Saturday, November 19, 2011

~ 20th World Orchid Conference 2011 (世界兰花大会) - Part 2 ~

There are so many orchids at the WOC and I don't know where to start. From award winning orchids to orchids from different countries. From the traditional breeds to exotic hybrids, each unique on its own. They are so colourful and one really needs to take time to admire each of them closely to appreciate their beauty.

Here are some photos of the various orchids taken at the show that I particularly adore. Seeing so many pretty flowers bring a lot of joy and happiness. ^_^

Orchids that look like a face. :)

Some are spiral, stripped, spotted while others are broad or slim.

Vibrant and mixed-colours 

More photos are available in BPDGTravels facebook album.

The WOC Show will be closed tomorrow and we do not know when it will be hosted again in Singapore. Do grab your camera, charge up your batteries and make a trip down to avoid disappointment!


Leone Fabre said...

far too many beautiful flowers at the Orchid Show ... so we have to take lots of lovely photos of them all.

All of these are gorgeous.

Phoebe said...

Agreed! There are way too many of them and each and everyone of them is so gorgeous! My hands are numbed after the show. ^_^

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