Thursday, June 21, 2012

~ Revisiting our childhood @ Children Little Museum - Part 2 ~

Behind the doors, you will be leaded up to the second floor via a wooden staircase. Old photographs and toys were displayed on both sides of the wall. We cluttered at the stairs and took a fair bit of time before we decided to see what other surprises are awaiting us.

Our 'kind' of childhood photos and little baby toys that I used to have.

Let's take a quick glance at the second storey of the museum, all stuffed with things that we were once so familiar with. The entire setting brings me back vividly to my childhood days already.

Denver and myself posing with the old bicycle.

A panel of cabinets displaying toys, report books, medals, uniforms and many more. Denver and Gladys get to see how different life was now compared to our times.

Little wooden tables and chairs as they mimic how children attend school in the earlier days of Singapore.

 Even I felt as if I am back in school! ... but do I still look like a student ? :)

Fancy a new haircut? This is not the usual salon that you get to see nowadays.

Thirsty? How about having a refreshing, cooling drink?

Cartons of glass bottled soft drinks that I enjoyed having during my recess time.

Gladys is having fun snapping on the buttons of the type-writer. Mommy used to use this to type my school assignments. ^_^ Changing the red and black ribbon was fun too.

Even though the Children Little Museum occupies a very small space, the owner managed to fully utilized its available floor area. The walls and ceiling were not spared as well.

At the Children Little Museum, visitors can take photographs as well as have a feel and look at the items on display.

We left a message on the guest book before leaving.

This is what Denver & Gladys wrote about their likeness to the Museum.

Before bidding farewell to the museum, Gladys picked a package for a token of $2. Inside the brown paper bag is filled with little toys.

We spent nearly 2 hours at Children Little Museum and had loads of fun taking photos. It is a great place for both adults and children. Not only our kiddos learnt how Daddy & Mommy's childhood was like, I also get to revisit my younger days and things that have been forgotten over time. A great hide-out in the buzzing city.

More photos of the Children Little Museum available at BPDGTravels facebook page.

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