Monday, November 21, 2011

~ Enchanting Flower Dome - Part 2 ~

There are various gardens sets within the Flower Dome where you can find plant and flower species from different countries. The Flower Field will have changing displays of flower beds to reflect different seasons and festivals.

Hubby recognised this special plant. If translated directly from Teochew, it is known as "铁钉草". Hubby says this leaf has herbal effect and it is a traditional remedy to treat injuries when people step on rusty nails in the older times.

Lotus look alike plant

Vibrant coloured flowers

I didn't recognise the names of these flowers but they are so pretty and each of them looks like a postcard.

This completes our WOC 2011 tour! We had a wonderful time! Not only did we took lots and lots of photographs within a day, it has been an eye-opener for us.

Check out the links below to recap our half day adventure!

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Gardens by the Bay is now closed but it is set to bloom again in June 2012! Check out the details at Till we meet again. :)

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