Monday, October 4, 2021

Covid Home Recovery Journey Guide

After a Shocking Day 1, we were in for more surprise the following day. Being close contacts with our boy, chances of us contracting the virus is pretty high. Under Health Risk Warning (HRW), we need to do our Antigen Rapid Test (ART)

1) Regular Antigen Rapid Test

I had my PCR taken the night before and took my ART first thing in the morning. The result I dreaded to see - The second red mark started to appear after a couple of minutes from the first. This means I have a very high chance of being infected by the virus.  

I uploaded my ART result (under HRW link) and like my boy, isolated myself from the rest of the family members. My girl also did the same as precaution.

My worst fear was later confirmed with an SMS from MOH that my daughter's and my PCR results being Positive. What this means is we have to wait for new sets of instructions from MOH and our Isolation Order (IO) to be issued - via SMS

This left hubby the only one in the family not contracting the virus (yet)! Honestly, at this juncture we were not sure what to do. Should Hubby move out of the house - but where to as he is a direct close contact with 3 family members who have covid? Unfortunately, directions from MOH is slow and unclear. While waiting, we have to make plans and decisions. 

2) Rooming Plans for isolation

We quickly made plans on how we can isolate ourselves from Hubby. After considering his health status and needs, I moved out of the master bedroom to room with my girl in her bedroom. I think having the children isolating themselves in their own room would be the most comfortable alternative as it is their space and they have quick assess to their school materials/laptop conveniently.

3) What to pack for isolation

Even though we are within the comfort of our home and things are still within reach, to avoid too much movement in the house, it is good to have some items in mind to pack for isolation. 

Essentials & Entertainment

1) Medicine (Standby)

2) Clothing & Toiletries

3) Bedding needs / Blanket

4) Digital Devices/Gadgets & Chargers

5) Water Bottle

6) Hand Sanitizer, Disinfection Spray, Wet Wipes, Tissue Box

Fever, bodyaches, flu, cough, sore throat and lost of sense of smell and taste are very common symptoms for Covid patients. Hence, having medicine with you is good in case the symptoms start to develop (especially in the night) and we have no means to reach the doctors quickly.

Prepared 2-3 sets of clothing, some toiletries and moved to the common toilet so that the Master Bedroom and attached toilet is left intact for Hubby.

Everyone has their own water bottle to ensure we keep ourselves hydrated with plenty of fluid.  

Our mobile device is the most important item to have besides us all the time for updates and picking phone calls. It is also my source of entertainment for the next 10 days. 

Being isolated in our bedrooms does not mean that we don't keep the space clean. Spray our door handles and area outside of room. Floor and table top surface is wiped daily and windows are open for ventilation.

4) Food Arrangements 

While we have some food at home to last us for a couple of days, clearly it is not enough. Most importantly, I cannot prepare meals for the family as we try to minimise our presence outside the bedroom and remain in isolation as much as possible to avoid spreading the virus to my husband. 

Ordering from Grab Food/Food Panda is the next most convenient alternative. We are also thankful to have friends, colleagues and relatives who have been sending us food or easy-ready meals to keep us going.

5) Upkeep Hygiene + Sanitising  

Extra efforts were made to upkeep the cleanliness of the space. 

- Wearing our masks whenever we are out of the bedrooms

- Open windows to ventilate every room in the house

- Frequent washing of hands

- Sanitising common touch surface

- No sharing of food/drinks (Food are place on a designated area outside our bedroom to be collected.)

- Separate cutlery and washing 

*Individual water bottle and cutlery set

*separate sponge to wash our cutlery, sanitize our cutlery with boiling hot water

- Separate laundry washing (You may want to wear gloves when handling your laundry)

*soaked clothing into hot water, add dettol. Sun our clothing

- Double bag rubbish properly and dispose. 

