Sunday, November 20, 2011

~ Preview of the Gardens by the Bay ~

The Gardens by the Bay is opened to the public till 20th November 2011 and will be closing its door for another 6 months before it will be officially open again in June 2012.

It has been a gloomy day but that didn't dampen our mood to take a walk over to the garden to have our very first sneak preview. Flower dome, Cloud Forest and Supertrees are the iconic structures here.

Panorama view of the Gardens by the Bay

Close up view of the Cloud Forest which is still closed to the public.

Here we are at the Dragonfly Bridge - our entrance to the Gardens from Marina Bay Sands.

Check out the map of the Gardens by the Bay.

Dragonfly Lake

Great view of MBS taken from Dragonfly Bridge.

There are various garden themes within GBTB. Malay, Chinese, Indian, Colonial, Discovery, Web of Life, World of Palms etc It will be a great place for all to enjoy the greenery and scenery in the very near future.

Many interesting stone sculptures found within the Chinese Garden.

Each garden is uniquely designed to suit its theme.

My personal favourite would have to be the Supertrees. The Supertree Grove (surrounded by the gardens) is still under construction but it will be a main attraction and popular photography spot upon completion.

Quick facts of the Supertrees: Turning sunlight into clean electricity. Provide vents for the conservatory systems, and provide shade for visitors. They also extend the gardens' planting area. :)

We didn't managed to venture deeper into the gardens as it started to rain. Nevertheless, we had a great time! The Gardens by the Bay and Supertrees glow beautifully in the night. Check out the beautiful night shots taken by Sengkang Babies!

Its a pity that we did not stay through the night but I'm sure we will be back again soon!


Leone Fabre said...

you have captured lots of lovely memories for the family .... especially for when you go back in June 2012 and then look back at these photos. There will be many changes!

It looks like you all had a wonderful day. :)

Phoebe said...

A pity that the sky was gloomy that day. We did not managed to have a family photo too. But it was an eye-opener for all of us! We are definitely looking forward to its opening in June!

Anonymous said...

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Phoebe said...

Thank you for the compliments! ^_^

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