Tuesday, November 8, 2011

~ Revisiting MacRitchie Reservoir - Part 1 ~

It has been almost 20 years since our last visit to the MacRitchie Reservoir. As for Denver & Gladys, it was their virgin trip. We make a date with Andy's family to revisit the reservoir. The carpark was full when we arrived at 8:30am - maybe this was due to the holiday? Apart from walking or taking a stroll, it is also a popular spot for jogging, cycling, canoing and trekking.

Want to learn more information about MacRitchie Reservoir? Check out the website at Nparks -

We need to check out the map before deciding where to go first.

Mushroom Cafe

Platform area where people can do yoga, warm ups or just simply taking a little rest. 

The pavilion and zig-zag bridge is the distinctive trademark of the reservoir. I still recall the times where our concert school band performed at this pavilion during my secondary school days and our sports day events at the reservoir. So much has changed around the vicinity but the images of the pavilion and zig-zag bridge still stamp deeply in my memory.

I heard there used to be water along this stretch of foot path where people can walk through the shallow submerge water feature. Unfortunately, it was dry when we arrived. It would be fun for the kiddos to walk on the water path.

Since there is no water play, the children played on a tree log instead. See them jump and walk on the log.

There is also a fitness park and Lornie Trail which we did not venture in further.

Its time to move on to check out the other side of the reservoir. Denver holding Wenxin's hands as we walked to the Dam area.

Stay tune for Part 2 - to be continued

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