6) Monitoring of Health & Well-being

We do frequent temperature and oximeter reading checks daily and take note of our health status while still waiting for a telemedicine provider to call. I was asymptomatic but started to feel unwell on the same day I was tested positive for Covid. The only thing I could do then was to self-medicate with the medications that I have standby at home, keep myself hydrated with plenty of fluid, eat healthy food and take plenty of rest.

Telemedicine Provider

Throughout the period that I was unwell and recuperating, I made phone calls to various parties to try to get help and advise. As there seem to be changes to how each agency's task is being assigned, I could not get very clear direction and information. 

If you start to feel unwell, and MOH has not assign a telemedicine provider, you may go to and call any listed on the list to seek doctor consultation. Do make an enquiry prior to booking to check if consultation is free. Do also note that booking might be full and you may have to wait for an appointment for a doctor to videocall you. 

Take special note that the Telemedicine provider that you initiate the call to will NOT be able to perform the PCR test. Only the designated provider by MOH may be allowed to arrange a personnel to your home for the swab test. As of Day 6, my girl and myself were not assigned to any telemedicine provider. 

In addition, it is not compulsory to do a PCR on Day 6 as indicated on the SMS. According to MOH guidelines, Covid positive patients are automatically discharge from Isolation Order after 10 days and does not require any PCR exit test. 

**Updated: With the new measures, there will be no proactive call from Telemedicine provider. You should initiate the call and contact a Telemedicine Provider only if necessary. There is also no need to report the readings online. 

7) Emotional Well-being
Serving your Isolation Order for 10 days in a bedroom can be quite depressing or boring for some. For the first 3-4 days, I was spending the bulk of my time recuperating from the fluctuating high fever followed by a cough. In between breaks, I spent time watching videos, doodle and started blogging my covid diary. Most of my frustration was built up with the multiple phone calls to the hotlines and trying to have a telemedicine provider assigned and contact us. Otherwise, spending my IO with my girl has been pleasant which also bring comfort to each of us as we are not alone. Most importantly, we are very thankful to all the care, well-wishes and encouragement received from families, friends and colleagues. 

*** Updated: After Oct 10, PCR is no longer required on Day 6 for C+ patients. C+ patients will be automatically discharged after 10 days (fully vaccinated & children age 12 and below) and 14 days (unvaccinated / partially vaccinated individuals above 12 years old).

No more QO, LOA, AA as all close contacts will be placed under HRW instead. 

Useful Links
Living with Covid Guide:
Students taking National Exams:

Venue of vending machine for *free ART kit: 
*Only for residents who received SMS from MOH. Bring along NRIC/FIN

Telemedicine Provider:

Enquiry Line
Home Recovery Buddy - 6874 4939

Covid-ready care kit to have at home enough for all household members
- Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kits 
- Thermometers
- Oximeter (at least one)
- Medications (Panadol, Flu, Cough etc)

Disclaimer: This document our family's home recovery journey and all comments and opinions are personal, 

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Covid Home Recovery Journey & What To Do

With the rising number of Covid cases in the community, I thought we may eventually get the virus at this rate too. Never did I imagine that it will hit us so fast and furious that brings 3 out of 4 family members down.

We have no idea how the virus invaded in and there was no time to ponder the why and how. What was left for us to do is to quickly take immediate actions - What do I do next?

In order not to overload the hospital resources to care for critical patients, home recovery is the default care management model for majority of the covid cases moving forward. While it is more comfortable to recuperate at home, there are definitely lapse, confusion and frustration throughout the process which will  need more time, manpower and revisions for the system to be re-evaluated to smooth the waiting and support process. 

When my boy informed us that he was tested positive for his Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at the clinic in the morning, my heart skipped a beat and sank. 

1) Go Home Immediately
What went through next on my mind was to quickly isolate myself and get everyone home from where we were immediately while waiting for his PCR result. 

For safety concerns and prevention of any further possible transmissions, do not take public transport. Take a private hire/cab.  

What happened from the time we reached home was Chaotic....

