Monday, November 21, 2011

~ Enchanting Flower Dome - Part 1 ~

Within half a day, we covered the World Orchid Conference, Gardens of the Bay and we have come to our final chapter - The Flower Dome - one of two conservatories at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay.

It is extremely cooling and comfy inside the Flower Dome! According to the reports, "Advanced cooling techniques  are integrated into the conservatory to keep the plants healthy. The conservatory aims to replicate the cool dry conditions needed for the plants it houses. It is made up of glass panels that allow in more light than heat. When the sun's rays get too strong, sensors automatically trigger off shades to keep conditions stable.

The temperatures inside the conservatory are kept between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius. A process known as thermal stratification is used to ensure cool air settles in the lower zone and warm air is allowed to rise"

We spent about an hour, which is actually a very short time to look at all the plants that are being house within the 1.2 ha cavernous glass dome, slightly larger than the size of two football fields.

There are a variety of plants, ranging from cactus, olive and bottle trees to tulips and orchids.

Tall trees reaching up to the ceiling of the glass dome.

The oldest asset within the dome - Olive tree which is a thousand years old!

Great view of the Flower Dome! MBS, Supertrees and Singapore Flyer sets at the back.

Denver has been a great "model", he has been with us for the entire day and posing all kinds of funny shots interactively.

The largest orchid inside the Flower Dome. Great place to take a group photo.

Gladys was tired.. but she still has time and energy for hide-n-seek against one of the trees!

Notice any similarities with their smile in the photo? ^_^

Part 1 of the Flower Dome tour let us have a look at the overall landscape and display within. Coming up - part 2 will cover more close up photos of the flowers and plants.

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