Sunday, November 27, 2011

~ Farewell to Escape Theme Park ~

After bringing more than 10 years of fun and excitment to it's guests, Escape Theme Park has drawn its curtains down, bidding farewell to their last customers yesterday night.

Located within Downtown East, Escape Theme Park was officially opened in May 2000 with a mixture of thrill and family rides. It has been years since we last visited the park and sad to say it will also be our very last too....

26th November 2011 - Denver and Gladys entering the park... It was Gladys' first visit as well. We bought the tickets at a special promotion rate (unlimited rides for two at S$10) offered by NTUC Club thanking patrons before the theme park closes.

The staff greeted us warmly and there is a long queue for the rides. Many came to take pictures and catch a final glimpse of the park before closure.

The Central Pavilion - where all the carnival games are, welcome us upon entering the theme park.

Lets take a final look at the other rides....

The Pirate Ship is still one of the more popular rides winning a lot of screams as it swings up into mid-air.

Clowns were stationed near the exit, making balloons for everyone!

Denver & Gladys queue up for their first ride of the day - the Family Coaster.

While waiting, everybody turned around and waved good-bye at the camera man, bidding farewell to Escape Theme Park! Denver & Gladys are proud to be inside the waving crew...

The children hopped on to the planes and take flight in the sky!

Bumper boats ride - time to get sprayed, splashed and wet! Denver and Gladys can't wait to navigate their boat and have a round of water shooting game!

All WET but it was FUN!

Ferris wheel is an all time favourite for little kiddos.. You can also get a good view of the theme park at the very top.

Choo choo..... Choo choo... The children sat on the train marking their final ride in the park...

We lingered near the exit and took a group photo with the Escape Theme Park.

Making our exit, bidding farewell as the staff said Thank You!

Escape Theme Park has closed its operation after serving more than 4 million guests since its opening. It will be redeveloped to meet the changing needs of guests and details of the plans will be revealed later.

We are glad to leave our footprints at the theme park on its very last day and looking forward to see new developments and excitment to welcome its guests back once again. Thank you for the many fond and fun memories that you have left and till we meet again...


Yang said...

I love escape theme park. It's sooo nostalgic to think about how I had enjoyed myself riding on various fun rides. I know it's under redevelopment but I know I m now left with beautiful memories of visiting there with my family and friends while I was a kid. It's just simple fun that I can find nowhere now. U know gg to USS is just so
Much different from escape theme park. So sad! Hope it will nt change much!

Ai Sakura said...

Wow didn't know it was closing.. is the water theme park still open? I like that! Not too crowded and not as expensive as Adventure Cove

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Phoebe said...

Hi Ai,

It has been closed since 2012. We were lucky to catch a glimpse of it before it was officially closed after operating for 10 years.


Phoebe said...

Hi Ai,

It has been closed since 2012. We were lucky to catch a glimpse of it before it was officially closed after operating for 10 years.


Unknown said...

Is it close forever? I really miss the viking boat

Phoebe said...

Yes Nurul. It is closed permanently.

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