2) Isolate affected family member
My boy was immediately isolated in his room upon returning home and wears a mask whenever he leaves the room for toilet break. Designated toilet, room planning and route was planned while waiting for confirmation of his PCR.

3) ART for family members
Thanks to the free ART kits that the government has distributed to each household earlier, we were able to perform our own self test - All Negative. That was a temporary relief. Next was to inform school and workplace of ART result.

4) Notify close contacts
Immediate family members, schools, workplace, tuition centres etc were contacted to give them the first alert

Then... it was the dreadful wait........

The wait was not too long to prolong our agony and we got the result on the same afternoon. My boy's PCR result is Positive. Somehow, though we expected the outcome, we were praying for a glimpse of hope. 

1) QO Registration & Recovery Plans
- Open Trace Together App & upload data (instructions will be provided in a sms)

We followed the instructions sent out in the SMS to register our family member as close contact in the household and also the Covid Recovery Arrangement moving forward. This is an important step to be done immediately for MOH to identify the immediate contacts at risk.

2) Update close contacts
The impact of a Covid positive case is significant for many parties - particularly workplace and schools. Through the day, we were busy making phone calls, updating all close contacts and a lot of questions started pouring in. There were also concern of our health status being household members of a Covid patient even though we did not exhibit any Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) symptoms. 

3) SMS from MOH - issue of Health Risk Warning
We knew that we have to stay home and isolate ourselves while waiting for MOH to give us some directions on the next step forward. 

Our first SMS from MOH came about 4 hours after my boy's positive PCR result and the rest of the family members were issued a Health Risk Warning (HRW) for 10 days which requires us to undertake two mandatory Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests (First and Last day of the isolation period) and 2-3 ART on the specific dates that was indicated on the SMS and upload the results.

The baffling question was why the dates of infection and isolation period are different for each of us. Nevertheless, we followed the instructions per individual SMS. 

Hubby, my girl and myself were also eligible to collect free ART kits from the vending machines located at selected venues. Do note that only residents* who received the SMS from MOH will be eligible and each person may collect 1 pack containing 3 ART self-test kits. Residents will need to bring along their NRIC/FIN with barcode to scan at the vending machine to collect the kits.

*Latest update - each will now get 6 ART kits.

We quickly locate the nearest testing centre/clinic for our PCR, called the clinic to make an appointment for our PCR swab. Do note that you need to bring along your NRIC, and show them the HRW SMS. The full cost of the PCR is borne by the government. We quickly collected our ART self-test kit on our way home after our PCR test.

Back home, we were still busy handling phone calls, with a lot of questions still pouring in as different parties are busy getting information of close contacts in detail. For our teen who was unwell and isolated alone in the bedroom, he has to answer all the questions from school, managed the calls from MOH, and most importantly coping with his emotional well-being. We can only check-in on him through whatsapp call and pray that everyone is safe. 

On a side note, I thought it is important to set aside a Covid-ready Care kit which include oximeter, thermometer for each household member, medications, ART kits etc. It will definitely comes in handy especially when we are thrown into an emergency situation, and needing medical supplies while serving isolation. 

Day 1 has been a roller coaster ride for us from our boy's first day of exposure. I think we did what we could as there was so much information to digest in a span of a single day! In the midst of the chaos, I was really thankful to have the support and understanding from friends and colleagues who were affected.

More has yet to come but we will take baby steps and cross the hurdle in our fight with Covid.


Sharing our Covid Home Recovery Journey, our experience and hopefully you may find this helpful if you feel stuck during this difficult time. 

The system will probably need more time to be reviewed and revised before it can be more seamless in the near future. 

*** Updated: After Oct 10, PCR is no longer required on Day 6 for C+ patients. C+ patients will be automatically discharged after 10 days (fully vaccinated & children age 12 and below) and 14 days (unvaccinated / partially vaccinated individuals above 12 years old).

