Wednesday, November 9, 2011

~ Revisiting MacRitchie Reservoir - Part 2 ~

We continued our walk along MacRitchie Reservoir, passing by the Draw-off Tower, dam and heading towards the kayaking area. The reservoir dam acts as a barrier to contain the water and the spillway helps to channel the overflow of water from the reservoir.

Although it was already 10 plus in the morning, the sky was pretty cloudy which spares us from the heat. Before reaching our resting point, we spotted a lot of monkeys. They seem to be an attraction to the curious onlookers and avid photographers but we didn't get too near or stay long in the area.

Although we had our picnic safely (after checking the grounds), we should not/avoid picnicking in the area as the monkeys may come charging and snatching the food from us. Definitely a lesson learnt and important point to note whenever we are visiting the nature parks.

Keep food and snacks in haversacks/bags and not in plastic bags. The monkeys are accustom to human and they know plastic bags often contain food. Do not eat in the presence of monkeys and most importantly do not feed them! When approached by the monkeys, we should look down and walk away and not looking into their eyes. The children might find the monkeys fun and interesting but parents should educate and look after their kiddos to avoid any unwanted scares and injuires.

Read reports on Monkey Mayhem -

This would probably be our first and last picnic in the park.

If we keep the park clean and take note of the safety measures, the reservoir is a wonderful spot for nature lovers and exercise enthusiast. One example is Kayaking which seems to be a pretty popular sport activity here.
Fishing grounds

We continue our walk and took on the Prunus Trail walking on the footpath that skirts along the edge of the reservoir.  

Soon, we spotted rubber trees. Hubby quickly went in to look out for rubber seeds and rubber shells. All of us were curious not knowing what he was trying to do? It turns out that Hubby used to play with these little seeds and shells. According to Hubby, if you rub the seeds against each other or on your shirt, it will be 'heated' up.

As for the rubber shells (broken in halves), they will somehow connect together and you can make it spin! Another thing we learn today from our little field trip.

We did not continue with the Petai Trail but spotted Petai flowers. According to the guide, the seeds can be eaten and it taste like garlic.

More monkeys spotted within the trail. Gladys staying close to me as we walk past.

Thanks to Andy again for taking this nice group photo. ^_^

That ends our little group outing to MacRitchie Reservoir. All of us are famished and its time for lunch! ^_^

Here's what we brought home as souveniors. Complete set of rubber seed for Denver & Gladys to explore!

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