9:30pm (Last order 9pm) - Daily
Facebook Page:

* Disclosure:Our family was invited to the food tasting session and Media launch at Marina South Curry House for the new launch of their signature Claypot Fish Head Bee Hoon. All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received


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