No more QO, LOA, AA as all close contacts will be placed under HRW instead. 

Useful Links
Living with Covid Guide:
Students taking National Exams:

Venue of vending machine for *free ART kit: 
*Only for residents who received SMS from MOH. Bring along NRIC/FIN

Telemedicine Provider:

Enquiry Line
Home Recovery Buddy - 6874 4939

Covid-ready care kit to have at home enough for all household members
- Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kits 
- Thermometers
- Oximeter (at least one)
- Medications (Panadol, Flu, Cough etc)

Disclaimer: This document our family's home recovery journey and all comments and opinions are personal, 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Suparakki Ramen (幸运拉面) - Ramen Bowl under $10

Am super excited to see Suparakki Ramen opening its 4th and newest outlet at Heartland Mall (Kovan)! This ramen shop is introduced to us by our boy who has heard many good reviews that it serves delicious ramen at an affordable price! 

Suparakki means 'Super lucky' in Japanese and hopes customers feel the luck with each bowl of goodness.

We had our first Suparakki Ramen bowl at the Yishun outlet which has very limited seating but comfortable. Though it feels a little cramp (due to our bigger sizes), I like the homely feel and decor which makes me feel like having a meal at an authentic Japanese ramen stall.

Suparakki Ramen (Yishun Outlet)

My first Suparakki Ramen Bowl

Suparakki Ramen (Kovan Outlet)

The newer outlet at Heartland Mall has more seating and is brighter and more spacious with a bit of cafe ambiance. Long queues were formed and be prepared for some waiting time. *PS: This was in April before stricter covid measures were implemented

Menu is pretty simple - mainly 6 ramen bowls to choose from

Dry Truffle Ramen - $6.90

Supa Signature Ramen (Spicy/non-Spicy) - $8.90

Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (Spicy/non-Spicy) - $8.90

Tonkotsu Gyokai Ramen (Spicy/non-Spicy) - $8.90

Tonkotsu Black Garlic Ramen (Spicy/non-Spicy) - $8.90

White Devil Ramen (Very Spicy) - $9.90

The pork base soup broth is thick with bold and rich flavour boiled over many hours without adding MSG. Price of a #ramenbowl is about $7.90 and you can top up about $5 for a set (side + drink) - Definitely value for money.

Our Ramen bowls orders

Portion is decent and I really love the broth and the delectable taste. This is definitely one of our top Ramen place to be in Singapore where we can enjoy a delicious bowl at an affordable price for our family.

 Suparakki Ramen (幸运拉面)
Yishun Outlet:
North Point City (South Wing) #B2-154, Singapore 769098

Citylink Outlet:
Citylink (3rd Shop from City Hall MRT) #B1-65 Singapore 039393

Kovan Outlet (24 Hours):
Heartland Mall #01-133 Main Entrance

Westgate Outlet:
3 Gateway Drive #B2-03 Singapore 608532

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Fort Canning Park - Singapore Parks

Fort Canning Park is one of Singapore's most iconic historic landmarks. Located in the heart of the city, it is a quick getaway and stress-busting remedy to embark in the hill's heritage trail and immerse with the nature. 

Although the park is about 18 hectares in size, Fort Canning features nine historical gardens!

Pancur Larangan, Artisan's Garden, Sang Nila Utama Garden, Jubilee Park, Raffles Garden, First Botanic Garden, Farquhar Garden, Spice Garden, Armenian Street Park

Monday, March 29, 2021

Sengkang Riverside Park & Sengkang Floating Wetland

Thanks to Covid, there is a shift in my lifestyle. I am loving my morning walks lately - exploring little corners of my homeland bit by bit whenever I can. Last week, I took a 3 hours walk from home to explore Sengkang Riverside Park - Sengkang Floating Wetland, continuing my way along Punggol Park Connector by foot, passing by Kampung Lorong Buangkok before making my way home. Did not expect to walk so much but covered about 8km at a leisure pace.